Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 6

I, Monster

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • just what i needed i loved this episode!!! the suspense was killing me i almost didnt make it through the whole episode... joking!!!

    one word... awesome... this was by far one of the most suspenseful episodes ive seen in a long time i actually was scared somebody wasnt going to make it out alive... thank god they did!!! only now im wondering if that mummy monster (i kinda feel sorry for him...) is going to come back after the turtles... i cant wait! i hope they continue this story on another episode where the mummy seeks revenge. and i got to have a few laughs in this episode as well. man i cant wait till next week where ill see the next new episode of my all time favorite show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
  • This episode was interesting to see what the new modernized Rat King looked like.

    Plus Leo got to kick some butt in this episode. Weird thing is, Leo had two katana swords that he can easily slay his enemies without giving it another thought. Seeing as a samurai swords are predominately used for killing and nothing more. And why is Casey’s hair purple, it shouldn’t be.
  • Now it's getting back on track!

    Here is a fine example of a Ninja Turtle episode. We found out what happened to the psyco genetic experiment that Agent Bishop created and heard his point of veiw in the case.
    The only downside that I can think of is the use of CGI. The rats looked too smooth and out of place in the masses. Up close they were ok.
    Another good point was seeing all the turtles back together. Ah, good ol' Donny back in the action, although Leo's voice is still not right.
    On the subject of Leo, it seems that whatever has been bugging him so much (or'the monster' as Raph put it, which I might add was a great description) has almost died down and he's almost back to normal, even his voice was normal at the begining of the episode.
    I really should try that game they were playing someday, it looked like a ton fo fun!!
  • creepy, but very entertaining.

    Before I begin, quick question. Did this guy scare anyone else? This was an amazing episode. I loved every minute of it. I was on the edge of my seat. Literally. I actually fell off once. This monster was probably my favorite enemy the turtles ever faced. And the plot was so well laid out. Like a half hour, animated horror movie.
    Ninja hide and seek. What an inspired idea. I'm surprised the guys didn't hear Mikey's girly screams right through the park when he was covered in rats. Although really, who can blame him. i can't imagine being covered in rats as being one of my prefered passtimes. Great episode, and a personal favorite!
  • Very enjoyable. This episode was very faithful to the source material.

    Although The Monster\'s origin was rewritten to be a clone rather than a mentally-disturbed Solomon Grundyish figure rising from the swamp, and some of the more violent elements were toned down for the kiddies, this episode still managed to be truly creepy. The artists obviously had fun with The Monster/Rat King, making his skin as putrid and grotesque as possible. And his \"death\" when the floor caved in and left him at the mercy of the teeth of thousands of rats made me shudder--even though I knew he wasn\'t dead; he has work to do, a new calling. There must be some explanation as to the origin revamp; perhaps Bishop will come in search of his wayward clone? Will the now-christened Rat King present his master with Splinter as a trophy? It\'s never quite sure how he escaped the lab or came to be wandering the abandoned warehouse district, as his memories are fragmented and undependable, and all he does is gibber incoherently. Mikey\'s fear in the hands of this psychopath is palpable, and I know I\'d have nightmares for weeks after being kidnapped and tortured by this schizo. Highly recommended. Promises to lead to something.
  • Glad to see the boys (-er- turtles) together again. And Casey too. This was an awesome action-packed episode that raises both questions of the future and a few laughs, too.

    Leo seemed semi-himself. Still creeping towards the dark-side. Especially during his one-on-one duel with the Rat King.

    This clone dude is seriously creepy. Like eww! He's got sores on his leg some of his skin barely hangs together with the help of staples or stiches and half his mouth is missing leaving you to stare at his not-so-pearly whites. How is it that he can control the rats? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

    I loved watching the turtles play their little stealth game. Very entertaining. I'm suprised Mikey did as good as he did, though. You know Mikey.

    I'm counting on more and more confusion to come and secrets revealed little by little throughout this season and maybe into the next. Here's hoping!