Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 41

Unidentified Flying Leonardo

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1990 on CBS
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Unidentified Flying Leonardo
UFO sightings at an upstate farm town known as "High Falls", cause April to investigate, Splinter foresees danger clouding April's visit and sends Leonardo to chaperone her.

Arriving at High Falls, April runs into the local reporter, Scoop Oliver, a sceptic who does not believe in the recent weird occurrences at the farm town. But whilst April has made her arrived into town with little incident, with Leonardo it's a whole different story, upon entering town, an alien spacecraft greets Leonardo!

Desperately trying to evade the U.F.O, The TMNT leader bumps into a town local, who mistakes HIM for an alien!

Soon enough, a manhunt (or Turtlehunt, whichever you'd prefer to call it), is initiated with Leonardo as the subject. When April learns of this, she tries to clam down the angry mob, but she only gets through to the town member who started the whole mess in the first place: Billy Jim Bob.

Realizing her efforts aren't making any headway with the townsfolk, April contacts Leonardo to warn him that he's High Fall's most wanted. Both of them agree to meet and find a way out of their situation, but before they can reunite, April is abducted by the U.F.O!

On board the alien craft, April discovers that the truth isn't out there: it's here..or, to better describe it, the truth is the U.F.O is actually a hi-tech helicopter, part of a scheme devised by it's pilot, Dr. Davens, to scare the townspeople away so he can use his new Virgo-ray, (a device which can increase the size of food crops), to plunder the farm town's crop supply.

After giving the supply a dose of the Virgo-Ray, Daven can then sell the economy sized crops to the highest bidder!

Leonardo, realizing April is missing, searches for her, but runs into the angry villagers, and the heated pursuit begins again. But help soon arrives in the form of Billy Jim Bob, having listened to April and wishing to see a REAL alien, decides to help out the TMNT leader, and rescues him from the townspeople.

Back at the Lair, Splinter has a nightmare about Leonardo; he sends the other turtles to higher Falls to ensure he and April are safe. Meanwhile,, Leonardo and Billy Jim Bob track down the "U.F.O." at Dr. Daven's farm lair, where they both learn of Daven's plot.

The other Turtles arrive in High Falls just in time, re-united, the TMNT conjure up quite a storm to lay waste to Daven's harvest of ill deeds. Having revealed the true culprit behind the alien sightings, the TMNT are applauded by the now grateful townspeople...moreless

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