Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 7 Episode 7

Identity Crisis

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 01, 2008 on FOX



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    • Casey: It's like... they didn't even know me.
      Serling: Lucky them!
      Casey: You got anything in that programming of yours that would tell me why my friends kicked my butt seven ways from Sunday? Or why they was wearing Foot uniforms?

    • Casey: (as the Turtles return as Cyber Shredder's slaves) Cat got young tongue?

    • Mikey: Man, April, what a trip down memory lane that was.
      Leo: I'll say, but seeing Master Splinter is what brought it back for me.
      Mikey: Yeah, same with me.
      Don: Me too.
      Mikey: How about you, Raph? What was the memory that did it for you?
      Raph: Oh, he was there, but let's just say that YOU took the cake (grabs Mikey and gives him a noogie) and then some.

    • Casey: (about the Turtles) I'm gonna keep looking for 'em, babe.
      April: Okay, but be careful.
      Casey: It's me! What kind of trouble could I get into? Wait, don't answer that.

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