Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1990 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Flem freaks out the second time about his wax figures melting, it's the same repeated clip from the first time when the figures began melting.

    • When Donatello says, "Relax, its wax! We got it out from Flem;s museum!", he's using Leonardo's voice.

    • In the scene where the turtles are walking through the museum looking for April, Donatello begins to speak and he's using Raphael's voice. Halfway through his line, the screen changes to a view showing all the turtles and Donatello and Raphael have switched places with Raphael continuing the line as if he had been saying it from the beginning!

    • While Monroe Q. Flem is saying "Oh, my priceless turtles are here! Soon, my collection will be complete!" His mouth doesn't open for the first half of that line being said.

    • Flem seems to know the interior of the Turtles' lair

    • When the background shot of the wax statues are shown on Flem's video monitor, they are coloured in all grey

    • When the other Turtles play the "two-Splinters" gag on Michaelangelo at the end of the episode, they all seem to get chuckles from it. Strangely, even the wax state of Splinter is laughing!

  • Quotes

    • April: You have gas for everything.
      Flem: Wait until you see what's in store for your friends. That's really a gas!
      April: (mutters under breath) Getting gas means never listening to bad jokes. (Flem hangs April over the wax cauldron.) I was just kidding about the bad jokes.
      (Turtles wake up.)
      Leonardo: Flem, what are you doing?!
      Flem: I've found a new, advanced way to make wax figures last. If it works on O'Neil, you four are next.
      April: No! I just had my legs waxed!
      Michelangelo: Major bummer! We're all going to be turtle waxed!

    • (When Raphael's sai is stuck in the robot)
      Raphael: Hey, gimme back my sai!
      (He kicks the robot)

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