Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 6 Episode 9

Fly Me to the Moon

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • This is probally the best fast forward episode!

    This is probally the best fast forward episode, I liked it when Mikey keeps on making fun of the real Raph with a like dummy Raph made from that mind creator thing in "Obsolete" I also think that the Inuashi Gunjin should have been in more episodes than just "Obsolete" and "Fly me to the moon" like they should have been in "Invasion of the body snatcher" where in that episode they would have turned good. Anyway the storyline was excellent and that's why I think it's the best episode of fast forward. I wonder if they will realy be a moonport in a 100 years time?
  • Still in need of a part for the time machine, the turtles, Cody and Mikey's new 'friend' (the Raph pupet) go to the moon to retrieve an alloyed needed for the time machine to work.

    The writers could have done better. They were a little repetitive. Just like in “Obsolete” the turtles had to save Cody from the Inuwashi Gunjin while looking for a part to fix the time machine. Speaking of "Obsolete," weren’t the turtles supposed to get the part they needed for the time machine at O'Neil Tech? After saving Cody from the Inuwashi Gunjin, in “Obsolete” they seemed to forget all about it. I just hope that the turtles don’t ‘forget’ about getting the alloyed from the moon before they good home. After all, I would like the turtles to go home before next season! Also, if the Inuwashi Gunjin did appear to become ‘honorable’, why the shell didn't they tell the turtles about Darius Dun enslaving them and trying to get rid of Cody? However, there were some good things. For starters, I loved the Raph puppet! It was a cute idea! I loved seeing Mikey teased Raph with a miniature replica of himself!

    Also, the writers did give us a nice cliff hanger with Darius. Somehow, Darius managed to break through Don's security system and discover Cody's time machine. I'm hoping that the writers find a creative plot involving Darius causing havoc with the time machine; like following the turtles to the present with his dark turtles. Now that would really be an episode worth watching!

    Speaking of the time machine, now that the turtles have (hopefully) retrieved the alloyed, I hope Cody can fix it so our heroes can go home! Having the gang in the future was entertaining for the first dozen episodes but now it is become a real bore. I miss the turtles' friends and foes. I also missed the dark, deep plotted episodes that the writers gave us last season. I just hope that the writers change their tune and bring the turtles home again.