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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 9 Episode 1

The Unknown Ninja

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1995 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Unknown Ninja
While watching video tapes of old battles, Raphael sees a mystery person spying on them. While the Turtles investigate, an alien warlord named Dregg sends his TechnoGansters to steal all of the gold supplies on Earth. The Turtles find them attacking the Federal Reserve Building and are outmatched, until the mystery person arrives. But he proves to be a handicap and the TechnoGansters escape. Back at the Lair, Donatello surprisingly announces that the mutagen is unstable and will cause unknown effects on them. They then find the mystery person in the sewers and he reveals himself to be Carter and in search of Splinter, who agrees to make Carter a student. Meanwhile at the Copcor Building, April sees the unveiling of the new robotic law enforcement: the Intimidators. But Dregg has them causing trouble and the Turtles race to the scene. Carter decides to go help, unknowingly spilling mutagen on himself. Dregg himself and the TechnoGansters join in the fight too, but they find it hard to beat the determined Turtles. Dregg traps Carter in a metal hold to keep the Turtles at bay, while he returns to the Federal Reserve. Suddenly, the mutagen makes Carter a giant metallic-skinned ninja and he breaks free. In the end, the Turtles defeat Dregg thanks to this "new mutant", unaware he's actually Carter.moreless

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  • this was unexpected

    This was truely wierd because every season finale would always hint that Shredder and Krang would be back including the last season finale turtle trek. until they introduced Dregg who was a bad villian for this show. i know cbs wanted to remove most of the cast but i felt that Shredder and Krang were beaten to easily in the last episode and we never really know what happend to them while permentaly trapped in dimension x i mean if donatello can make a portal why cant Krang with his genius brain its's all he has even though season 9 and 10 were bomb shells i still like a dvd release of these episodes.moreless

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