Favorite TMNT Movie?

What's your favorite TMNT movie?

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    Just curious. Which of these classic or epic films is your favorite?

    Personally, I like all of them except Turtles In Time.

    Original:Incredible for being the first movie. The characters were portrayed correctly, and definitley deserves the title of TMNT. As any good movie,it has action (any scene with fighting), comedy (a majority of Mikey's lines),and a little bit of romance (April and Casey's kiss at the end). Too bad Don didn't really get to show off his science skills aside from helping Casey fix the truck.

    Secrets of The Ooze: Once again, plenty of action, and it seems like Mikey became even funnier(The good ones end in "O".). I think this one had more of a plot for due to revealing the origin of how the turtles and Splinter were mutated. Tokka and Rhazzar looked cool. Also I think April's new apartment and the turtles lair look much more comfortable than in the first movie. It also pleases me that Don is more of a scientist this time (helping the professor create an antidote to the ooze that mutated Tokka and Rhazzar.). My only real complaint is Casey isn't in the movie at all, they could've at least mention his name.

    Turtles In Time: Didn't really like this one just because the setting was in the past and the turtles' costumes didn't look too good compared to the prequels.

    TMNT 2007: I liked the references to the 2003 cartoon this movie made (Mikey skateboarding, Splinter watching soap operas, and just how the turtles look overall). Raph's vigilante alter-ego Night Watcheris the definition of cool. I'm glad that April's not so much of a damsel-in-distress anymore and can actually do some fighting. I thought it was clever of the writers to make the 13 monsters look like monsters the viewers were familiar with (a Yeti, Cyclops, Gargoyle and dragon).

    Turtles Forever: I've always a TMNT movie based on the 2003 cartoon and I think this is about as close as I'll ever get. The scene where the Utrom Shredder reveals the entire TMNT multiverse is the most epic thing ever. It was cool of the writers to make references to both cartoons (2003 Don mentioning Fast Forward and Back To The Sewers and 1980 Raph breaking the fourth wall). I thought this movie basically served as a tribute to the Mirage comics, the roots of the TMNT franchise. Unlike the other film's antagonists, the Utrom Shredder has an impact on every universe that has Ninja Turtles. Definitley worthy of celebrating TMNT's 25th Anniversary.

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    tmnt 2 secret of the ooze.
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    Out of the live action movies the second one is my favorite, but overall the Turtles Forever cartoon movie was the best IMO.
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    Agreed. Turtles Forvever was the best. Instead of dumping off the comic books, and the many others concepts of turtles, and focusing on just one. They tied every single one together

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the best live action movie.
    Secret of the Ooze would have gotten first, but the reduced swearing because of parent feedback of movie 1 and the silly fighting using their weapons less made it feel a bit less good.

    Why does everyone call movie 3 "Turtles in Time"? It has no title, it is just TMNT. And that movie was absolute garbage too. Terrible story and terrible animatronics for the turtles+splinter compared to the previous 2.

    TMNT was nice, but didn't like the villain personally....

    Turtles Forever is my favorite, but I don't really count it as a movie. More as an anniversary special.
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