Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 23

Adventures in Turtle-Sitting

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 25, 2006 on FOX
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Adventures in Turtle-Sitting
With the outbreak-mutant situation the Turtles feel they have to deal with and Donatello sick his brothers leave him with Casey and April for care. But Donatello is not sick but in the last stages of a second mutation.

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  • This episode had me awwing in sympathy, and holding onto the edge of my seat dying to know what happens next! A definate must see in the season 4 collection. Of course unlike me you ought to make sure you see the episodes after it, too...moreless

    The beginning is a nice little 'Aww!' fest for all the fangirls out there watching poor sick lil Donnie get brought to April's Apartment to be watched over, thankfully for all you guys out there it gets better when Don mutates into a monster, forgeting who he is and who his friends and family are, and eventually getting loose.

    What're the guys to do?

    Well they've got to contain their poor brother of course! What'd ya think?

    I've got to tel you that this episode rocked! Funny Lines, a great story line (even if it meant weeks of waiting with suspense) and everyone's favorite green heroes saving the day AGAIN.moreless
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Sean Schemmel

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    • April: Donatello, let him go!
      Raphael: Woah! More freaky monsters? Didn't you hear what the lady said? (attacks Mutant Donatello)
      Michelangelo: You guys alright?
      Raphael: What the shell is that?

    • Michelangelo: (after one of the aliens trip to the power generator, which a blackout is triggered) Oops.
      Raphael: Mikey, you blackout the city!

    • Splinter: (after Mutant Donatello's capture; sadly) My son.
      Leatherhead: I can symphatize. I know what's like to be a monster.

    • Agent Bishop: (after reviving Baxter Stockman) Welcome back to the living, Dr. Stockman.
      Baxter Stockman: What? Dr. Stockman?

    • Michelangelo: (while dodges Mutant Donatello's punches) Now I know how a pinata feels, and I don't like it. Woah! Don, come on, quit it. (to Leonardo and Raphael) A little help here, guys?
      Raphael: Woah, mama! Don's been taking his vitamins. (Mutant Donatello punches Michelangelo) I'm really sorry about this, Donny! (attacks Mutant Donatello)
      Leonardo: Remember, this is Don. Do not hurt him.
      Raphael: That's not gonna be a problem, Leo!

    • Dr. Stockman: WHY WON'T YOU LET ME REST IN PEACE?!

    • Leo: (in the opening scene Things are not good, and they're getting worse by the minute. We could really use good old Donnie right about now. Ever since Bishop's mutant outbreak began, Don's been the one guiding us through this whole mess. There were plenty of times where we would've been turtle-waxed if Don's brains hadn't bailed us out. It's too bad Don's not here now, because this is definitley one of those times.

    • Leatherhead: I regret to say this but, I cannot cure Donatello.
      Leo: Easy Raph! We'll find a cure for him but first we gotta find Don before he hurts himself or anyone else.

    • Mikey: Oh ugly mutated version of my beloved brother Donatello! Come out, come out, whereever you are!
      (Mutant Donatello growls)
      Mikey: D-D-D-Donny?

    • Raph: What was that thing?!
      Leo: And where's Don?!
      Mikey: Did that monster get Don?
      April: Guys, that thing was Don.
      Mikey: SAY WHAT?!
      April: That thing you just fought was Don!

    • Raph: Mikey, you blacked out the city!

    • Leo: (talking about the monsters) Remember, just try to contain them, do not, I repeat, do not splatter them.
      Raph: We know the drill. Can't have their cream spilling out and infecting other creatures with their freako DNA. Last thing we need is more genetic rejects, I mean, we already got Mikey.

    • Don: I was feeling all right, but I just can't handle mutants right now.
      Mikey: Did you figure that out before or after you barfed in the Battle Shell?
      Raph: (slaps Mikey) Mikey! Grown-ups are talking.

    • Mikey: C'mon! We've got to get to April's place and save Donnie and April!
      Leo: And Casey!
      (Leo glares at Mikey)
      Mikey: Oh yeah, and Casey too.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Mikey has to lure Don into the containment unit, he sees his mutated brother and says, "like, ZOINKS!". Mikey was obviously imitating Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

    • The title "Adventures in turtle-sitting" may have originally come from the name of the 80's movie "Adventures in Babysitting" in which a babysitter has to take three kids into Chicago without parental permission to pick up her friend from a bus terminal.

      It may also be a homage to the original series episode "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting" that aired in October 1992.

    • In the comics, Raph turns into the exact same monster.