Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 6 Episode 1

Future Shellshock!

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 29, 2006 on FOX

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  • An accident sends the Ninja Turtles and their master to the future, where they meet the great-great grandson of two old friends.

    Although the "going to the future" idea is somewhat cliche, I still like it. Though I'm a little annoyed that they had to skip over a season (maybe that's partly why it's called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward), I'll still watch it.
    I can't wait to see more of the adventures of everyone's favorite ninja reptiles and the descendant of Casey Jones and April O'Neil. (I just *knew* those two were right for each other! ^^)
  • Why did everyone have a panic attack over Fast Forward? It just seems like "Turtles in Space."

    I checked out Fast Forward and felt that it was just your basic 2003 turtles. The turtles get zapped to some alternate reality, have no idea where they went, run into some weird aliens, and meet new people. In the end, the are being hunted by the law enforcement and have been split up some, and reunited. Same 2003 storyline, just a very annoying theme song that makes you want some aspirin. Fast Forward really doesn't change anything, I just hope the lost season is coming soon. If 4Kids have just finished that first, fans and I wouldn't be disgruntled about starting a new plate before we finished the Ninja Tribunal one.
  • A new time+same old villians= an okay, but slightly disappointing show

    This new season of TMNT started off with quite an intresting start.
    What I liked:
    1) The turtles:
    How they kept all the behavoirs and voices the same, even Master Splinter.
    2) The Fights:
    They kept the basic coolness of the fights, and how they stay in the ninja art.
    3) The Theme:
    They stayed within bounds and didn't make it all geeky high tech.

    What I didn't like:

    1) The Theme Song:
    Not even the classic one was this horrible. It took the kick-butting character right out! It made it seem like a joke! Like this is Sonic X or something!

    2: The Police:
    They are annoying and irritating, not even remotely funny! And how in the world did NY Cops become so 'bloomin' British? It's horrible!

    3: The Ending of Last Season:
    We were left with a cliff hanger in "Ninja Tribunal" what's going to happen with that?

    4) Casey and April:
    I knew they were going to get together, but how in the world did they get so rich? That makes no sense, they were always moving with hardly any money.

    What I somewhat liked:

    1) Cody:
    Though I did not enjoy his voice, and I thought he should have been a little older with longer hair, his character is not all together displeasing. I like his spunk and his want for adventure. I always liked "poor, little rich boys".

    2) The animation:
    It was okay, changed from the original, and a little fake, but I liked it.

    Altogether, it is okay, but neglects the dark seriousness of the first 4 seasons. Time travel's not new, and the Turtles have gone through it before. I don't the show will last longer than a season if they don't shape up.
  • Hey, it wasn't as horrible as was expected by us hard core turtle fans. Though I'll admit it wasn't the greatest episode in turtle history, it was pretty decent.

    Gotta say I loved the nakedness jokes about splinter and seeing all four of the guys without their stuff on for most of the episode *blush/grin*
    I also really liked Raph's line in the beginning. "You didn't just change the channel, Mike. You changed the whole freakin' world!" I laughed and kept repeating it to myself all day long.
    So the plot/storyline I can live with, the theme song doesn't excite me but it doesn't make me wanna puke, but the edgier looking animation kinda ticked me off. I don't like it. Nope. Nuh-uh. No. I like having curves where they're needed. Sheesh! is that too much to ask? I loved the original animation for seasons 1-5 (well, 1-4 technically since no one's seen 5 yet). The guys just looked like their heads had been smashed or something wierd. Slinter looked ok but much more sharp than I'm used to. Before he looked like a nice fuzzy daddy rat. Now I think you'd end up nursing a couple puntures from pricks and pokes of his fur if you tried to hug him.
    ok, so what was that robot's name? Surling? Sirling? Like a steak? confused. but maybe he'll actually turn out to be an ok character...
    Cody looks to be interesting. He made me laugh; as soon as we met him it was like watching a fangirl stuck inside a boy's body!!! *giggle* *giggle* *laughs hysterically*
    (ok moving on..) Obviously he's not going to stick around his little safety zone, specially not with the turtles around. I like Cody's character so far:Probably only cuz I was able to identify really quickly with him (maybe I'm just weird) I love his voice and I do like the way the artists drew him, but I have this wierd thought that they just don't mesh well together. Like the voice just doesn't match the image. They're both really good but I just don't like 'em together.
    Ok, wow, looks like I've written my 3cents worth here...
    So, to conclude, this series may not turn out to be half bad, but I'll be so happy when the guys get back to 2006 and out of sci-fi land. Until then I'm ready to enjoy Cody's presence as well as Sirling (?) and the whole slew of newbies we're about to meet along the way.
    PS. The robot cheif of police: liked him at first but by his third line I was ready to disasemble him and ship his peice by peice to the Sahara to melt. That is all.