Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 5

Dragons' Brew

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • What is with this episode?

    What is with this episode? It is so confusing! And what happened to Leo\'s voice? It\'s all gruff and he speaks in a mono tone. What happened to the Leo from series 1-3? And where are the other turtles?
    The idea for organised Purple Dragons was a surprise. I mean, weren\'t they a bunch of dumb street punks (I admit, they\'re still really stupid (Uh, what\'s in the crate? Ooo, it\'s all cold and stuff))
    But the thing that spoiled this episode was Leo and his new voice and really depressing attitude. Leo\'s not like that! What the shell is going on here?
  • This series is getting so confusing! What's up with Leo? This new monster that's on the loose... ack! I hope this show pulls itself together quick, cuz I'm majorly confused.

    Leonardo is beginning to freak me out. His voice has changed its more raspy like Raph's but not a cool raspy, it sounds menacing and evil. Seriously, I'm beginning to think Leo's gone off his rocker. Why did he go to Casey Jones for help in this matter instead of his brothers? Does his family even know what he's doing?

    I'm glad to see Bishop back in the picture. Only because it means things will be getting interesting soon. Not that they aren't already, but hopefully it'll all make sense soon.

    This episode was pretty good, not my favorite though. Lots of action. This show's getting really dark and edgy. This new monster thing looks like it's gonna bring more trouble in the near future.

    LEo please get your act together! I don't like this new you!
  • Okay, this series is getting more and more interesting by the moment. Organized Purple Dragons? Bishop and an experiment going belly up? Leo acting like Raph? What's going on here?

    (Master) Hun returns, Casey is back to crime-fighting mode, Baxter and Bishop is officially a team, and Leo is taking a turn for the worse. How's that for excitement?

    While Leo was kept to himself in the season opener and the last few episodes, Leo was the focus on this episode. Leo is starting to sound like Raph and starting to show similarities. He enters situations through out the whole episode without a cool head. Even Casey noticed the change in Leo's personality. Baxter didn't do much in the episode and his presence was there just as a reminder that "yeah, he's still here".

    Overall, the episode is nice. While it still leaves questions, like whose the monster (we know from flashbacks that he's once human), it does confirm a lot.

    1) That the Purple Dragons are now more organized and have bigger goals.
    2) That Bishop is near the end of his ropes with the President and might do something drastic to keep the program running.
    3) That Casey is finally getting better at keeping a cool head in combat.
    4) Confirms that the once cool, calm and collected leader of the shellbacks is starting to take a turn for the worse.
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