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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 40

The Foot Soldiers are Revolting

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1990 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Foot Soldiers are Revolting
After Bebop and Rocksteady blow another assignment, Shredder fires them and decides to replace them with an intelligent Foot Soldier named Alpha One. A computer interruption caused by Bebop and Rocksteady causes the main computer to malfunction while Krang is programming Alpha One. The end result is Alpha One comes out more intelligent than Krang and Shredder put together. Alpha One decides he does not want to work for Krang and Shredder, so he sends them out into Dimension X space in a life pod. Alpha One starts to do the same with Bebop and Rocksteady but they tell him where he can find a wave modulator. Thinking that this will be helpful if he wants to rule the world, A 1 decides to keep Bebop and Rocksteady with him. His plan is to transport all the humans to Dimension X so he and his robots will have control of the Earth.

The Turtles are looking for the wave modulator in the sewer. Just as they find it, Alpha One shows up with his soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady. The Turtles try to stop him from taking the modulator, but fail. Alpha One returns to Dimension X, but leaves Bebop and Rocksteady in the sewer. Bebop and Rocksteady and the Turtles decide to work together to try and stop Alpha One.

When the Turtles go to the surface, they discover that Alpha One is on Earth with a Dimensional Displacement Device which he is using to transport all organic life to Dimension X.

Meanwhile, back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder manage to find their way back to the Technodrome. When they get there, they discover all the people that Alpha One has transported. They immediately start transporting all of them back to Earth. Alpha One sees the people coming back through the portal and gets distracted because he doesn't know what's happening. This distraction allows the Turtles to take the wave modulator out of the Dimensional Displacement Device. The Turtles turn the device against Alpha One transporting him to an unknown dimension. The Turtles then use the Device to transport Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X where they belong.moreless

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    Barry Gordon

    Barry Gordon


    Cam Clarke

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    Pat Fraley

    Pat Fraley

    Krang/Burne Thompson

    Peter Renaday

    Peter Renaday

    Splinter (Hamato Yoshi)/Vernon Fenwick

    Rob Paulsen

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      • Shredder: When I get my hands on Alpha One, I'm going to make a toaster out of him.

      • (After their escape pod goes through the plasma storm)
        Krang: Our power cells are charged to full capacity.
        Shredder: So are the fillings in my teeth.

      • Krang: Here's the latest weather report in case you're interested.
        Shredder: What now?
        Krang: We're headed straight for a plasma storm
        Shredder: What a revolting development this is.
        Krang: Actually, it's good news.
        Shredder: Oh really? And how do you figure that?
        Krang: There's a one in a million chance that the storm will recharge the power cells. If so, we'll be able to return to the Technodrome. Of course, there's a far greater chance that we'll simply be fried to a cinder.
        Shredder: I hope you go first so I can watch.

      • Shredder: It's no use. They deactivated the power cells. We're running on empty.
        Krang: Swell. So we wind up spending eternity cooped up in this teeny life pod.
        Shredder: Why don't you jettison your android body? That would give us more room.
        Krang: Why don't you jettison your head? It's the most useless object in here.

      • Shredder: (To Alpha One after he and Krang are dumped into an escape pod) Wait! Wait! We can negotiate. We'll give you New Jersey.

      • Shredder: Have a seat Alpha One. You're about to make robot history. Assuming this thing doesn't make fried noodles out of your circuitry.

      • (After Shredder fires Bebop and Rocksteady)
        Shredder: I'll find someone more competent to do our dirty work.
        Krang: Not that I'm defending those two yo-yos, but we're not exactly overburdened with good help here. All we've got are your foot soldier robots, and they're about as smart as a blow dryer.
        Shredder: You're right. Let's try to use your new experimental brain wave enhancer to increase their robotic intelligence. Do you think it'll work?
        Krang: Miracles, I don't do.

      • Bebop: (Timidly to Turtles) Oh! Hi guys!
        Leonardo: All right, you two. Who was that Foot Soldier?
        Rocksteady: His name's Alpha One, and he's taken over the Technodrome, and he got rid of Krang and Shredder right after Krang and Shredder got rid of us!!

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