Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

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  • More Ninja Turtles???!!!!!! My interest is peaked!

    The old show was flawless. Just flawless. But as you watched it, you sigh, "If the graphics were better, this show would be the best." Well in February 2003, I got my wish! Ninja Turtles of the new millennium may not have the best plotline, but it has the action to back it up! One, two, three, four, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!
  • It's a good darker version of the original.

    It is good, but I happen to prefer the original version. I don't know why. Maybe coz I grew up with it. But still, this one had things going for it! It was like a darker version of the original and the Turtles had quite different personalities. A bit angsty though...
    The Shreddar also had a different design. It was okay, but could have been better.
    This ain't bad! At least you can enjoy it without having to hear annoying diologue like some of the other shows on today!
  • Perhaps my favorite animated show ever!

    This is the TMNT that's true to the roots! Nice action, voice acting, quite a touch of darkness added, and nice storylines! This new series is the yang to the classic's yin, there's really no comparing the two. This way, it all comes down to if you like a well-rounded cartoon that can play dirty when needed or one that's easy and you can lay back to. Well, for someone my age, it's time I jumped on the bandwagon and settled for the more mature version. I wouldn't be surprised if this lasts as long as the old series if not longer! Those who can't leave the old series and enjoy this new one...well, they're loss!

  • An excellent adaptation of the original comics! The onlything holding it back is 4kids.

    While I grew up watching the campy 80's TMNT, I always had wished they made one closer to the the darker comic book counterparts, Well it took em long enough!

    Despite being a 4kids show this is pretty good, It's not anime, the action is gritty, without going over the top, the characters are deeper, the voice acting is good, and the plots just the right blend of self-contained episodes, and continuing story arcs.

    This is one of the few cartoons that is on Saturday mornings that both me and my two sons can enjoy together, in an age where they take 80s classics, and destory them by turning them into some bastardised crap, it's refreshing to see someone treat a classic franchise with the respect it deserves.

    Now if they could only shake 4kids....
  • Better and Badder than the Original!

    The newer series involves a lot changes, the turtles have more individuality. They are colored differently, like they have always been in all of their toys. (When TMNT came out with their toy line back in the '80s the turtles where shaded in different greens, most noticeable was Dons brownish tone). Leo exhibits more of his interest in becoming a true ninja more than the rest. Raph has more attitude and is show more of the team muscle. Mikie is shown as more of a comic relief with sometimes more than usual odd personality traits. He’s often most prone to knocked down then the rest, and isnt as skilled w/ his nunchukes as like he was in the original animated series. Don his more of a genius w/ gagets and computers. Thanks to today’s in vast range of technology and influences, it allows Don to be more of a detailed character than ever before. The darker animation was inspired by the (90s FOX kid’s) Batman Animated Series "black background set up. Its more detailed and shows the characters (especially the turtles) more muscular. The costume assessments for the turtles are a bit more appropriate too. The turtles actually wear their weapons all of the time so it wont look like when its time for them to fight a "Power Ranger" tick, (when they pull out their weapons form out of the clear blue sky). However I don’t like how April O'neal is portrayed in this series, because it makes her seem like a social misfit her personality seems a little dry at times, her career isn't as glamorous as in the old series because she's more of a greek than a beauty like her old series (she was a very attractive news star reporter in the old series and when the new show first began she was some kind of chemist or computer greek until her boss turned out to be a crook and she lost her job and opened an antique shop). On the newer series her skin is pale and her outfit that she wears looks a bit played out. Casey Jones is a bit less aggressive, and actually is shown as a temperamental man with hockey sticks not a symbol of mysteriousness who hides behind a mask like in the old series. He’s a great ally to the turtles. Splinter is wiser and more creative and has a lot to offer as a teacher in the art of Ninjety. He also has a few hidden dark secrets in the past which makes him a more interesting character now. The fact that hes actually a rat, not just a genetic mutuation of a man turned rat makes him somewhat of a more believable character. Shredder is quite an interesting character; it seems like theres no getting rid of him or her from this series. This character has become one to be feared and not taken lightly. This newer version of the animated series opens the doors to endless possibilities, and a long running television series.
  • 10.0


    this show is the best history of the ninja turtles since I was a child. this show give to all of us something new in the history of the ninja turtles, I never expect the turtles will be back after a lot of years of fame I hope the turtles will last for a long time
    excellent show
  • Finally, the Turtles are back to how they should be.

    I was annoyed by the old cartoon show, the 1987 TMNT cartoon, so I needed some persuasion on my own part to make me watch this one. Turns out it was a good thing I didn't try to judge it by the title. This time they got it right, it's the Turtles alright. Not those teenage wanna-be fighters of the old cartoon series with unlogical and, to be honest, boring enemies. This time they are MIRAGE style. It's too bad that this show is seen as a show for children because that's not what it is. It is a show for every fan of the Turtles, especially those who liked the MIRAGE comics. Definitly worth watching.
  • This show is the best cartoon ever made.

    Hats off to Peter Laird and the creators of TMNT. This show is now one of 4Kids Tv's longest running shows and is dark, funny, original and is so much better than the 1980's and '90s show. The characters are more fleshed out. Shredder is an Utrom. He has a daughter Karai. The purple dragons are awesome bad guys. The turtles have their own personalities. There is plenty of darkness and hapiness. It's just overall a great show, cartoon or otherwise.
  • TMNT was the show that started my love of superheros! Ever I've been watching the show since I was 5, and I still do. I learned that its so classic that my teacher even watched it!

    I really like this show a a pretty big fan. I watched it when I was 5 and I still do. Its a bit like X-men, with mutants ands such but kinda better. They're turtles, that dress like ninjas, and fight evil for crying out loud! Whats not to like?
  • I have been a fan of turtles for ages.

    I grew up watching the orignal turtles and although some things have changed in this new version, well actually a lot has changed, I am just happy to have the turtles back. Its always nice to see them back in their game dealing with the shredder and other evil menances.
  • Have a glance at the main page!

    This show RULES!!! They have successfully captured each character without making them a mere characture. They also make wonderful use of comedic relief! I absolutely love the selective placing of the word 'shell' so the show can skate just to the left of the rules ;) This show is a perfect blend of action, drama, comedy and "kiddy" moments!
  • The Turtles as they were meant to be...

    This show is very well written and executed. The writers were smart to use the original Mirage story arcs as the basis for the series. It isn't overly childish, or too adult. It seems to balance itself well in the range everyone can enjoy. The animation and voice casting are near perfect, and the addition of season (and series) spanning plots and subplots make this show worth watching every week. My only complaint really, is the annoying theme song.
  • This is best show have ever displayed. This Alternate Universe brings out the best fights & show it how its done. The Ninja Turtles are back & better than ever. They fought off the toughest villains throughout the series. The series just get better & bett

    This is the best show have ever displayed. This Alternate Universe brings out the best fights & show it how its done. The Ninja Turtles are back & better than ever. They fought off the toughest villains throughout the series. The series will bring more the epic battles between good vs. evil.
  • Could be better but hey it's still good.

    While I do agree that it could be better, this is still a very good show. Now I personally don't think it's as good as the 80's version of the show but that's the one I grew up with, and we all know nothing is as good as when you're a kid. This incarnation of the series is supposed to take on a darker tone than the preivous, so the "fun loving" turtles will just have to be found in the old VHS tapes and the DVD's as they come out. You won't find them here. What you will find is a Ninja Turtles cartoon that is a little more closely tied to the original comics which is perfectly fine with me and will not ruin the old show or this new version for me.
  • This show keeps getting better.

    When I first heard that there was going to be a new series for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I had mixed feelings. I decided to give this show a chance, and it turned out to be better than I thought. There are certain parts about this series that is better than the one before, such as the Shredder being an alien, and Mike (my favorite turtle) becoming the Battle Nexus Champion (possibly the best fighting turtle as well). Each Season seemed to put the show on a newer and higher level that it was previously. I hope this show continues for sometime. Long live Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  • I always knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would return. After all nine seasons of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to an end. I never give up. This series is a little more darker than the early series. It reminds me of X-men show in the 1992. Tur

    I always knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would return. After all nine seasons of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to an end. I never give up. This series is a little more darker than the early series. It reminds me of X-men show in the 1992. Turtle power, dudes.
  • Excellent show with an excellent story line.

    Excellent show! Good cast. Perfect Animation. This show is all dat. I like all of the episodes
    but four or five we don't need. This show keeps
    you guessing each episode. They should make a movie about this cuz it needs one. That'd be the
    best thing for this show. (Oh and those 1-2 minute shorts are funny).
  • Gone and now back!!

    TMNT was huge in the 90's, from it's cartoon show to the movies to the action figures. Now TMNT has been retooled and is just as good if not better then the original series. The drawings are amazing. The storylines for the most part are very original and also compliment the comicbooks nicely. Another every Saturday show for me.. :)
  • Following the Mirage Studios original comics is the TMNT Millenium series.

    I was more into the original Turtles at the time. Y'know, the ones from the 80s that started the pizza craze? Well, after renting the film I begin to look into the new version a bit more and now I am hooked, line and sinker. It maybe darker then the kiddie version, but I give it props for great writing!
  • Four turtle brothers, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and their Master Splinter prepare each day for the battles of tomorrow. The looming menace of The Shredder, along with many others, puts the family through trials and hardships that really

    I really must admit that I didn't expect the Ninja Turtles to return. It's always been a great show, but the first version didn't grab as much attention as it probably should have. I greatly compliment the writers and producers for bringing this show back. There was absolutely no dropoff at all, only improvement. Michelangelo is back comical as ever, Raphael has the same amount of seriousness, Donatello didn't lose a cell of his brains, and Leo still has great determination intact. The look of the show is more polished, voice acting is excellent, and this has brought back everything that a traditional Turtle fan knows and loves.
  • What a GREAT!!!! ninjitsu action...........

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles is a great series. It has a lot of great action that is full of BUTT KICKING!!! It has a lot of ninjitsu action and a lot of problems that the turtles must face. Teenage mutant ninja turtles is talking about four turtles who mutated into big turtles that can talk. These turtles face a lot of problems. Some of there problems that there is a professor that makes machine cats that destroys the turtles home. Other of there problems that they face a man named shredder who is evil. Shredder wants to conquer the world with his foot ninjas. Each time they faced shredder they defeated him and think that he died but he returns miraculesly. So these turtles have a lot of problems to resolve so watch it cause it's full of great action.
  • A new group of Ninja Turtles for today's audience, quit comparing it to something made for the 80's audience.

    I grew up watching the old ninja turtles cartoon, although it slowly faded from memory as the years went by. I saw various different incarnations from the movies to "The next mutation", but I must admit this is my favorite incarnation as of yet.

    The action and comedy are on par with one another, and provide decent entertainment to the audience. Occasionally, valid information on Bushido, samurai and japanese history is sneaked in, an added bonus. 2000-based humor seems to work oddly well with this concept, as displayed by Michaelangelo. The concept of aliens involved also makes the concept of the Shredder more interesting than before.

    Don't be biased if you're a fan of the old show, give it a shot.
  • I can't complain.

    This is an alright show. I really could not say that it is anywhere as good as the original one but it has that turtle feeling. The personalities of the turtles are the same and their loving for pizza and other things but still. I guess I find the classic one to be better because it started it all and it was huge at the time. This newer ninja turtle show is like modern day cartoons so theres really nothing I can say about it. I hope they show reruns of the classic soon the DVDs are helping though. Heroes in a half shell where are you?
  • Great Show

    This is the best! This version of tmnt is the best one so far. Tnmt's cool fight scenes and funniness makes it a great show. When I first watched this, I wanted to see more of it. I can't believe anyone wouldn't like this show. This show is a must see.
  • This Newer Series is more ranged at the kid teen audience than just the kid audience... though the original series was a big huge unbeatable hit this newer series isn't doing as well as it should.

    This Newer Series is more ranged at the kid teen audience than just the kid audience... though the original series was a big huge unbeatable hit this newer series isn't doing as well as it should. it's drawn better the voices and everything fits Perfectly it's one of the most under-rated cartoons of all time and it deserves viewer attention until it's end, which hopefully will not be any time soon. so viewers watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on saturday Mornings on Fox.

    Also the series is aiming itself more at the teen age than in the previous seasons.. even though it's all good no matter what... TMNT deserves More!
  • Decent and dark, but whatever happened to the fun loving turtles?

    This show is a complete waste of time, unlike its 80s counterpart. Sure, it has Don, Leo, Raph, and Mike and they go around fighting the evil Shredder, but where's the turtles I grew up with? This show is not very interesting, nor is it any good. Sure, people probably will say that the 80s TMNT was better, because its absolutely true.

    Incredible show. Great writeing and animation. Always surprises with shocking twists and heart pounding action scenes. This is my favorite show of all time. Has very good character development and a long list of interesting charecters. Its fun to following the episodes with the comics. The comics may reveal something the show didnt and vise versa.
  • More mature than others.

    This is an anime that is more mature than any others showing in Hungary, and I bet if there would be a mature toplist it would be in the first 30. The story starts with 4 little turtles mutating into 4 big turtles... Well said :D. Mutants are a popular topic nowadays, not only in animes, for example X-Men or Spiderman or Hulk. This turns out to be an accident that was made by an "alien colony". Aliens are also popular nowadays, as there are planets discovered where lifeforms could exist, and also it was proven that water was on Mars earlier. In any means - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a very good program for any 10-18 years old person.
  • Dark, Gritty, But Wheres' The FUN?

    Funny how, as the editor, you're expecting me to praise this above the original...bottom line...I won't. I never will, and it'd surprise you why...or would'nt it?

    The reason is simple. Its' not fun.

    When the series began, I knew what we were pretty much getting, a darker, grittier Ninja Turtles, a world of more intesnity, a direction, much more accurate interpretations of the principle players, no more cameos from a deranged, yet goofy Casey Jones, and more freequernt apperances of a far more well rounded, sane vigilante with a straight goal and priorities beyond a Frank Castle approach. April O'Neil, no longer a dopey reporter for Channel Six, now once again a scietnest and technological tinkerer. Baxter black, and less of a suck-up, and Shredder...violent, cold, distanced, and who does'nt take orders from a brain...this time he literally resembles one.

    Should make for a much richer experiance than the original right? Not quite.

    The current series, as it has progrssed, I've found IS one of the better american series out there, and the best written next to Justice Leauge Unlimited...but the humour is dry, some of the mutlple story arcs have mediocre build and poor resolutions (Turtles In Space, Big Brawl, Dimensional Saga), despite the fact these all form part of a larger picture, it does not execute it in the fashion and manner that the 90s' X-Men and 90s' Spider-Man pulled off with thier side-trips during major story lines. It does not come off as a tight jigsaw to those NOT aqquainted with the comics, or hell, people who even read the comics, as a result, several arcs look out of place, and the quality of some of them truly drags down the experiance.

    The original is fun, light hearted, and an enjoyable well written series for the first three seasons, and then dips in areas, but overall maintains a charm and innocsense that noone will associate with this. Theres' nothing charming or fun about it, what it is is a gripping drama, but lets' face it...there can only be so many instances until that genre becomes passe. And we are vastly approaching a time where fun needs to brought into the balance. Teen Titans is already paving the way with this, even if its' efforts at comedy come under scrutiny.

    Make a face, drop your pants, theres' a reason the original TMNT still succeeds, and its' because it moved around its' constraints at the time with the most original characters and humour you had seen at that point.
  • The best show on Television, it's just that the only one's who know it seems to be me and a select few of others mostly ranging from the ages of five years old to eight.

    Best show on TV. Funny, animated, deals with world problems, it's getting a little sci-fi on me, but that's ok. What else do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have to do besides get sucked into adventure after adventure, each one stranger than the next. I must say I prefer the more down to earth episodes like The Shredder Strikes Back parts one and two and Tales of Leo, but this new season four looks awesome. Heck! They even redid the theme song for it. I'm crazy for the green guys. Witty dialogue and kick-butt action (animated, too, so no one was hurt in the making of this series, well...besides all the people with hand cramps from writing or drawing too much).
    Give the show a chance, unless you're afraid you might actually like it...heh heh heh... ;-)
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