Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 1 Episode 1

Turtle Tracks

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1987 on CBS

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  • goofs and more plot holes

    A couple of goofs. The technodrome in the early epsiodes show that every time an escape monule going back down lave comes up. Where does the lava come from? Also the gang that Shredder mutates into beebop and rockstedy-other gang member are also mutated-yet they are never seen again! Lastly Shreddr has the technology to change the TMNT back to regualr turtoles-yet he never does that!
  • this episode kicks butt

    this is my favorite episode in season 1 i have it on vhs its pretty cool and its kindu exciting cause i wont to see the turtles fighting shredder and the foot soldiers its kinduf cool its an alright episode but i gaved it a 10 cause i wont this tv show to be the best well anyways i like the part when they fight on top of the roof i loke the song when they fight whats it called stomping the foot i think or something like that anyways the shredder is cool he reminds me of darth vader and the foot soldiers remind me of stormtroopers.
  • The origins of the turtles and their master, Splinter, is told in this episode. As well as the connection between Splinter and Shredder, from back in the days when the Foot Clan was an honorable ninja formation.

    Great pilot episode. It all starts out with robberies by ninjas which Channel 6's April O'neal is investigating. She gets attacked by a group of Shredders henchmen and flees to the sewers. There she is caught up to by the men but the turtles intervene to take out the fools. April faints and later awakes inside the turtles home. Splinter tells the whole story of how the turtles and him came to be in their state, and how him and Shredder are enemies from years gone by. April gets kidnapped by the Foot Clan and the turtles come to her rescue on a rooftop. They defeat the Foot soldiers and follow them inside another building from the roof. They hear Shredder speak of the Technodrome but get flooded out before being able to investigate further.
  • The first in a Saturday Morning Classic from the 90's, Four turtles are mutated in the sewers, raised by their rat father, and taught in the ancient way of the Ninja.

    The only thing missing from this episode was Casey Jones. This episode has all of the classic characters from the comics, including the turtles, Master Splinter, The Shredder, and April O'Neal. According to the pilot, Hamato Yoshi was the leader of the Foot Clan, and was set up by Oroku Saki, fleeing to New York where he was forced to live in the sewers. One day, he found four baby turtles, who soon found their way into a glowing pile of ooze, transforming them in humanoid turtles, while Yoshi became a rat. Using his experience in Ninjitzu, Yoshi trained the young turtles as a way of defending themselves in case they should be caught by the humans. He also had another purpose: Teach them how to fight, so they may help him destroy his ancient enemy, Oroku Sake.
    After explaining their origins to April, whom they had just saved from a street gang, they decided to help her figure out who was robbing high-tech security stores, an act that April herself had accused them of.
    After April gets kidnapped, the turtles follow the clues to a rooftop, where they encounter The Foot Clan, a group of robotic ninjas. After defeating them and freeing April, they attempt to follow the ninjas to their master, only to be washed out, deterred until next time.
  • okay so i've seen the old series now! :) and i love it!

    okay so i'm a fan of the new series (2003-present) but this was sooo cool! i may have only seen two episodes of this series but from what i've seen, it looks intriging (if thats how you spell it). although it wasn't based on the comics like the newer version, it still has a very funny, original vibe to it. but, come on! i don't think they need two joksters in one cartoon (mickey & raph). but thats just one persons opinion....for those fans of the new teenage mutant ninja turtles i say: watch the old series and compare them both, you may be saprised at how much you like the old series.
  • The Genesis of the best show that ever existed and will ever exist.

    This is the beginning of a legacy that shall go on for generations. It starts out with a reporter about to be killed, and the heroes save her. Their legend is awesome. Four turtles, in a sewer, raised by a rat, and learn ninjitsu. Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman are geniuses. Their writing abilities are superb. And it gets better, as the Shredder strikes and declares himself to find out who the turtles are. You must watch all 196 episodes 50 times each to truly enjoy the show.
  • The first of all the ninja turtle episodes.

    This was the first episode of the original show. This episode is without a doubt one of my favorites and one that is least forgettable amongst fans of the show. In this episode you meet the main characters by showing their first impressions. Leo is the lead of the turtles, Donny is the smart one in the gang, Raphael is the hotheaded one, and Michelangelo is the funny one. They greatly display their traits throughout this episode and this is when people watching this show pick favorites. April, Splinter, and Shredder also appear in this episode. Shredder is shown as the villain right from the start and will remain that way for all ninja turtle history. This episode is the one that started it all and will always be the classiest of the classics.
  • This is one of a kind episode that I saw for the first time!

    While I'm watching this episode from the video "Heroes in a Halfshell" on tv, I noticed that this is all begins from the time when Yoshi became a rat and Turtles are mutated into human like. These turtles are ninjas and they fight enemies of the foot clan. They always eat pizza because that's what they like the most as they needed power to their abilities. So I rate this episode the very best and the very first of many!
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