Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

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  • This is a crummy re-make of the masterful 1980's-1990's TMNT verison, (which it's better.)

    My 14th review after the "Animanaiacs".

    Ugh... A crushing dissapointment. This is not anything like the Original 1980's-1990's TMNT. it's all darkish grim, and not enough humor. The video game for the PS2 was pretty crushingly unorignal, It wasn't anything like the Original 1980's-1990's TMNT video games that was also published and Devoplped by konami!!!!!!
    It was more like a crummy THQ game or a crummy Electronic Arts game. Now the grade, This cartoon is ONLY gonna get a D.
    Now the Results:

    Voice-acting: C+ 6.7/10.0 Fair, but Diffrent. That's all I have to say.

    Animation: B- 7.8/10.0 Decent Anime Animation, but lackly not enough colors added to this crummy re-make.

    Grapihcs: B 7.4/10.0 Decent Grapihcs matched with the animation but there's some Illusion Dectectsions.

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 The script's too much actiony, but there's not enough humor.

    Sound: C 6.4/10.0 Too much action and rock n roll music, not enough genres for it.

    Lasting Appeal: D 4.6/10.0 Once again, Not like the original 1980's-1990's TMNT version.

    Overall D 5.5/10.0 This is such a crummy remake of the original why could'nt they just make new epiosdes of the Original series before giving them a new look and series?!?!
    That's all I have to say for now.
  • Used to be very good.......

    Ok,this used to be the only thing that was even REMOTELY watchable from 4kids(Don't get me started on the One Piece and Sonic X dubs)I quite enjoyed it,that was,untill I realized they turned it into to Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles:Fast Forward becuase Playmates Toys and 4kids wanted more stupid merchandising rights.They did a good enough job with the show before they turned it into Fast Forward.The animation was good,the voice acting was decent,and I quite liked it.And now,it's corrupting millions of children into buying their stupid toylines that come out of their shows.I'm one of the smart ones he didn't corrupt(though I was corrupted I did not know of the terrible thing Kahn did)If it wasn't for tv.com I wouldve been another one of those mindless zombies at that a*swipes command
  • If I could ever meet the person who thought of this...I would give him/her a big hug!!!!!!!!!

    Omgggggg...after seeing the movie TMNT...I still love this show! I've been watching this show ever since it came on air! I have seen ever epizoide at least 50,000 times!!! Ekkk death to the people who hate this show....I f-in love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...1,2,3,4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! lol
  • This is an amazing show that follows the original comic books instead of cheesy jokes and childish humor. I LOVE IT.

    This is an amazing show that follows the original comic books instead of cheesy jokes and childish humor. I LOVE IT.

    I started reading Eastman and Laird's TMNT comics starting from volume 1 and then shortly after found this show. It adheres to the real story very well. Even included the fugitoid story! I was amazed and pleased that this wasn't just another attempt to childify the comics avoiding any hint at death or bad nature. I absolutely adore this cartoon.
  • Four ordinary turtles was bath in ooze turning them into lean mean fighting ninjas.

    This is not the hero in the half shell you use watch. This series follow the original Mirage studio comics by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird; the two authors might not had been impress with the 1987 cartoon due to the fact it wasn't anything like their creation. This new series show what the orignal series lacked; the series show hints of developement with the characters. Leo is a skillfull and honor ninja, Ralph is a hot head, Don still does machine, Mikey is a joker and annoying.
    April is not reporter, Casey got a bigger role. Not to mention a more menacing Shedder, but yet some didn't like the idea of him being a evil utrom.

    The good, Lot of action, Fans of the comics will like it.
    Good comic based stoylines. Character development.

    The Bad, Criticism from 1987 TMNT fans.
  • Hey, aren't turtles supposed to be slow? Yeah, I thought so. Not my cup of tea.

    Lame catch phrases and corny lines, nope its not Hollywood actors, it's the return of the teenage ninja turtles, except for some reason, "MUTANT" has been added to it. ;) After the hit 1980s cartoon and comic series, WB decided to bring a show back, and with more success by many people then most of their new shows. Too me, it was too cheesey and corny, and just overall lame. It could use work, unless you like jumbled phrases. ASnimation was fin and plots, okay. Nothing stellar from this series. The 6 rating, because I'm not fond of it, nor the lines.
  • I love this show!It's real good.

    This show is really good.Lot's of action,good storyline,and good animation.I think a lot of people would like this show.I always go to the site to check on episodes, since there are always new ones.I like to figure what happens in seasons 3-5 cause i have only watched the first and second season. I can't watch anymore because i am in China.I want the show to continue onto a sixth season.I hope it will. The show's great in everything! My favorite show.It would make me even happier to go to a seventh season.I just hope they do not dry up on idea's.
  • Mutant Turtles bashing everyhting in their way : what more could you want?

    A show that is definitely worth watching. The old version was bette rthuogh but the new twists and turns make up for it and it is good that the true roots are finally revealed on TV. The show creates plenty of mystery initially and as it turns out the turtles become much larger heroes than was previously realized. Master Splinter is given a greater personlaity and fighting space and the new enemies are definitely not your average stereotypes. the nature of the true shredder is revealed. People get to die and cool ninja moves can always be expected from every episode.
  • pretty good.

    TMNT is a pretty good show.Being a HUGE hit during 1987 and still being a hit today with the new storyline.They brought back some old enemies and made some new ones as well.The fast foward season was a strange plot twist though.It made it even more interesting to me.I hope there are other people out there who feel the way i do about this show.And maybe some of you don't.Well,oh well.Your loss people.I have to reccomend this show to anyone who likes some action,and some comedy in an animated tv show.Well um... goodbye everybody^^ summary by the user animefantothema
  • Though true to the comics, it does not have what the original 1987 cartoon had.

    (NOTE: This is a review for Seasons 1-4 and the \\\"Lost Season\\\". Fast Forward refrences are not in here. Please know that.)

    In 1987, they had made and aired a TMNT cartoon and took it off the air on November 2, 1996. Though it was more family-friendly than the comics, it was great. The 2003 show, well, it does stay true to the comics, but it doesn\\\'t really give us the fun we had with the old cartoon.

    Animation/Video Quality - 9 out of 10: Overall, this show looks quite nice. The style feels dark and mature like the comics. The characters look great, the environments look gritty, and the fight scenes also look nice. But, where are the pupils on the turtles? I know this isn\\\'t important, but come on. The 1987 show had it, the live-actions movies had it, even the new CG movie coming out is getting them. Come on, 4Kids. Get with the times.

    Audio - 7 out of 10: Episode music and sound effects sound nice, but the theme song is less exciting then the 1987 cartoon. That was the main reason why you got up so early in the morning, because most theme songs put you to sleep. Sure, the 4th season had a more catchy one, but they need serious changes. The voices, on the other hand, are mixed. Some, like Casey Jones and Splinter, fit them perfectly. Others, like the Turtles, sound OK or terrible.

    Entertainment - 7 out of 10: The dark themes, plot, and great action sequences in the show truly makes this the most violent Fox Saturday morning cartoon yet, which makes it true to the comics. Parents, don\'t worry, it\'s still approprite enough for small children to watch. The biggest complaint that the characters aren\'t as lovable (couldn\'t find a better word) as the 1987 show. True, some of the new traits (such as a more brotherly bond) are great, but they never take the time to let the viewers get to know the characters, you don\'t feel attached to them. If they are sad, you don\'t feel sad for them because you don\'t feel for them.

    Overall - 8 out of 10: The gritty feel, action, plot, and animation really make this true to the comic, but they really screwed it up with the theme song, voices, and character developments.
  • It's cool

    What can I say? It follows the comics which I haven't read so therefore people here don't like me. 4Kids has it and their voice actors are the best. I watched the old version when I was little, then got into Next Mutation (which the comic fans despise, which makes them even more rude to me). It's too bad cuz I really liked V. Anyway, I'm getting kind of sick of it. After defeating the Shredder, it's just anti-climactic after that. My favorite saga was the Daimyo's Son/Draco incident.
  • TMNT, COME ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, TMNT was way past its time as no one cared about fighting turtles liked they did in the action figure generation. I did like the attempt to bring back the show,as that makes the original version a classic in itself. However, first of all, they added new, sckish characters to the show. Why did the turtles need a muscle head to help them battle, looked like they were doing fine by themselves. Also, what was up with the minion of the brain and Shredder. AS I recall, they didnt even call them by their real names. What happened to the old group of minion they had, they would have went perfect. Most importantly, they screwed up the names of the turtles, don't know why though. So until someone comes up with a decent newer version of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, the show should remain in the classics vault.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have returned, bringing back old memories for fans of the original show, while giving both the old and the new generations a taste of the Turtles the way they were meant to be seen on T.V.

    Around the late 1980's, a new kids cartoon show came out. Unlike so many other kids cartoon shows, however, it did not fade into complete obscurity (although it did admittidly fade out quite a bit), but it lived on in the hearts of those who watched it. That show was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After several years, the show recieved a complete makeover. The end result? A new show that is, in its own way, just as good as the original, especially since it has its own unique flavor that prevents it from being viewed as a cheap knock-off. However, in order to appreciate that unique flavor, you have to compare the new TMNT to a certain extent to the old TMNT. The old TMNT were ultimately little more than jesters who knew some basic fighting skills. You never really got quite as involved as you could have in the story because it was of no real consequence. There was no real linking of the storylines between the episodes, but that was of no real importance because you liked the characters and they made you laugh. In an ironic twist, the show's weakness in its overfocus on comedy and ridiculousness was what made the old TMNT such a memorable show. So it was unavoidable to see the reluctance toward the shift in the new show's focus toward what the old show was lacking. In the end though, this change was probably for the better.
    The New TMNT features a heavier focus on storytelling and action and a lighter dose of comedy. This works in the show's favor as it keeps you coming back to find out exactly what is going to happen next (especially in the later seasons). The personalities of the main characters are essentially unchanged, which is a very good thing since the new storytelling/action focus allows for the characters themselves to be explored more thoroughly. The stories themselves are filled with just the right dose of action and dialog to keep you interested and coming back for more. However, just like its predecessor, the show's greatest strengths come back to form its greatest weakness. In this shows case, it is the darker tones and lack of lightheartedness that might leave some parents and fans of the old show a little skeptical.
    Overall though, the good outweighs the bad when it comes to this show (and its ancestor), making it a worthwhile viewing choice to those who are (older) kids or who still feel like kids on the inside. So if you fall into either of these categories, give this show a try. Just try to find a synopsis of the episodes you have missed. There is a surprisingly good chance you will need it.
  • its good

    the tv show teenage mutant ninja turtles (tmnt) is the best every episode i watch keeps getting better and better. i am loving teenage mutant ninja turtles fast forward because they have got the best ninja weapons of th world in the future and there are loads of good enemies like in the first episode the ghost people and in the second episode those bird creatures. i think they should never stop making teenage mutant ninja turtles episodes i think they should go up to season 20 because it would be really good i will never stop watching teenage mutant ninja turtles
  • PIECE OF CRAP! How dare they change the ORIGINAL TMNT\'s from their 1990\'s cheesy animated goodness!

    This show really IS unoriginal. They've already DONE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I grew up watching it, and it was good while it lasted, but it went off. Don't rehash it for Godsake!

    This new version really SUCKS from the one I grew up with. Yeah, maybe I AM a decade older than the target audience, and the ones that grew up with it tend to be judgemental on new verisons, but this just plain out right sucks! Come on! Leave a dead classic to rest in peace!

    I'll take the 1990's TMNT over this crap any day. -gets stabbed by angry fans- Hey, it's my opinion, not yours, and no amount of flaming will change my mind.
  • this show rocks! it my all time favorites!!!!

    its not like i dont like the older ones but this one only has a lower review because some person did about 10 review that are 10.0 so the older one would have a higher standard. and they did a horrible reveiw on this show even though it is really good. if they have seen all the episodes or even one then they should know that this show is really good and they need to give it more credit than its givin. this show is really good and theirs just some rude people who cheated and reviewed the older shows so much that it would have a high review. so they are being very unreasonable. this show is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Better then the original cartoon, and one of my top favorite animated series, read this to see why I like it so much.

    I've been a Ninja Turtles fan for years and I still am. I loved the original cartoon but the new one is way better, it's a lot closer to the original comics then the first series was and yet keeps a lot of the qualities of the first one too with a good mix of action and humor. I also like this because to me, it seems to contain more action then the first and adventures that were just as good and bizarre (In a good way) as the first series as well.

    Also the fact this show is actually true to the comics unlike the past animated series which had too many different things making it stray really far from the comics, and sometimes it was usually more humor then action, there just wasn't much of it in the classic series most of the time unlike what you get in the current series which makes it much better. Also from what I checked, I don't think Mirage Studios was involved in the past series, they don't even own the rights to the past series, the rights to that series are to Fred Wolf Films. The New series however is owned by both 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios so in this one they are involved, (Not saying that the classic series was bad, I did and still do like it.)

    So far compareing them, the previous series was more cartoony and kiddish (which is fine for it's targeted age group) but the new one gives more for people of other ages too yet still gives a good amount of humor as the past series too especially with the comedic characters like Michaelangelo and Casey Jones, even Splinter gives some laughs every now and then, yet has more realisam then the previous series and is full of kick butt action and stull that gives the series and great sence of danger to make it more thrilling.

    Another thing, since this is how the Turtles were more like in the original comics, this show is more the TRUE classic original versions then the previous one, If you like kiddish thing more then teen or adult things then I would recommend you stick to the classic series and buy it on DVD.

    So far I have been disappointed with a lot of edited anime from 4kids (Mainly Sonic X) cause of how they were trying to make it more kid friendly with their targeted age group, but this series while still stuck on some standards goes a lot ferther then a lot of the anime they have after it's been edited, this series shows a lot of darkness and very extreme battle action too that I don't get these days, for a show from 4kids, I never expected to get stuff that goes this far from them so compeared to a lot of other things, I couldn't be more pleased, one of the FEW and possibly ONLY good things from 4Kids.

    Don't hate this because this isn't the series you remember, if you really are a Ninja Turtles fan then you will love this series too for it being truer to the original turtles then the first series.

    These reasons are why this is one of my top favorite Animated series.
  • I have always love T.M.N.T. since I watched the 1987 classic. I miss the old series but the new is so much like the comics (minus the gore) that I\'m addicted.

    Must see tv. Have enjoyed most of the episodes since it first went to air (in australia) in 2004. Some of them seemed to be ripped straight from the comic book pages I read when I was a young boy. Leo is a whole lot more seroius in this one, Raph is more mean. Don is brainer and Mikey is just so funny. Master Splinter is wiser and Shredder has a daughter. Strange huh. Like the comics the utroms exist and have their exoskeltons but unlike the comics the Shredder didn\'t send a fake one to fight the turtles the first time. mmmm
  • Wow, this show rocks! As a teenage girl I am a proud TMNT fan. Why?

    I first saw this show a few years ago. At the time I had only seen commercials and to be honest, I thought it looked pretty stupid. One day, I ended up watching it when I was bored. The result? I've been hooked ever since.

    The show has a way for hooking you in. The story lines are well written and the animation is amazing. Some episodes can make you laugh out loud while others can make you cry. The voice acting is superb as well.

    I ask you, what more could you ask for in a cartoon? The characters are well written, their voices suit them, their world is so different and unbelievable. A few people I know don't like the show, but they've never seen it. One thing is certain; You can't judge it by the commercials! This is, without a doubt, my favourite cartoon ever, and it's going to stay that way.
  • Overall the TMNT (2003) series is well drawn and has better voice actors than the original, some things are annoying.

    The fact that the show reverts to letterbox to emphasize a dramatic scene becomes old after a while, seeing as it reverts to it at least 5 times per episode. The show would be better off if it didn’t revert to letterbox quite so frequently. Also another thing that ticks me off about this series is that Shredder is not really a human, which was the best part of the story line. Shredder is Splinter’s master’s rival and not just an alien that posed as a human. Plus Splinter should be brown instead of gray, that’s just odd.
  • Turtles

    It is very great animation. I every times like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becose i like ninjas. Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo all of them are so cool ninjas. Best is Leonardo he use a very cool weapons its Katanas one of the best ninjas weapon. There is many seasons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They all about adventures they go and fight allways with new enemyslike robots, mutants and peoples. I like Shredder too becose he is cool samurai and bad samurai without any honnour anly killing and destruction. He says that He fight to win and that real true.
  • Now this is TURTLE POWER!!!!

    This is show is as close to the original comic as Kids Tv will allow in this day and age, and country!! The Ninja Turtles were not the fun cutsie, green , party kids in the 80\'s series. The Comic was a pretty dayum gritty and rough!! Grant it, I still hold much love for the original TV series, do not get me wrong. BUT, this new version is the $#*+ !!!!! Back in the day, Parent groups screamed, the turtles are too violent, they wanted violent..read the comic!! I sitll have several issues!! The New series goes back to the comics roots, which I just LOOOOVE!!! They still have their wise cracks and fun loving persona, especially Mikey. BUT...their is a hardcore presence of action in this versionwhichy is very well balance with the story lines. Which I may add, always have a unique twist!! So...to all the haters out there who think the original is the greatest, and the newest is whacked. Go to your local Bookstore or comic book store, or online...and take a look at the MIRAGE comic, you will NEVER see the turtles the same way again. =)

    PS..updated a link for all the Haaters to witness the true ninja Turtles story, and end this madness forever. =)

  • I like this show. My favorite episode is SHREDDER STRIKES BACK PART 2. Unlike the old show, this show is dark, mean, the turtles actually stay in the shadows. Also, the hip, cool, out of site teenage mutant ninja turtle, Michaelangelo, curses in the episo

    This show rocks! I love it. You can check out more about this show on the Fox Box. Or now it's called 4kids TV. This is probably one of the top ten coolest shows on TV right now. I'd probably rate this super cool show 9.1 and that is pretty high. For some nuckle bashing, ninja clashing, super cool shell action tune to 4kids TV on every saturday at 10:30 in the morning. There is also serious butt-kicking ninja action on cartoon network on Saturdays at 5:00 in the morning. Or you can also buy some great VHS or DVD like "THE ULTIMATE NINJA", "SECRET ORIGINS", "CROC ATTACK". Or some DVD like "SHREDDER'S FINAL COUNTDOWN", "THE BATTLE NEXUS"(my personal favorite), "ALIEN INVASION". And bring back the old times with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VOLUME ONE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VOLUME TWO, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VOLUME THREE (part one), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VOLUME THREE (part two).
  • This is a response to the chemist in the trivia section. But we aren\'t level twos or whatever that flobbernogging crap is.

    Okay. While it is true that water needs dissolved ions to conduct electricity, chances are that sewer water would have the available ions. The only water that would have none is distilled water. While normal tap isn\'t enough to conduct, chances are that sewer water would have plenty have ions and would be definitely able to conduct electricity. We suggest you stand in some sewer water during a thunderstorm and tell us how it works out. Learn your dissociation principles, you obviously unintelligent ball-scratcher.
    To fill up 100 words: Ahem: Umbrella. Umbrella.
    Youse a gardening window-box.

    We Out.

  • Great show! Hope it will NEVER end!!!!!

    I love this show! I didn\'t watch much of the \'80\'s version of the show, but I still think that this show KICKS BUTT! No doubt about it! This is the best show EVER! I hope that the creators of TMNT, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, never want to end this show so soon with everyone enjoying it so much! This is one of the BEST shows on television ever! I hope this show keeps going on for another 5 seasons or so. I don\'t know about you...but the Turtles are the BEST butt-kickin\' crimefighters in the entire world, dudes!!!
  • A superb remake of a fine show

    I must admit i was quite a fan of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles series, and really liked the idea of mutant turtles, ninja enemies and even alien brains.
    However, this series is much, much better. Firstly, the animation style is way better, not to mention the voices. Every turtles now has a well defined personality, better than that in the old series.
    Also, the storyline if better, April being a scientist, Shredder and alien and introducing new characters like Hun or Stockman.
    I love the episodes where Shredder appears, because they are action packed, but not the lame ones, such as A tale of Leo, only put there to fill a week.
    Anyway, overall, a very good show, a superb remake and...keep them episodes coming.
  • One of the best action cartoons thats now an anime

    This show is a little close to the comic than anything else ,they had to do a little cut and add for the kid based 4kids tv network..... but its still 100% better than the original cartoon from the 80's and 90's cartoon that was no where near the comic and it was just plain awful if you ask me , this new version has story driven plots good action sence, better voise overs, and charater develepment, its nice to see its still on since most american based cartoons on network tv (4kids tv is part of the fox network) gets the ax after only one season unless its anime, its nice to see them back on done better its to bad they couldn't go with the darker tone of the comics but i'm not complaing its still really good I'm a hudge fan and can't wait for next season. I recommend it.
  • This show is WIKID KOOL!!

    Excuse my bad spelling, that's just me.
    OMG I LOVE this show! It has good plot, animation and characters and it is so funny! All the characters are different, there are no stereotypes anywhere! Even the villains aren't just go out there and destroy stuff type people. How does one create such a good show? It will be remembered for years to come!
    And the best bit is, it's not aimed at little kiddies! Don't you hate those shows that are all so goody goody? Where's the action? The Suspense! THE HUMOUR!!! I beleive that they created this show with more young adults and adults in mind then children.
  • this show sucks they couldnt wear bandanas over their eyes becouse it was gang related besides the old one ruled

    i cant put into word how lame they made the ninja turtles they used to be awsome but now they are just lame i mean they cant have the bandanas just over their eyes becouse of gang relation its a cartoon what kind of crap is that dont get me wrong i love ninja turtels its just that its a bunch of crap how they do this to cartoons oh i know why dont they change the name of justice league back to super freinds becouse league insists that there is some sort of gang relation thats crap just crap or i have a better idea lets just change every cartoon into a rip off of blues clues
  • what can I say? I knew it would be back someday.

    After my all time favorite childhood cartoon ended, I was devastated. I always hoped that it would come back someday, and it has! This is a darker, more exciting version of the original, which I find just as fun to watch, if not more so. I'm just so thrilled to see my favorite little green men back in action. Once this cartoon is over (let's pray that time is far, far away) I don't know what I'll do. Let's all give a big cheer for the teenage mutant ninja turtles! Turtle power! (thankfully there's no more, or at least much less, 'cowabunga'!)
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