Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 3 Episode 26

Exodus (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 23, 2005 on FOX

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  • Now THIS is how you close out a season!

    Woah, you don't get this from 4Kids everyday! The final showdown with the Shredder was awesome--even if the Turtles don't "legally" win, you'll see. Back to the episode, this was such an action packed and hard hitting episode that it was like a real kick in the balls. Splinter was nearly electrocuted to death, Leo had perhaps the most painful hit in the series--hello? He was stabbled through the body for crying out loud (the sound of the blood spewing from him was pretty nice)!
    Everyone else was hit hard as well and Shredder's robot was menacing. The Turtles had to nearly go down with the ship in order to stop Shredder, and in case you're new, that's what sets up for next season (pretty sneaky 4Kids) as the disappointment of having to nearly go out like that messes up Leo's persona fairly well. Anyhow, the judgement scene was well done as was everything else in the episode!
    An unbelievable and definite classic!
  • My favorite

    Although I saw part of it, this is the only episode, I still think that the episode "Same as it never was" had many action and death, with many injuries, action, and Charel's(Shredder utrom) past crimes. Leo got stabbed, Mikey got his legs broken by exo-Shredder, Donny got his arm broken and his collar bone slammed by exo-shredder, Raph got beat up by the shredder, and Karai got hurt by the exo-shredder. The shredder had many names, committed many crimes, and got sent to an ice asteroid, Morgal Taul. This episode is the best one i have ever seen. I hope to see another episode like this.
  • ONE OF THE TOP 5 turtles episodes

    This was the best season finale yet. none could top this. Shredder faught the turtles in an ultra powerfult suit. this ep had similarities of same as it never was with kari stabbing leo and kari beating the stuffing out of kari.

    The background music was best. Kari even stopped Shredder from trying to kill LEo and he said how dare you, and he is so evil that he even tried to kill kari but when he was exhiled to one of the thousands of asteroid belts on Mor-Tal, she was shocked and as she was being teleported away she yelled to Leo that is not what she wanted. in the end chrell (Shredder as the utrom) was screaming no as he was stranded. There is no way he can come back.

    The battle scenes were good and shredder really beat them up good. I love the you made a grave mistake following me here line. Bishop telling stockman it was the beginning of a beautiful partnership was good. Everyone thought the turltes was dead then. Mikey making imitating mr. spock was unoriginal.

    when they said we would never see one character again: I knew it would be shredder.
  • Awesome!

    There have been a numerous wonderful episodes...but this one takes the cake as far as season 3 goes! This is amazing! This is probably one of the most violent episodes. All the turtles and Splinter get hurt in one way or another. Mikey ends up with two broken feet/ankles, Raph battered and bruised with a few broken ribs apparantely, Don has a broken arm/wrist, and Leo is stabbed! The turtle family was willing to sacrifice themselves by blowing up the star ship in an effort to save their world and other worlds from Shredder's wrath. One of the best episodes ever, hands down. If this is how they've wrapped up the third season, I can't wait to see how great season four will be!