Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 10

Aliens Among Us

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 12, 2005 on FOX

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  • it's another run of the mill space avasion the turtles have to deal with...no biggie...or is it? What is Bishop up to?

    I really liked this episode, and I was expecting not to like it because i'm not a sci-fi episode fan. But I really have to say that Raphael had me on the floor in this one. He had some great one liners and he was sarcastic as hell, he was kind of like old toon Raphael in this one.

    And he kept picking on Donatello in this episode. I Love Donatello he is such a cutie. Sam Regal does a great job portraying him and he has great dilverery on his lines. Loved the little bit between Michaelangelo and Donatello right after Mikey got slimed and Donatello said he thought he wore it well LOL Donatello your so cool!

    Oh I Loved the part where Raphael is looking around through those goggles at the UFO's and then gets frustrated in typical Raphael fashion and says: "argh, this techno stuff confuses me! Just show what to hit!" LOL
  • it was funny and at the same time intertaining and suspense full

    I it was a above average episode as i would put it . I liked the fact that agent bishop was \\\"trying to make the world a better place\\\" as he stated in scene 3 of the episode It was especily funny when he was nocked down the tube screaming and raph goes \\\"wait i wanna hear him hit bottom\\\"
    I though i was a little kiniving of agent bishop to plan a alien invasion just so he could pretend to save him thus getting more funding from the president it was kiniving but smart and its seemes like bishop and stockman arent getting along any more it isnt the fist time stockman rubed he alies the wrong way. All and all i thought it was a good episode.
  • Aliens Among Us

    Another good episode. Love the fact that my favorite turtle quoted my favorite Ghostbuster ("Ewwww. He slimed me").

    Apparently after the incident with the monster in "Dragon's Brew", the Prez is cutting Bishop's funding, so Bishop stages an alien invasion as the Prez visits NYC. Stockman has a new body.

    Wondering what's going on with the bulging of Bishop's face and hand. Hopefully that will be revealed later this season.

    And it looks like the fecal matter will really be hitting the fan now that the turtles have been publicly labelled by the President as an "alien menace". What will they do now?