Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 12

The Catwoman From Channel Six

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1988 on CBS
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Episode Summary

While experimenting with a Matter Transporter in his secret hideout, Shredder sends Rocksteady and Bebop to a nearby garbage dump. Through a series of mishaps, Rocksteady and Bebop find themselves in the sewers and in the Turtles' Lair. After subduing them, but before interrogating them, Shredder "recalls" them to his secret hide-out. The Turtles watch Rocksteady and Bebop vanish into thin air. The Turtles contact April O'Neil and lure her with the promise of a great news story, but when she arrives she discovers that they need a new TV to replace the one that Rocksteady and Bebop destroyed during their encounter. It seems the "boys in green" are addicted to sci-fi movies and were in the middle of a marathon when Rocksteady and Bebop dropped in.moreless

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  • Weird... but a good filler episode!!

    This is one of the few filler episodes of Season 2. It's like that because unlike previous episodes, no new characters (like Rex, Punk Frogs, or the Neutrinos) were in it, and it wasn't part of the Eye of Zarnov.

    Anyhow, April wants to find out more about Shredder, who has just made a transport device. April gets crossmutated with a cat, and turns into a cat herself! So the Turtles and Irma must stop April from killing Splinter before the show has a very "cat"aclysmic ending.moreless
Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Splinter (Hamato Yoshi)/Vernon Fenwick

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon


Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke


James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)

Shredder (Oroku Saki)

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling


Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

Krang/Burne Thompson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Episode included on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Volume 2 DVD.

    • Irma meets the TMNT for the first time in this episode.

    • During the scene where the turtles burst in on April about to kill Splinter, her tail disappears and suddenly reappears right when Donatello knocks off her control collar.

    • When Leonardo knocks the mind control necklace off of April, Leonardo fully becomes a real Donatello with a "D" on the belt, and yet he's holding Leonardo's sword.

    • When Michaelangelo says, "It's not you, man, it's those anchovy pizzas you eat" to Donatello, which is just before Splinter appears on the Turtlecomm, he's talking in Raphael's voice. Raphael isn't even in the picture.

    • When Leonardo reaches Irma on the Turtlecom, he appears as Raphael on Irma's screen.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Raphael catches the cabbages with his sais)
      Raphael: Back at you, cabbageheads!
      (He throws the cabbages at the restauraunt thugs)

    • Rocksteady: Awww! Whydya bring us back, boss?
      Bebop: Yeah, we were just about to bust dose shell-heads!
      Shredder: You found the Turtles' hiding place?! Quickly, what was their exact location?
      Rocksteady: Let's see. Ummmm, First we went this way, and ummm, den we went dat way.
      Bebop: I think we turned left.
      Rocksteady: Or was it down, and a left? Oh, all them sewers looks alike to me!
      Shredder: (covering ears) Silence!! Oh, Serves me right for using cheap mutant labor!

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