Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 5 Episode 7

New World Order (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 29, 2008 on FOX

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  • Karai better watch her back...

    i liked this episode it had a whole bunch of little gems in it that made me smile. I really liked the beginning where Leo is having that dream and Karai is about to be killed and he reaches out to her and there hands almost touch. I thought that scene was pretty symbolic to the whole relationship Karai and him share. They are really enstranged from each other now because of there circumstances and differing loyalites. And when they woke up and they where all glowing from their chi power it was pretty cool.

    I really liked the whole awakening of the Shredder and the whole scene where they open his casket and his skeleton comes out was pretty neat and the some what graphic scene of his flesh, hair and muscles gowing boack over his bones was a treat and it made me feel bitter sweet. It's this type of rawness that I have missed in the turtles that been absent. It wasn't as graphic as when Bishop's body decomposed and and reesembled but it was still good. I even enjoy demon Shredders look with the blood red cape and the ashen colored skin, he looked looked like a living corpse than an actual human being and it gave him a much more sinister aura to him. It was nice to see Karai again after all this time but geez the gal needs to get over her self and listen to reason. If there is something coming at you that even the people you tried to hunt down and kill are trying to warn you about then you need to stop ranting and listen. I wanted to smack her. Although I did think it was good acting on the actresses part when she started taunting the turtles about them warning her about a ghost/boogiman, it really conveyed her disdain and loathing of the turtles trying to warn her. I was getting a little annoyed with Shredder's "wow, everything around me sucks" remarks the first few times where where nessasary to convey his arrogance and disgust at the world, but after the first few remarks it got silly.