Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 5 Episode 9

Fathers And Sons

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 12, 2008 on FOX

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  • Fathers and Sons is an interesting episode, which goes back to reveal some secrets from the turtles past, whichties into current events in their lives.

    Fathers and Sons, is, basically Master Splinter telling the turtles a story from their youth, while waiting out for Shredder Tengu to make his next move. I find it very intersting that the turtles had an experience with the ninja tribunal and the mystics long before they knew who even the utrom shredder was. The addition of the ancient one to the mix was great. I like his character, and i want for him to be given as much screen time and back plot as possible, without taking away from the story. This episode really shows his difference from the four ninja tribunal members. I like the development of Splinter's grudge for the tribunal shown here, but i don't buy that he even had a hint of the turtles "destiny" in their youth. The action is well-balanced, but the episode could've used a tad more. Meanwhile, i like the meeting of The ancient one nad splinter. The story of the turtles getting their head pieces from the ancient one is neat too. In conclusion, this episode had very few flaws, and shows the supremacy of flashback episodes!
  • Cute but could've been better

    I like the fact that this episode revealed how the turtles got their masks,and even the fact that it showed how close the turtles were to Splinter. But I felt that it could have been much, much better.

    Seriously, it felt a bit rushed. The scenes kept jumping from action to action without much rhyme or reason. An example is the scene where Splinter first met the Ancient One. He didn't even stop the turtles from running around the garden! I mean, yes he was talking about something important; but he's more strict now than he was then! And then right after that scene; a quick 3 second shot at Yoshi's resting place before the turtles are suddenly in bed. WTF? What happened in between? Didn't the Ancient One even talk or acknowledge any of the kids? Did they even eat dinner? And what happened in between Splinter seeing the turtles upstairs and them trying to leave to go home? Come on people, give me details!

    Something else that got on my nerves is that, you couldn't really tell the turtles apart. With the exception of Raph's or Mikey's occasional outbursts; it seemed that they didn't really have any personality at all.

    Overall, with the exception of the cuteness factor (i.e.-the fighting over the crayon between Raph and Mikey (BTW Raph WAS the one who broke the crayon...right?); the crying scene after the demon showed up in the turtles room) and the fact that, it's Ninja turtles is the only reason I'm giving it an 8.5.

    Hey I can't stand rushed episodes...sue me.
  • It is revealed that the mystics have been ploting all along for the demon Shredder's return...

    I'm also glad that the turtles as little tykes didn't suddenly start pulling ninja moves out of now where and kicking butt when the bone demon had the ancient one and Splinter on the ropes. That would have been pretty lame and stupid, however I still didn't care for how the baby turtles where able to defeat a vicious demon by throwing rocks at it. The turtle where like two, they shouldn't have the strength or coordination yet to chuck good sized rocks with accuracy a good distance away, at a moving object. My little gripes about this episode was that the baby turtles where voiced by the same VA that voice them as teenagers/young adults. Not that I think they did a bad job, they actually did good, but I think it would have been more convincing and cute if they had got actual child actors to voice the baby turtles. After a while hearing the adult voice actors whimerpering and blubbering like small children it was a little hard not to feel a little embarrassed. Also I sometimes had a hard time telling the turtles apart even though they are all diffrent skin tones. Like I couldn't tell when Splinter was talking to the ancinet one and the turtles ran off to play which one stayed behind with him for a little while. Or which one first through the rock or who threw that last one that finnished off the demon. I won't even get into the the buck teeth and anime eyes

    I thought the bone demon was cool and threatening looking and I thought it had a nice character design. I liked how the baby turtle where the only ones who could see the demon and the adults couldn't it added a bit of a "ghost story" feel to it that I wish this show would get into more often. But I especially liked the fact that the demon monster terrorised the turtles, actually i think that there should have been more of it, but I think my favorite part was when the the Demon phases through the wall and the turtles wake up and threatens that if they make a sound that it would eat their souls wicked harsh! I felt like giving the turtles a hug when they looked at each and then just ran off screaming down the stairs.

    I also really enjoyed Splinter's tenderness and patients with the little turtles. You got to figure that that he hasn't known the turtles for very long at this point since the muation thing kind of just happened according to the time line. It kind of shows how quickly Splinter got attached to the turtles if he was already acting patient toward them. If he had just encountered them you would think his attitude would be more of obligation toward them of a detached adult who is charged with keeping watch over some children that aren't related to him. But Splinter clearly shows affection and love for the turtles even at this early stage and acts as if they are his own and seems to even understand their personal needs and fears quite well and exibits tolerance for them as well. I think the scene where the turtles all come running down the stairs to him and he comferts them was a good scene that showed his affection concern for them. It's sweet because, although Splinter is caring father to the turtles as teenagers, he is much more relaxed (sometimes sarcastic) toward the turtles or stern while acting as master to them. this was Splinter acting as just father which was nice since he hasn't as yet taken up the mantle of Master toward the turtles
  • I just watch this online after much trouble to obtian and it and I must say I was well reward for all the touble to get. High Squeel!

    We learn even more of the Tutlers and their father past. We see them as little kids most likely they are the equvliant of 3 or 4. They are so cute with their big eyes and buck teeth! But it very hard to tell them aprat without their mask or their coloring showing. I don't know why Karai there but I'll know soon enough. But it was cute as their father and great grandfather told them of a tale of their past. Splinter must have a great deal of paintce to handle four toddler at once. It was so cute to see them playing in the hay. Looks like Raph was also a bit of a bully breaking Mikey cryon! How they made it too Japen without losing their minds is a myster. Ancient One took it a lot better then I thought he would seeing his 'grandson' and 'great grandchildern' sicne he was Yoshi father and Yoshi was Splinter father and all. It was a sweet funel. It cute but nice to see before he their sensie he still their daddy and he makes sure that the boogie man won't get them. I like it when they don't act all "Ninja" and jsut act like a family. The Tibular don't see nice they have style I'll give them that but still not nice. Couldn't even be sympatic to a father who lost his son! Seeing them hurt that demon was uttelry cute and adorble and then looking a bit drunk and daze after their memoires where remvoed for their own well being. I think is even cooler that they got their mask from their great grandfather. I often wonder how they got anything to live with so that one myster sloved. All in all I can't wait to watch this again with my twin sister this time. She loves Donny me I love Leo so much I once dreamed he kissed me! This was just a sweet family epiosde. The boys and their daddy! Now if they just say "I love you " I be happy!
  • This by far is my favourite episode in the whole 5th Season

    This by far has to be my favourite episode in the entire 5th Season. It is witty and the baby turtles are just sooo adorable!! You just have to love their giant eyes and buck teeth!!
    The whole episode is a recount of Master Splinter's journey to return his Master Yoshi's ashes to The Ancient One. He brings the turtles, who would only be about two at the time, to Japan with him.
    The turtles encounter a Bone Demon which only they can see, as they are children and pure of heart they can see through the Bone Demon's cloaking crystal. But that doesnt stop them being terrified of the beast!!
    The episode doesnt really fit into the whole scheme of the Ninja Tribunal apart from the fact that the turtles met the Ninja Tribunal when they were only small. They also received their masks on that day.
    I highly reccomend that people watch it as it is just hillarious!!!
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