Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 19

Insane in the Membrane

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Unknown on FOX

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  • Disturbing, sad, graphic, and amazing

    This episode is perfect. It tells the tale of how a brilliant man (Stockman) falls apart literally and figuratively. I loved his relationship with his mother. This episode really makes Baxter a sympathetic character.
  • Exactly why I watch this show

    I don't see why America should have not shown it on TV. I live in the UK and I saw it on one of it's first world viewings and if I was 4Kids I would have shown it. The only "distubing" thing is that when his finger and arm fell off and him trying to nail his arm back on. Now that you think about it, it does sound distubing but not that much for them to not show air it. Luckily for those who live in America they released along with the other 13 episodes from the second half of season 4.
  • man that was grafic

    man that was graffic. I am not surprised that they banned this episode. baxter\\\'s body parts like his jaw and fingers were coming off. this episode was on teh gory side. nice twist of baxter getting angry when his body decomposed and him wanting to get revenge on who caused it april. I lovede how baxter narrated. I am surprised april seemed sad over baxter\\\'s apparent demise and not surprising the turtles say he may come back as he has cheated death many times before.

    they had baxter\\\'s mother. good twist. she always told him the skies the limit. She died after the double shifts (that brought bad memories to me because my mother died 2 months ago; she died of pancreatic cancer). baxter got delusional about his mother and got more delusional as he kidnapped april. it was nice to show how baxter feels about not being in a normal body ofr so long. he even belched when he ate food. Also agent bishop showed concern for stockman and warned him about it. Bishop and Baxter seemed to get a long far better than baxter did with the shredder.
  • Brilliant horror with very disturbing scenes. Unsuitable for young children indeed.

    This episode was like a big punch in the face, it was truly shocking. I have to say that i'm not the biggest TMNT fan out there, and i only watch the show when i'm bored. But this episode grabbed hold of me instantly with a tragic and weird story and kept me interested throughout. I can see why Kids WB refused to show it at daytime. This is the kind of stuff that would have scared the living hell outta me when i was a kid. The infected finger scene and the jaw crushing scene was like having a football player kicking me in the balls. "Did i just see what i saw?" was one question i kept asking myself. A brilliant horror themed episode that's the best TMNT episode i've seen so far.
  • Quite disturbing

    This ... is ... very ... disturbing. Stockman ... falls ... apart ...... ewww! O mi god it was so GROSS!! Dr Stockmanstein, as Mikey refers to him. It is so creepy that Stockman goes after April like that! STALKER!! And I also find it quite funny that this episode has not been shown in America. HAHA!! Sorry, I just had to do that. But it is quite funny that Australia actually showed a tv show before America.
    We are also introduced to Stockman\'s mum, who unfortunately died when he was a kid (he sees her in a halucination). All in all, it was great, but I was very disturbed for a long while after, I STILL AM!! I do NOT reccomend his to little kiddies!