Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 3 Episode 18

Hun on the Run

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 08, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Karai is on a mission to steal a chip from Agent Bishop but ends up getting captured. Bishop tells Shredder that he'll let Karai live if he forks over the technology he's been collecting from the recent alien invasion. Shredder sends Hun to rescue Karai as a last chance to redeem himself for his recent failures. Hun sets out on his mission while Stockman wants to make sure that neither Hun nor Karai return alive and tricks the turtles into this fight. Now the turtles have to work together with Hun and Karai to defeat Bishop.moreless

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  • Another masterpiece this episode reveals that hun is loyal, baxter is brilliant and bishop is a very skilled fighter.

    The shredder and Hun are not getting along anymore; Hun has failed him one time to many. But now he has a chance to redeem himself, he must save karai (who save stupidly captured trying to steal an alien microchip from the United States government. He isn’t to happy (because the two are rivals) but he is determined not to fail but the brilliant Baxter stockman has alerted the turtles of Huns plan and they must stop him, they track him down and find him fighting the shady and also crazy agent bishop. Bishop is about to finish him of when the turtles drop in, after freeing karai the six outnumber the agent. And he flees with the head of the train car. Karai thanks the turtles and disappears.

    The shredder rewards Hun and finds out about stockman’s attempted sabotage, and punishes him severely.moreless
  • Number 3 of my favorite action episode

    This episode seems to be the only episode with action. There are two more episode with better action than this, but the other episodes in season 1 and 2 doesn't match this. It has many action in the part where the turtles fight Bishop on the train. Bishop does say a phrase in this episode though in the game "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3" he says it in Bishop's Gambit. I really like this because it is number 3 on my favorite episode with many action list. It is also the part that gets me where Hun has to save Karai though he hates her. He just wanted to do it because he wants to live. This is number 3.moreless
  • This episode was excellent. The art was much higher quality as well as the fight scenes. TMNT needs to have more episodes like this one. One of the best of season three.moreless

    I can't say how much I loved this episode. The quality of the art was of a higher calibur than others in this season or other seasons. While there was not much in the way of character development there was plenty of excellent fighting, neat moves, and just plain badassery by the guys you love to hate.
  • hun has too save karai

    well i recon the best part is when hun trashes raphael\'s bike and then raph nearly explodes. thats my favorite part....well anyway the episode starts of when karai has to get this thing from bishop and she gets caught. so hun has to save her and he can\'t fail. so of corse baxter stockman interfears and sends out a radio message for the turtles to hear. it then later goes on to the turtles chacing hun cuz they think his after a device that will help the shredder find there lair. then they find out he is trying to rescue karai so the turtles help him. in the end they save karai, beat bishop , lose a bike and get a cool new train car. all and all i love this tmnt episode.

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Dan Green

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Unlike his raging curiosity with Raphael, Hun wasn't at all surprised that Bishop seemed to know everything about Shredder. Since Bishop had no ties to Shredder whatsover, shouldn't Hun be curious of what exactly Bishop is after, and where he came from?

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Stockman: (after tricking the turtles to go after Hun) Right about now, the turtles should be heading off to investigate. They're so pathetically unpredictable, and I am a genius!

    • Raphael: Hun stole my bike!
      Michelangelo: And he's wearing your helmet, Raph! Nasty!

    • Hun: I have serve the Shredder most of my life. I have been his most loyal soldier, but lately, I have failed him. Too many things have gone wrong on my watch, but tonight, my master has given me one last chance to redeem myself. He knows I would gladly give my life for him. Well, maybe not gladly.

    • Raph: That's for stealing my bike!
      Hun: Get lost, turtle! This ain't about you!
      Raph: And that's for trashing it!
      Hun: I said, stay out of my way, freak! I have no time for this!

    • Raph: Oh, I can't believe I lost my bike!
      Mikey: Look on the bright side, Raph. You may have lost the Shell Cycle, but Donny here gain a shiny new train car.
      Don: Can I keep it, Leo?
      Leo: If you can figure out a way to get it home...

    • Stockman: (using Hun's voice) Once I obtain the technology I'm after and we give it to the brilliant Dr. Baxter Stockman, we'll be able to hunt down the Turtles and their rat master. There's no way they'll be able to hide. I'm on my way to Warehouse 51 in Brooklyn to make the pickup. Hun out.

    • Agent Bishop: In exchange for the life of your operative here, I want all the alien technology you've been collecting.
      Oroku Saki: I have no idea what you're...
      Agent Bishop: Please, knowledge is my business, Mr. Saki, and I know all about you.
      Oroku Saki: Believe me, Mr. Bishop, you know nothing about me.

    • Bishop: I see the odds have changed, but I never play the odds. (Runs and dodges the turtles, Karai, and Hun. Bishop pushes a button and the container opens, revealing a suitcase. Grabs suitcase and hits Hun just as he comes close to him.) Oh, before I go, allow me to thank you, Turtles. Your DNA samples from the last time we met have put my research 50 years overnight. Ciao.

    • Agent Bishop: (to Hun after pinning him to a wall) Alright, meathead, you wanna play? Now we play for real!

    • Bishop: (after kicking the vent onto Hun) I'll hand it to you, you're persistent, but not exactly bright! Say goodbye!

    • Raph: You know Bishop, you got to be about the only guy I hate more than Hun!
      Mikey: And that's saying a lot!
      Raph: (flips Hun over) And you owe me a new bike fatso!

    • Bishop: (aims machine gun at Hun) Didn't I tell you to get lost? Let me make my point a bit more clear.

    • Hun: I live to serve you, master.
      Shredder: Good. And you live, as long as you succeed.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Villains: Bishop, Shredder, Stockman, Chaplin, and Karai, somewhat.

    • This is the last time until the Ninja Tribunal Season where Karai and the turtles work together.

    • The quote from Bishop "Seems the odds have changed. But I never play the odds." was used twice. First was in this episode. Second was in a video game called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare after you beat Bishop.

    • Speaker in the opening scene: Hun

    • An interesting brother-sister dynamic between Karai and Hun is seen here, with Shredder as a very strange father indeed. Though intelligent, Baxter Stockman's biggest character flaw is his overreaching arrogance and naivete. Considering there's a new rooster in the henhouse--Dr. Chaplin--he's no longer truly indispensible. This episode may be Stockman's last hurrah. He probably should have known better, cooled it with the schemes, and just lain low.

    • For the first time since Baxter had the Utrom body, Stockman is shown as someone with some shred, excuse the pun, of intelligence, feinging his bonds hold him and plotting his own schemes. He serves stories better as a third party as opposed to a third wheel.

    • Apparently, Shredder is not aware that Hun conspired with Baxter to foil his plans in Mission Of Gravity. He says to Hun's face that he all is but punishing him merely for repeated failures and not treason by his words that Hun has always been unquestioningly loyal.

    • This episode first aired on CN.

    • Donatello gains a train, but Raph's Shell Cycle is destroyed.