Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 16

Prodigal Son

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 11, 2006 on FOX

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  • Karai and Leonardo finally have their show down after their bitter depature after the exile of her father the Shredder.

    Very good episode I enjoyed it. I loved hearing Leonardo speak in his normal sounding voice. I got a little fan girlish with that. I thought the way the turtles escaped was a little predictable, but clever. I espeically loved the way Donatello and Splinter escaped. Michaelangelo and Klunks escape was decent. Raphael's made me go WTF , how did the foot guys miss him going out the back end of the van? Maybe the foot have tunnel vision or somthing.

    I don't know how Mikey hurt his leg . When Leonardo found him, he seemed to be a bit injured because he had to support him to walk, which struck me as a bit odd because when they showed him escaping he didn't appear to have hurt him self at all. Oh I LOVED that little exchange between Leonardo and Klunk, I loved how Klunk got all fierce alley cat on him protecting his master. Its so rare that you see the other turtles pay any attention to Klunk, I was smiling . You know after how Leonardo took out everything so easily, I thought it would have been a nice dose of comedy if Klunk had attacked Leonardo and try to claw him. That would have been funny, Leonardo getting mauled by a little fur ball of a kitten Maybe you guys wouldn't be **** so much right now And was it a little predicable that Leonardo found Raphael last, I thought we were going to have some Raphael and Leonardo brotherly moment, but it didn't go that way. Was I the only one that thought that Raphael sounded a bit hoarse the entire episode. Like his voice actor had a cold or something? I giggled when Raphael came in and acted like a cool cat, and brushed off Donatello's enthusiasm LOL.

    Karai bugs me, but I did like that CEO bussiness skirt suit she was sporting in this episode. Very Liberated woman like. I liked the fight with Leonardo and Karia, but I thought it was a bit rushed. Nice badass move Leonardo did to the Shredder statue, but I thought it was a little insencitive and I actaully felt a pang of sympathy for Karai when she looked at his head. If some one had beheaded a statue of my deceased father I think I would have been undone . And this is coming from some one who hates Karai My biggest question/gripe was, just how long where the turtles seperated for? When the Ancient One had that premonition the turtles lair was getting attacked, and Leonardo was still in Japan. And then after every one is scattered Leonardo is jumping off the boat and goes looking for them. How long did it take to sail from Japan into New York's harbor? Just a few days? I got the empression that the turtles where sepreted for just a few days. It should have taken months to get back to the states. How long did that boat trip last? What was it magic? That was a serious passage of time dysfuntion on the writters part!
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