Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 10 Episode 3

The Power of Three (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1996 on CBS
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The Power of Three (1)
Aboard the Dreggnaught, Dregg and Mung are discussing their next move against the Turtles when Mung informs Dregg that, whilst scouting dimensions, he came across two individuals who claimed they were "old acquaintances of the turtles": Shredder and Krang!

Intrigued by the prospect of using the TMNT's mortal enemies as pawns in his grand scheme, Dregg makes preparations to bring Shredder and Krang back to earth. Meanwhile, Donatello cures Carter of his mutation disease, using the process he used to cure his brothers. Carter, wanting to return to civilization decides the time has come to leave The TMNT and New York behind him, and says goodbye.

Elsewhere, at the power plant, Dregg and Mung activate the Vortex Transporter, which causes a citywide blackout, but in Dregg's eyes, the chaos is all worth the effort, as the transporter succeeds in bringing Shredder and Krang back. But the two villains prove to be as sly as Dregg when they are able to get away from him, proclaiming that they and they alone will dominate the earth. They flee into the city.

Carter, meanwhile, sees the chaos that has gripped the city since the blackout, after saving a cab filled with civilians, he changes his mind about leaving.

The blackout has also caused traffic to grind to a halt, and April isn't happy about it, she thinks things can't get any worse, and then Shredder and Krang hijack her cab, and promptly kidnap her. April is able to contact the Turtles, but Shredder cuts her off, they soon find her cab, but it's empty, Krang and Shredder have decided to proceed on foot.

Mungg is able to locate both the TMNT and their foes and transports all of them back to the Power Plant, where Dregg is preparing to subject them to his greatest, most insidious experiment, Shredder tricks Dregg into thinking he's changed his mind about working with him in conquering earth, and the deception pays off, Shredder and Krang engage in a gun-battle with Dregg's soldiers, the Turtles join in the conflict also, and soon all three parties are fighting one another.

But Dregg uses his micro-bots to turn the tide, and recaptures his foes. He then reveals what he intends to do with them: drain their mental energies and infuse them into his own body, with Shredder and the TMNT's honed battle skills and Krang's superior intelligence, Dregg will become the most omnipotent being in this or any other galaxy!


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  • this was the best of season 10

    Shredder and Krang are brought back from dimension X by Dregg to help him destroy the turtles but Dregg is in for a big surprise as they turn against him and try to destroy the turtles them selves.i liked this episode and the two episodes following which made me believe that these episodes should have been the final episodes.a few things that seemed out of place with shredder and Krang in this episode was they were missing Bebop and Rocksteady which the last time we saw them they wer all together stuck in the technodrome and when the red sky saga started removing character left and right with no explanation of what happened to them we either assumed they died or they just left the show. other than that this episode was good and this should of been a the three part series finale.moreless
  • The return of Shredder and Krang.

    Dregg sends Shredder and Krang back to Earth. But instead of teaming up together he steals their powers and takes over the world by himself. He also drains the turtles' energy as well.

    The plot is good. The best so far in the red sky series. I like it when the past turtles meet up with the present turtles to take on Dregg.

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