Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 10 Episode 7

The Day the Earth Disappeared

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1996 on CBS

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  • hmm were have i seen this before

    Just when you thought Dregg was a lame villian he became more lame with this plan.How much of terrible villain do you have to be to rip off someone elses plan like sucking Earth into dimension x.remeber in season 3 when Krang and Shredder did this.I kind of thought this plan was played off better back in the Shredder and Krang days.Hell isnt Krang supposed to be the ruler of Dimension x he and Shredder should of returned again but CBS screwed that up to.Dregg is so unoriginal he copies other villains plans he is a total week villain he doesnt fight the turtles this episode was just lame.Thank god he was sucked into a black hole but wait this only the second to the last episode.
  • this episode is awesome

    this episode is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool like the others i just wish shredder and krang were in it i always wonted to see them fight dregg that would be cool anyways this episode is exciting but it after watching it 3 or 4 times it gets kind of boring but still its kinduf cool ive seen all the episodes its awesome the ninja turtles should fight spiderman in one episode that would make the show better anyways cool episode ive seend it 4 or 5 times the first time ive watched it was last year and i still watch it a little bit right now its a cool episode.
  • ok episode

    this was an ok episode

    the beginning was good with buildings rumbling and the turtles fighting dregg after finding it is him and it appeared he had destroyed them but it was all a trick. Dregg plotted to suck earth into Dimension X. That plot was reused way way way back in Episode 65 (The big blow out). He should have been warned that shredder and krang had tried that.

    When dregg's dregganaut was sucked into the whole as he was screaming no, one would think it was the end, but it wasn't. I loved how Splinter faught Dregg. Good fight scenes and the turtles getting separated. The episode had good quotes.
  • "At least I'll have the pleasure of knowing that I took you with me!" -Dregg

    It starts out with the turtles coming out of the sewers and seeing the DreggNaught hovering overhead. Dregg fights them and makes them retreat and he destroys them?! I thought, "No freakin' way!" And then the turtles pop out of nowhere: the other turtles were holograms! Dregg retreats, and finds a way to kidnap Earth and bring it to Dimension X, where Dregg can easily control it. So Mung does some computer work and tries to make a warp, but it gets to close to a black hole. Uh-oh! Then it creates a warp storm and Donatello, after 7 seasons, still thinks his Portable Portal Generator actually works! It seperates the turtles and zaps them all through the black hole. In reality, their bodies would have exploded as soon as they touched space. But in the end, they reunited and used Dregg's own ship to destroy him! But if Dregg exploded in his own ship, why is he in the next episode?!

    "This tin can's going to explode like a supernova!"