Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Some creepy things are happening in the city, could Bishiop be involved?

    this was a good episode, very creepy and chilling. Loved the way the ticks dropped on the floor the way they did. the animation was great and the scenes with decaying body of Bishop made me raise an eyebrow. It was pretty graphic, and very ballsey of a cartoon. I particulary enjoyed the Bishop/Baxter interaction. They do seem to have a better working relationship with one another than Baxter did with Shredder. Ans it seems that Bishop actually values Baxter, which was cool. By the way Bishop is such a badass! I loved when Baxter was sturtering out excuses about theories, and Bishop tells him in that very calm, cold voice "give me your favorite", was so great!

    I for one was felt very sorry for Donatello in this episode, he seems to have taken the loss of his lab and findings very hard. My heart went out to him. I thought Raphael's comment about him being cranky in the beginning was very astute. This was really a Donatello episode. This guy is forever getting the short end of the stick. Oh, and it was nice to see Leonardo take a back seat in this eppy. And Reaphael had me on the floor laughing, for some reason, Especially with his "Yeah, Thats right! You better run away!" to that bug. And is it me or did that shot of the sewer gate with the water trickling out of its openings remind you of the classic cartoons famous sewer gate opening?
  • This episode is a precursor of what of what is yet to come.

    This episode show why bishop is out to defend humanity from extraterrestrial threat, and it explains his longevity and why his body is constantly breaking down at a fantastic rate, this problem is solved when bishop gets a new body that "May not be your first cloned body but it will certainly be your best". But the problems for bishop are just developing, his aliens invading the New York ruse is finally catching up to him as the remaining genetic material starts mutating the creatures of New York. Bishop will not have this and he must stop this before anyone realizes its true nature and tracks it back to his work. This episode is just a precursor off what is yet to come. Also note that Agent Bishop looks a lot like Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report.
    What’s next for Bishop, a segment about the top five threats in America?