Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 33

What's Michaelangelo Good For?

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1990 on CBS

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  • Michaelangelo's worth is tested

    too liked Whats Michaelangelo Good For?, and thought it was the best Michaelangelo centric episode ever dedicated to him. Mostly because...well the title says it, what is he good for? This really is the crux of Michaelangelo's dynamic, in some shape or form he is over shadowed by the three other turtles and their defining niches. Leaving Michaelangelo where? It brings the fact that Michaelangelo all though compentent and smart doesn't really get to do much in the team and prove him self so his true potencial and abilities are not realized, and sadly leaving him feeling inadequate. I mean Michaelangelo him self says it: Leoanrdo is the Leader and best fighter, Donatello is the gadget guy with the plan, and Michaelangelo even goes so far as to point out that he "isn't even wise guy like Raphael". This really says some thing, because being a wise guy isn't really essentical to a teams dynamic, its more so of a social standing in a group of friends, but Michaelangelo mentioning this implies that not only does he feel inadequate professinally, he also feels socially inadequate as well, because that area of esteem is covered by Raphael. kind of says al lot about his assesment of him self and his importance to the team. And its interesting that this episode directly adresses this and has him try to over come it.

    This episode was also delivered in a rarely suble way than it usaully is. The whole plot involved some mad dude trying to extract the turtles intelligence, and the fact that Michaelangelo is absent during this gives off a real strong message about the general opinion of Michaelangelo; even when its not consciencely intended to. I think that is why the Doctors "brush-off" attitude of the the animals seems to anger Michaelangelo so much, because subconscincely its reminisent to how he has been veiwed. I think this episode proves that Michaelangelo is a straight thinking turtle who is very capable and competent if given half a chance. it aslo showed a rare ssign of his intelligence in this episode. Where all the "Sciencetific" people in the episode where disregarding the animals as "inferior" Michaelangelo over looked that and just interperting their instincts and used that information to peice together and figured out what happened from basically nothing. and then relied on his abilties and common sence to do the rest