Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 7

Grudge Match

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • yikes

    the biggining fight with Leonardo vs. Raphael and Donatello

    Very good visuals Leonardo is an awsome fighter and I enjoyed seeing him in action against his brothers. I actually got a little hug of elation seeing that even Raphael couldn't touch him. And yes I was aggravated when Splinter stopped Raphael from calling Leonardo on his attitude.

    Michaelangelo's Battle Nexus self importance:

    Ugh, was I the only one that wanted to slap Michaelangelo for his "I don't need to train" comment. Seriously I was like "ooh no you didn't just say that to Master Splinter" , not only was that ignorant and obnoxious but extremely disrespectful to Splinter who has trained him his whole life and made him what he is . I was seriously ready to turn off my television right then and there for that bit of flippancy. The little Skirmish with Kluh and big daddy:

    Very entertaining and right on que too, these guys have perfect timing and it was good animation. I am always struck with awe on how quick and agile Mike is, and just how much endurance Michaelangelo has and well he takes beatings with out really going down. Also I think this kind of shows that despite Mike's antagistic nature and cocky swagger, he is a rather non-violent and nonconfrontational person, he could have very easily have floored that guy but didn't, and choose to actually try to reason with the guy. He spent most of that little skirmish dodging and avoiding Steroid purple guy instead of fighting back. I was impressed how ever with his willingness to buckle down and train, I really thought that he was going to stubornly hold to his assertion that he didn't need to train, but he supriced me and lost his arrogance and humbled himself to ask for help. Which the others threw in his face Leonardo offers to help...:

    ok I love Leonardo no matter what, but i was complelty awed with him for offering to train his brother. My reaction was very similar to Michaelangelo's when he said he would help him train. I think this proves what a caring older brother Leonardo is and how mature he is for not swinging to the others guys (even Master Splinters ) against mike and offereing to help him. I not sure why he took Michaelangelo's side but I think he is intuned enough with his little brother to know that most of obnoxious behavior is just bluster and that underneath that Mike is rather unsure of himself and needs some one to believe in him, and that other than his mouth Michaelangelo doesn't really have much distinction among there family and that this battle nexus thing was important to his self esteem. Rapahel and Donatello's torturing of Michaelangelo:

    Ok at first I was amused by their little jabs at the Mikster especially in light of his obnoxious behavior on the roof and what they obviously had to put up with when he first won championship, but I quickly became irratated by them. I mean I was like pfft! get over it already and shut up. I was a little put off to how they kept ragging on Mike and basically calling him a chump that didn't desevre his tittle, and basically delighting in the prospect of him losing. Which I could see actually brought Michaelangelo down a little.

    I just kept thinking "ok he was a little mouthy about his battle nexus win, so what why don't you two show your selves to be better people and don't go down to his level and let him fight with you giveing him your support". I mean I was like come on, how often do Raphael and Donatello do amazing things and get credited for it on a daily basis. Leonardo and Michaelangelo on top of the mountain:

    Great interaction between Leonardo and Mike, I liked the dialogue they shared, and just them together was just great and a real treat. Thses two hardly interact with each other or share meaninful dialogue with one another and it was really good to be treated with this. I liked That Leonardo was trying to target Mike's biggest problem:focusing. He was just so intence and passionate that I got goose bumps and to have all that aimed toward Michaelangelo was awsome. It really proved that leonardo respects Michealngelo as a warrior and that he actually believes that he is capable at achiveing things if he tries hard enough. And possibly maybe even that he sees the potencial in Mike and see him more as just a goofy person. Hence his little speech about in this world we only have each other, maybe he wants Mike to take notice and start being more involved like him self so that the family will have a stronger protcetion.We even got to see The intencity of what is driving Leonardo and what has been bothering him.

    I was even impressed with how when Michaelangelo was lamenting about the fight and that he didn;'t think he could do it, Leonardo still offered him his support and assurance.

    Kluh and Big Daddy's Dastardly scheme:

    To tell the truth I was a little disapointed with the writters making these two dishonarble, to win. I thought that is was a bit of a cop out and an easy way to assure Mikes win, by defining the rematch with black bad and white good. I feel it took some of the mystery of whether or not Michaelangelo would win or not if by doing this. They should have left these two characters alone and let it be an honest to goodness fight between the purple steroid guy and Mike. With them doing that trick with the ring it pretty much confirmed before the match even started that michaelangelo would win because he is the good guy and psycho man would lose I mean I think they could have still left the safety magic on the ring being removed in there to add drama but I think they could have gone about it in another way. I don't know but I think it could have been handlied in a more ambiguous way. Half my apprication for this show is the sublety that they use and not sticking to cliche black/white way of writting that is rampaent in most toons.

    Michaelangelo vs. Kluh:

    what ever weak excuse that led up to this fight is completly made up for in this fight. It starts off with michaelangelo getting his ass handed to him, with him really not putting up that much of a fight in my oppion. Now why exactly he isn't given it his all I'm still debateing about. I think that at this point Michaelangelo feels that he doesn't deserve his title and is only making a token effet in this fight, and I think some part of him wanted to lose fairly because I think deep down he believes he won by default no matter how much he bragged about being the champ and that in some way he kind of deserves what is happening. If you notice he was more concerned about just brazening it out enough and then being transported to safety regardless of the fact that he knew that he was in for some major hell of pay back and getting his loss rubbed in his face. Mike wasn't looking for personal glory this time around. At this point I think he was owning up to arrogance.

    The second half of this fight Michaelangelo really did shine, when he finnally found the motivation to fight for something other than for his own personal glory and for the protection of his family. At this point Michaelangelo was kicking ass and taking names . And boy was he glorious, you saw his true athlecticism at work here, especially when he leaped over the guy and then held his head in place with his toes and whipped his nunchukes around and took him of his feet and them and then did a floor sweep kick. And all in one smooth series of movents And how cool was it when he kicked the guy at the same time he kicked through his staff.

    My favarite part was at the end when Michaelangelo was standing over his oppent with nunchuckes whirling with that "you are so dead" expression on his face. And you know that at this point that Michaelangelo was fully aware of the fact that they safeties where off and that he could take this guys life if he chose to. And he doesn't...I thought this was really cool but nothing less than what I expected from him. I think this shows how strong of character Michaelangelo is and what a strng moral core he has. I thought it was really bad ass the way he just touched him on the forhead and the guy flies backwards. At this point Michaelangelo really does deserve his title and the added bonus of the nobilty of character necklace. I think he knows it too and was actually rather humble about it. I loved that scene where he cradles it in his hand and looks down at it proudly.

    Final Leonardo and Michaelangelo moment:

    awwwwwww, this was so sweet I loved this scene where Michaelangelo goes to thank him. I'm a succer for touching moments andI thought this was really acted out well by the actors. I liked how touched Leonardo seemed to be by his brothers gratitude. What I great scene, I'v decided I love Leonardo and Michaelangelo moments and want to see more. We got to see a little look of peace in Leonardo .