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  • I am so jealous of the kids who grew up with this version

    I grew up with the "original" series. I watched it for about four seasons until it got so predictable and stupid that I got bored with it. Then a few years later, I picked up the comic book and I was PEEVED!! They sold me a wimp cartooney version. Everything was ruined. Then this version came out and holy cow. It's the version I've been waiting for. Why the hell couldn't this series have been made into a live action movie and NOT have MIchael Bay make it? I love the franchise, but seriously I only like the original material and stuff that at least plays homage to the original. I saw someone here complaining about how the turtles forever episode mocked the first series? Good. It deserved no better, and by the way, the comic book turtles referred to the turtles in this series as "sell outs" so there was plenty of ribbing to go around. I would give this series an 11 out of 10 if I could.
  • Amazing

  • One of the best shows around!

    I've been a TMNT fan before this came and after seeing this I became an even bigger TMNT fan.It also makes me want to read the comics.The animation is good, the voices fit each character exspically Mikey's (my fav), Raph's, Splinter's and April's.The plot is really good too and alot of times you'll be wondering in your mind what will happen next and if the turtles can make it out ok.This show also has a bit of its own originality such as their origin of The Shredder.The music is pretty good too.Fans of TMNT won't be disapointed in this show. ^-^
  • Probably one of the best remakes ever done! The Turtles rule in this show, proving that even in the 21st century, they're still one of the coolest teams that was ever created.

    Although the 80's version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the best cartoons ever produced. It was funny, and we had lots and lots of cool characters that interacted with both the Turtles and with the audience (the gags and jokes were hillarious). But in this new version, we get to see an alternative story of the Turtles and the way their arch-enemy, the Shredder is involved in it. The fact that we get to see new versions of most characters, like April and Casey, and the way they interact with the main storyline, gives us the feeling that these characters were originally designed for a series like this one, and not the original one, back in 1987. The voice cast is quite good, and we get a good bunch of laughs when hearing the characters interact with each others. The storyline is way darker than the original one, and most of the characters have new personalities and looks, which contributes positively to the success of the show. From the first episode, to April and Casey's wedding, this series has surprised me in all ways. Too bad it ended too soon, but at least, they went out with a really great bang, by giving us the ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. In a scale one to ten, I give it an 11.
  • This tmnt show is as good as the old one

    I must say this tmnt cartoon was done rather well.the fisrt season was good. the only thing i did not like how they made Shredder into an utrom. i really wanted to see Bebop and Rocksteady in this cartoon as well.otherwise this show had a lot of good action.i did find the whole story of the shredder confusing first hes an utrom then hes a demon and now hes a cyber life form.the back to the sewers was what got me liking this but i wish they would have continued even after nickelodean buoght the rights to the turtles. this show gets a solid 9.5 and remember its ninja time.
  • TMNT is a phenomena that was started in 80's before I just born and I believe it will continue its advancement for generations to come. Possibly with a new story, much advanced technology and much more growing-old-fans like me.

    I am a crazy fan of TMNT tv series. I have seen all the episodes of 2003 and almost every episode were really really awesome. Are there any possibilities of season 8? I would really really really really really really really to the power infinity love that. If there was any chance of revive the the TMNT 2003 series in near future please let us know.It was a good ending but it would preferable to show Cassey & April's after marriage life and the turtles life too. However its up to mirage guys to decide where I'm just a fan living thousands of miles away. TMNT is a phenomena that was started in 80's before I just born and I believe it will continue its advancement for generations to come. Possibly with a new story, much advanced technology and much more growing-old-fans like me.
  • This show is the best currently going on series.

    This show is brlliant. From the 1st episode i was hooked onto it even more than I was the original show. It is one of my top ten, and maybe 5, favorite shows. It is one of the deeper and better shows of this era. Seasons 1 through 4 were just fantastic and among the best things i have ever watched. Its great that season 5 is set to air in Spring 2008 and I'll make every effort to watch them all. Even with it slowly going downhill with these sometimes good sometimes bad fast forward episodes it wont ruin my memory of the earlier seasons. Even with tv toning it down for younger kids it is still great. If you started watching this show with fast forward and did not like it watch earlier episodes and you'll be glad you did.
  • much,much better than TMNT from 1987

    one of the best anime or what ever that is I ever watched.What could I say more than that is absolutely fabulous.Much serious than the earlier version,more action,better villain an good guys,better drawing and animation i every way is better to me than TMNT from 1987.Who disagrees let me know why
  • A much closer plot to the old comics than the old 1987 version was but even now the TMNT give us what I can say is one of my all time favorite shows.

    In my mind, superior to the 1987 show in many ways, Much closer to it's comic book heritage with it's own unique style.
    Plenty of new stories, much more action than the original but more than anything the show goes into more depth, longer and more entertaining stories, a slighty darker cartoon than what your first impression may be.
    The First season was Great, a new (and better) look great plot and we end the season on a cliffhanger with the turtles being transported through space but before all that we see great battles with the Shredder, Casey jones gets the role that he should have got in the 1987 cartoon and then we have several new bad guys like "Garbage man" and "The Purple Dragons" "Hun" and several more I meen c'mon what else do you need.

    Season two we go even further with the turtles landing on a ditant planet and end up in the middle of a Galactic war trying to save "Prof. Honeycutt", not to mention we learn that Shredder is actually an Utrom and then to end the season with The battle nexus was a stroke of genius.

    Season three showed that even after two seasons a cartoon can keep getting better, we meet Agent Bishop who try's disecting the turtles but is stopped just in time and overall becomes one of the main bad guys in the show, we also see Shredder in what would be one of his last atempts at total control over the galaxy as he is stopped once again by the TMNT.
    Whilst not my personal favorite season it still manages to keep the good times coming.

    I can't really comment on season 4 and Season 5 (Ninja Tribunal) as I have not seen all that many episoeds of them.

    Season 6 (Fast Forward) the TMNT are transported through time to the year 2105 and meet Cody Jones a decendent of Casey and April, the show took a definate turn here in my opinion whilst still enjoyable it had lost it's edge even with alot new enimies it still felt unneeded and I believe I am not the only one who will be sorry to see it go.
    It is much closer to the 1987 cartoon than any other series whils it is more funny than the last five seasons it had lost it's gripping plots and darkness which is what made TMNT 2003 so much fun to watch.

    All in all I just don't know what the producers are going to do, personally I think they should just retrace there steps and make the cartoon what it was from the first couple of seasons but even though with the recent mess up that is Fast Forward I am going to give TMNT 2003 9/10.

    Turbo 1.20
  • If I could ever meet the person who thought of this...I would give him/her a big hug!!!!!!!!!

    Omgggggg...after seeing the movie TMNT...I still love this show! I've been watching this show ever since it came on air! I have seen ever epizoide at least 50,000 times!!! Ekkk death to the people who hate this show....I f-in love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...1,2,3,4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! lol
  • This is an amazing show that follows the original comic books instead of cheesy jokes and childish humor. I LOVE IT.

    This is an amazing show that follows the original comic books instead of cheesy jokes and childish humor. I LOVE IT.

    I started reading Eastman and Laird's TMNT comics starting from volume 1 and then shortly after found this show. It adheres to the real story very well. Even included the fugitoid story! I was amazed and pleased that this wasn't just another attempt to childify the comics avoiding any hint at death or bad nature. I absolutely adore this cartoon.
  • I love this show!It's real good.

    This show is really good.Lot's of action,good storyline,and good animation.I think a lot of people would like this show.I always go to the site to check on episodes, since there are always new ones.I like to figure what happens in seasons 3-5 cause i have only watched the first and second season. I can't watch anymore because i am in China.I want the show to continue onto a sixth season.I hope it will. The show's great in everything! My favorite show.It would make me even happier to go to a seventh season.I just hope they do not dry up on idea's.
  • this show rocks! it my all time favorites!!!!

    its not like i dont like the older ones but this one only has a lower review because some person did about 10 review that are 10.0 so the older one would have a higher standard. and they did a horrible reveiw on this show even though it is really good. if they have seen all the episodes or even one then they should know that this show is really good and they need to give it more credit than its givin. this show is really good and theirs just some rude people who cheated and reviewed the older shows so much that it would have a high review. so they are being very unreasonable. this show is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Better then the original cartoon, and one of my top favorite animated series, read this to see why I like it so much.

    I've been a Ninja Turtles fan for years and I still am. I loved the original cartoon but the new one is way better, it's a lot closer to the original comics then the first series was and yet keeps a lot of the qualities of the first one too with a good mix of action and humor. I also like this because to me, it seems to contain more action then the first and adventures that were just as good and bizarre (In a good way) as the first series as well.

    Also the fact this show is actually true to the comics unlike the past animated series which had too many different things making it stray really far from the comics, and sometimes it was usually more humor then action, there just wasn't much of it in the classic series most of the time unlike what you get in the current series which makes it much better. Also from what I checked, I don't think Mirage Studios was involved in the past series, they don't even own the rights to the past series, the rights to that series are to Fred Wolf Films. The New series however is owned by both 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios so in this one they are involved, (Not saying that the classic series was bad, I did and still do like it.)

    So far compareing them, the previous series was more cartoony and kiddish (which is fine for it's targeted age group) but the new one gives more for people of other ages too yet still gives a good amount of humor as the past series too especially with the comedic characters like Michaelangelo and Casey Jones, even Splinter gives some laughs every now and then, yet has more realisam then the previous series and is full of kick butt action and stull that gives the series and great sence of danger to make it more thrilling.

    Another thing, since this is how the Turtles were more like in the original comics, this show is more the TRUE classic original versions then the previous one, If you like kiddish thing more then teen or adult things then I would recommend you stick to the classic series and buy it on DVD.

    So far I have been disappointed with a lot of edited anime from 4kids (Mainly Sonic X) cause of how they were trying to make it more kid friendly with their targeted age group, but this series while still stuck on some standards goes a lot ferther then a lot of the anime they have after it's been edited, this series shows a lot of darkness and very extreme battle action too that I don't get these days, for a show from 4kids, I never expected to get stuff that goes this far from them so compeared to a lot of other things, I couldn't be more pleased, one of the FEW and possibly ONLY good things from 4Kids.

    Don't hate this because this isn't the series you remember, if you really are a Ninja Turtles fan then you will love this series too for it being truer to the original turtles then the first series.

    These reasons are why this is one of my top favorite Animated series.
  • Wow, this show rocks! As a teenage girl I am a proud TMNT fan. Why?

    I first saw this show a few years ago. At the time I had only seen commercials and to be honest, I thought it looked pretty stupid. One day, I ended up watching it when I was bored. The result? I've been hooked ever since.

    The show has a way for hooking you in. The story lines are well written and the animation is amazing. Some episodes can make you laugh out loud while others can make you cry. The voice acting is superb as well.

    I ask you, what more could you ask for in a cartoon? The characters are well written, their voices suit them, their world is so different and unbelievable. A few people I know don't like the show, but they've never seen it. One thing is certain; You can't judge it by the commercials! This is, without a doubt, my favourite cartoon ever, and it's going to stay that way.
  • Turtles

    It is very great animation. I every times like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becose i like ninjas. Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo all of them are so cool ninjas. Best is Leonardo he use a very cool weapons its Katanas one of the best ninjas weapon. There is many seasons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They all about adventures they go and fight allways with new enemyslike robots, mutants and peoples. I like Shredder too becose he is cool samurai and bad samurai without any honnour anly killing and destruction. He says that He fight to win and that real true.
  • Now this is TURTLE POWER!!!!

    This is show is as close to the original comic as Kids Tv will allow in this day and age, and country!! The Ninja Turtles were not the fun cutsie, green , party kids in the 80\'s series. The Comic was a pretty dayum gritty and rough!! Grant it, I still hold much love for the original TV series, do not get me wrong. BUT, this new version is the $#*+ !!!!! Back in the day, Parent groups screamed, the turtles are too violent, they wanted violent..read the comic!! I sitll have several issues!! The New series goes back to the comics roots, which I just LOOOOVE!!! They still have their wise cracks and fun loving persona, especially Mikey. BUT...their is a hardcore presence of action in this versionwhichy is very well balance with the story lines. Which I may add, always have a unique twist!! So...to all the haters out there who think the original is the greatest, and the newest is whacked. Go to your local Bookstore or comic book store, or online...and take a look at the MIRAGE comic, you will NEVER see the turtles the same way again. =)

    PS..updated a link for all the Haaters to witness the true ninja Turtles story, and end this madness forever. =)

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  • Great show! Hope it will NEVER end!!!!!

    I love this show! I didn\'t watch much of the \'80\'s version of the show, but I still think that this show KICKS BUTT! No doubt about it! This is the best show EVER! I hope that the creators of TMNT, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, never want to end this show so soon with everyone enjoying it so much! This is one of the BEST shows on television ever! I hope this show keeps going on for another 5 seasons or so. I don\'t know about you...but the Turtles are the BEST butt-kickin\' crimefighters in the entire world, dudes!!!
  • what can I say? I knew it would be back someday.

    After my all time favorite childhood cartoon ended, I was devastated. I always hoped that it would come back someday, and it has! This is a darker, more exciting version of the original, which I find just as fun to watch, if not more so. I'm just so thrilled to see my favorite little green men back in action. Once this cartoon is over (let's pray that time is far, far away) I don't know what I'll do. Let's all give a big cheer for the teenage mutant ninja turtles! Turtle power! (thankfully there's no more, or at least much less, 'cowabunga'!)
  • Perhaps my favorite animated show ever!

    This is the TMNT that's true to the roots! Nice action, voice acting, quite a touch of darkness added, and nice storylines! This new series is the yang to the classic's yin, there's really no comparing the two. This way, it all comes down to if you like a well-rounded cartoon that can play dirty when needed or one that's easy and you can lay back to. Well, for someone my age, it's time I jumped on the bandwagon and settled for the more mature version. I wouldn't be surprised if this lasts as long as the old series if not longer! Those who can't leave the old series and enjoy this new one...well, they're loss!

  • Better and Badder than the Original!

    The newer series involves a lot changes, the turtles have more individuality. They are colored differently, like they have always been in all of their toys. (When TMNT came out with their toy line back in the '80s the turtles where shaded in different greens, most noticeable was Dons brownish tone). Leo exhibits more of his interest in becoming a true ninja more than the rest. Raph has more attitude and is show more of the team muscle. Mikie is shown as more of a comic relief with sometimes more than usual odd personality traits. He’s often most prone to knocked down then the rest, and isnt as skilled w/ his nunchukes as like he was in the original animated series. Don his more of a genius w/ gagets and computers. Thanks to today’s in vast range of technology and influences, it allows Don to be more of a detailed character than ever before. The darker animation was inspired by the (90s FOX kid’s) Batman Animated Series "black background set up. Its more detailed and shows the characters (especially the turtles) more muscular. The costume assessments for the turtles are a bit more appropriate too. The turtles actually wear their weapons all of the time so it wont look like when its time for them to fight a "Power Ranger" tick, (when they pull out their weapons form out of the clear blue sky). However I don’t like how April O'neal is portrayed in this series, because it makes her seem like a social misfit her personality seems a little dry at times, her career isn't as glamorous as in the old series because she's more of a greek than a beauty like her old series (she was a very attractive news star reporter in the old series and when the new show first began she was some kind of chemist or computer greek until her boss turned out to be a crook and she lost her job and opened an antique shop). On the newer series her skin is pale and her outfit that she wears looks a bit played out. Casey Jones is a bit less aggressive, and actually is shown as a temperamental man with hockey sticks not a symbol of mysteriousness who hides behind a mask like in the old series. He’s a great ally to the turtles. Splinter is wiser and more creative and has a lot to offer as a teacher in the art of Ninjety. He also has a few hidden dark secrets in the past which makes him a more interesting character now. The fact that hes actually a rat, not just a genetic mutuation of a man turned rat makes him somewhat of a more believable character. Shredder is quite an interesting character; it seems like theres no getting rid of him or her from this series. This character has become one to be feared and not taken lightly. This newer version of the animated series opens the doors to endless possibilities, and a long running television series.
  • 10.0


    this show is the best history of the ninja turtles since I was a child. this show give to all of us something new in the history of the ninja turtles, I never expect the turtles will be back after a lot of years of fame I hope the turtles will last for a long time
    excellent show
  • Finally, the Turtles are back to how they should be.

    I was annoyed by the old cartoon show, the 1987 TMNT cartoon, so I needed some persuasion on my own part to make me watch this one. Turns out it was a good thing I didn't try to judge it by the title. This time they got it right, it's the Turtles alright. Not those teenage wanna-be fighters of the old cartoon series with unlogical and, to be honest, boring enemies. This time they are MIRAGE style. It's too bad that this show is seen as a show for children because that's not what it is. It is a show for every fan of the Turtles, especially those who liked the MIRAGE comics. Definitly worth watching.
  • This show is the best cartoon ever made.

    Hats off to Peter Laird and the creators of TMNT. This show is now one of 4Kids Tv's longest running shows and is dark, funny, original and is so much better than the 1980's and '90s show. The characters are more fleshed out. Shredder is an Utrom. He has a daughter Karai. The purple dragons are awesome bad guys. The turtles have their own personalities. There is plenty of darkness and hapiness. It's just overall a great show, cartoon or otherwise.
  • I always knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would return. After all nine seasons of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to an end. I never give up. This series is a little more darker than the early series. It reminds me of X-men show in the 1992. Tur

    I always knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would return. After all nine seasons of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to an end. I never give up. This series is a little more darker than the early series. It reminds me of X-men show in the 1992. Turtle power, dudes.
  • Gone and now back!!

    TMNT was huge in the 90's, from it's cartoon show to the movies to the action figures. Now TMNT has been retooled and is just as good if not better then the original series. The drawings are amazing. The storylines for the most part are very original and also compliment the comicbooks nicely. Another every Saturday show for me.. :)
  • What a GREAT!!!! ninjitsu action...........

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles is a great series. It has a lot of great action that is full of BUTT KICKING!!! It has a lot of ninjitsu action and a lot of problems that the turtles must face. Teenage mutant ninja turtles is talking about four turtles who mutated into big turtles that can talk. These turtles face a lot of problems. Some of there problems that there is a professor that makes machine cats that destroys the turtles home. Other of there problems that they face a man named shredder who is evil. Shredder wants to conquer the world with his foot ninjas. Each time they faced shredder they defeated him and think that he died but he returns miraculesly. So these turtles have a lot of problems to resolve so watch it cause it's full of great action.
  • This Newer Series is more ranged at the kid teen audience than just the kid audience... though the original series was a big huge unbeatable hit this newer series isn't doing as well as it should.

    This Newer Series is more ranged at the kid teen audience than just the kid audience... though the original series was a big huge unbeatable hit this newer series isn't doing as well as it should. it's drawn better the voices and everything fits Perfectly it's one of the most under-rated cartoons of all time and it deserves viewer attention until it's end, which hopefully will not be any time soon. so viewers watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on saturday Mornings on Fox.

    Also the series is aiming itself more at the teen age than in the previous seasons.. even though it's all good no matter what... TMNT deserves More!

    Incredible show. Great writeing and animation. Always surprises with shocking twists and heart pounding action scenes. This is my favorite show of all time. Has very good character development and a long list of interesting charecters. Its fun to following the episodes with the comics. The comics may reveal something the show didnt and vise versa.
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