I'M BACK!!! Fanfiction writers/readers anyone?

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    Ok, yes I haven't seen the show on televisionfor almost a year but I still watch the show once in a while on YouTube. I would be more into the show if I haven't seen every episode at least four times and write fanfiction... yes, that accursed word for some people since they have probably come around super angsty stories or... heaven forbid... TurtleCest.... neither of which is very pleasant... Well, angst isn't that bad as long as the writer doesn't over do it... Like I did in my first fic... *shudder* Hidden Leaders was... dismal at best, although many of my readers say different...

    Anyways! I haven't been to this site in four years and since,

    1) I'm bored out of my mind.

    2) It's 2 o'clock in the morning so my mind isn't set straight.

    3) I'm also curious to see if these forums are still alive.

    Now that I've been writing fanfiction for a couple of years and have read fanfiction for even longer... I have a new vision of the turtles. I have also read the first volume of the comics and I must say they are dark. I loved it. Cartoons are unable to capture the raw emotion that written stories can... that and since 4kids still owns the turtles... scratch that... Nickelodeonowns the turtles, it's a kid's show and so a lot of darker or more emotionally strong scenes are cut out. Do they even still play the TMNT on 4kids anymore? I don't have TV... just my amazing laptop...

    Basically I'm saying Hi! There's this forum called StealthyStories that's quite amazing even if your not into fanfiction. I usually post my stuff up at fanfiction.net as AlexHamato... is my name really TMNThottie!? Geez, I was a weirdthirteen year old... although, now that I'm seventeen I'm still weird... but in a more mature/sophisticated way!... right? riiight.Send me a PM if you actually remember me and want to chat up. I still remember AprilsFriend or something like that... I think that I have his email actually...

    If there really is no fanfiction fans here than how about some discussion about Nickelodeon owning TMNT and the new movie coming out in 2012? I suppose I'll put in my two cents...

    *Clears Throat*

    Nickelodeon- I'm... hopeful. Avatar-The Last Airbender was amazing and I hope that the producers go along that route even though the show will be in CG if I remember right... The show will be based off the newest TMNT movie, you know, the one where Leo was sent off to the Jungle? Oh ya, LOTSof fanfic's on that one, don't ya know? I just hope that they don't go Penguins of Madagascaron me. I've seen a couple episodes when I was bored out of my mind at my friend's... next time I'll just go play outside and run through traffic or something... anythingbut that! I hope that this new TV series will show more depth and characterization in allof the turtles than they other show's did. I have high expectations but I'm prepared to be disappointed. After all, the original creators don't own the product anymore... So how can they really have the good 'old TMNT charm then?

    2012 Movie-Coincidence that the world is rumored to end in the same year this movie is made!? I think not!... Joking, if this movie by Michael Bay turns out bad it'll just ruin myworld... somewhat. I loved the first movie made in what? 1993? The second and third movies were okay but they weren't as realistic. They lookedgood but... they were too cartoonishfor my taste. Back when I first came here, sure! I lovedeverything turtle related! I still do! But with a more profound view of them. I want them to act as realistic as possible. Like if there wereturtle living in this world, how would they act? Character-wise, it's all about thedevelopmentof their characters. This movie will be darker than all previous incarnations... come on! Michael Bayis like famous for his horror movies! Transformers was very good so I hope that TMNT will at leastmatch the joy I got out of watching that movie. It is live action and... I think it's another origin story which I'm kinda hoping that it won'tbe since us turtle fans have seen the origin story what? A THOUSAND TIMES!If you know anything about the TMNT, you know their origin story. It's impossible NOT to! Basically, I think that this will be good. I'm happy with most of Bay's movies and that he's taking a darker approach to the turtles is something that I've been looking forward to for a while! I'm anxious to see it!

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