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  • they could'nt come up with something original

    Tmnt 2003 is a new cartoon aimed at today's kids, althought they try to make it somewhat interesting and original, this is impossible. Its like remaking the simpsons, no one should do it, same goes for tmnt.
    This version of the tmnt is lame, money grubbing rubbish. The obviously remade it to make money and its just not got the same feel or anywhere near the same popularity as the classic series. The animation itself is annoying and the theme songs are pretentiously pathetic, the supporting characters are not likable in this version whatsoever. Never have my eyes seen something so irritating.
  • TMNT, COME ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, TMNT was way past its time as no one cared about fighting turtles liked they did in the action figure generation. I did like the attempt to bring back the show,as that makes the original version a classic in itself. However, first of all, they added new, sckish characters to the show. Why did the turtles need a muscle head to help them battle, looked like they were doing fine by themselves. Also, what was up with the minion of the brain and Shredder. AS I recall, they didnt even call them by their real names. What happened to the old group of minion they had, they would have went perfect. Most importantly, they screwed up the names of the turtles, don't know why though. So until someone comes up with a decent newer version of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, the show should remain in the classics vault.
  • PIECE OF CRAP! How dare they change the ORIGINAL TMNT\'s from their 1990\'s cheesy animated goodness!

    This show really IS unoriginal. They've already DONE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I grew up watching it, and it was good while it lasted, but it went off. Don't rehash it for Godsake!

    This new version really SUCKS from the one I grew up with. Yeah, maybe I AM a decade older than the target audience, and the ones that grew up with it tend to be judgemental on new verisons, but this just plain out right sucks! Come on! Leave a dead classic to rest in peace!

    I'll take the 1990's TMNT over this crap any day. -gets stabbed by angry fans- Hey, it's my opinion, not yours, and no amount of flaming will change my mind.
  • this show sucks they couldnt wear bandanas over their eyes becouse it was gang related besides the old one ruled

    i cant put into word how lame they made the ninja turtles they used to be awsome but now they are just lame i mean they cant have the bandanas just over their eyes becouse of gang relation its a cartoon what kind of crap is that dont get me wrong i love ninja turtels its just that its a bunch of crap how they do this to cartoons oh i know why dont they change the name of justice league back to super freinds becouse league insists that there is some sort of gang relation thats crap just crap or i have a better idea lets just change every cartoon into a rip off of blues clues
  • Decent and dark, but whatever happened to the fun loving turtles?

    This show is a complete waste of time, unlike its 80s counterpart. Sure, it has Don, Leo, Raph, and Mike and they go around fighting the evil Shredder, but where's the turtles I grew up with? This show is not very interesting, nor is it any good. Sure, people probably will say that the 80s TMNT was better, because its absolutely true.
  • Junk Science

    Usually I enjoy a good episode of Ninja Turtles and a few things rarely get up me upset, but this green powered episode leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There is an underlying preachiness about the evils of nuclear energy, which in fact is one of the cleanest/most efficient ways to produce power. They suggest that nuclear plants should be torn down, and in fact the more that are build the better the safety records. I know it's just a cartoon, but they are brain-washing a generation of kids to think that nuclear power is bad - that's unsafe.
  • 4 turtle brothers become exposed to " ooze" and become humnalike and then are taught ninjitsu by a rat which was also exposed to some " ooze ".

    Ever since i was young, i was always a tmnt fan. When they came out with a new version in 2003 i had high expectations. i really liked the first few seasons of the show because of its animation style and its darker approach to the childish storylines of the '80s cartoon. However, i did not like how they are too engulfed with this futuristic stuff where they fight with lasers and guns. theres hardly any " ninja" in the turtles anymore. i would like to see them back in our time doing wat ninja turtles do, ninja turtle stuff!!
  • This is a crummy re-make of the masterful 1980's-1990's TMNT verison, (which it's better.)

    My 14th review after the "Animanaiacs".

    Ugh... A crushing dissapointment. This is not anything like the Original 1980's-1990's TMNT. it's all darkish grim, and not enough humor. The video game for the PS2 was pretty crushingly unorignal, It wasn't anything like the Original 1980's-1990's TMNT video games that was also published and Devoplped by konami!!!!!!
    It was more like a crummy THQ game or a crummy Electronic Arts game. Now the grade, This cartoon is ONLY gonna get a D.
    Now the Results:

    Voice-acting: C+ 6.7/10.0 Fair, but Diffrent. That's all I have to say.

    Animation: B- 7.8/10.0 Decent Anime Animation, but lackly not enough colors added to this crummy re-make.

    Grapihcs: B 7.4/10.0 Decent Grapihcs matched with the animation but there's some Illusion Dectectsions.

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 The script's too much actiony, but there's not enough humor.

    Sound: C 6.4/10.0 Too much action and rock n roll music, not enough genres for it.

    Lasting Appeal: D 4.6/10.0 Once again, Not like the original 1980's-1990's TMNT version.

    Overall D 5.5/10.0 This is such a crummy remake of the original why could'nt they just make new epiosdes of the Original series before giving them a new look and series?!?!
    That's all I have to say for now.
  • Hey, aren't turtles supposed to be slow? Yeah, I thought so. Not my cup of tea.

    Lame catch phrases and corny lines, nope its not Hollywood actors, it's the return of the teenage ninja turtles, except for some reason, "MUTANT" has been added to it. ;) After the hit 1980s cartoon and comic series, WB decided to bring a show back, and with more success by many people then most of their new shows. Too me, it was too cheesey and corny, and just overall lame. It could use work, unless you like jumbled phrases. ASnimation was fin and plots, okay. Nothing stellar from this series. The 6 rating, because I'm not fond of it, nor the lines.
  • Its the TMNT how cant you know what this is

    Right away i was a little way ward of this show. Then it started to pick up and i became an avid admirer. I love the involvement of the Utroms and the Triceratrons. And it did do a good job at sticking with the original comics. I loved there hidden analogies, and spoofs on Star Wars and Star Trek as well as other series. I however soon grew to distaste this when the writters decided that they should combine Krang(from the '87 series with Shredder), that was the dumbest idea ever. The writters then slowly whittled away at Baxter until he became an eye, which i was predicting in a mockful manner. I just couldn't stand the mockery of the TNMT anymore so I quit wathcing it after the season finale, when Shredder was jettisoned into space with the turtles.
  • Same four ninja brothers but a bad new set of stories.

    Growing up i used to watch the Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtals all the time but times have changed and so have the turtals. This show is okey but it is not the origenal. sure they tried to revamp the old ieda but they have had a rought take off. the animation is better than it was when i was wating the origanal tuttals and they changed the clasic theam song withch is not good. some times change is good but in this case they should try to hold on to some tradition.
  • Mutant Turtles bashing everyhting in their way : what more could you want?

    A show that is definitely worth watching. The old version was bette rthuogh but the new twists and turns make up for it and it is good that the true roots are finally revealed on TV. The show creates plenty of mystery initially and as it turns out the turtles become much larger heroes than was previously realized. Master Splinter is given a greater personlaity and fighting space and the new enemies are definitely not your average stereotypes. the nature of the true shredder is revealed. People get to die and cool ninja moves can always be expected from every episode.
  • Used to be very good.......

    Ok,this used to be the only thing that was even REMOTELY watchable from 4kids(Don't get me started on the One Piece and Sonic X dubs)I quite enjoyed it,that was,untill I realized they turned it into to Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles:Fast Forward becuase Playmates Toys and 4kids wanted more stupid merchandising rights.They did a good enough job with the show before they turned it into Fast Forward.The animation was good,the voice acting was decent,and I quite liked it.And now,it's corrupting millions of children into buying their stupid toylines that come out of their shows.I'm one of the smart ones he didn't corrupt(though I was corrupted I did not know of the terrible thing Kahn did)If it wasn't for tv.com I wouldve been another one of those mindless zombies at that a*swipes command
  • It's a good darker version of the original.

    It is good, but I happen to prefer the original version. I don't know why. Maybe coz I grew up with it. But still, this one had things going for it! It was like a darker version of the original and the Turtles had quite different personalities. A bit angsty though...
    The Shreddar also had a different design. It was okay, but could have been better.
    This ain't bad! At least you can enjoy it without having to hear annoying diologue like some of the other shows on today!
  • TMNT was the show that started my love of superheros! Ever I've been watching the show since I was 5, and I still do. I learned that its so classic that my teacher even watched it!

    I really like this show a a pretty big fan. I watched it when I was 5 and I still do. Its a bit like X-men, with mutants ands such but kinda better. They're turtles, that dress like ninjas, and fight evil for crying out loud! Whats not to like?
  • A great show with a lot of ninja action!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! four regular turtles were hit by radio-active waste and turned into four big talking turtles that were trained to be ninjas! They also have an instructor who is a talking rat who also got hit by the dangerous sludge. It is fortunate though, as they need to protect their city from evil and domination, and the main leader behind this is the Shredder. The four great and cool turtles train hard every day with their wise instructor for extreme combat, so they can be better ninjas! And very good ninjas for very good self-defense. Their are othe villains though that the turtles come across, and must find ways to defeat them, their city can be dangerous! I remember back when CN had Miguzi that they would show tis with some other shows every day from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., and when it first started first cam Totally Spies, then Code Lyoko, then this show TMNT, and then Teen Titans last. Seeing those four shows, there was a ton of action to see! So i saw some episods of this show, and i like it, it is fair with entertainment and not that boring to me.
  • This is a spinoff of the original teenage mutant ninja turtles with the same characters, Donatello, Rafaellle Michelangelo and Leonardo with the father and teacher master splinter

    The show is exactly as the title implies, a band of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles living in new york city go around fighting crime, specifically against the major protagonist, the evil Shredder who leads the foot, or a band of evil ninjas. The main characters are Leonardo, the leader, Donatello, the brains, Michelangelo, the clown and goofball, and Raffaele the bad tempered fighter. Their father is a martial arts teacher who was mutated from the same chemicals that the others were, he is turned into Splinter a rat. This show is a new spin off of the classic 1980s version of the show with the same characters. This show does differe slightly though
  • Though true to the comics, it does not have what the original 1987 cartoon had.

    (NOTE: This is a review for Seasons 1-4 and the \\\"Lost Season\\\". Fast Forward refrences are not in here. Please know that.)

    In 1987, they had made and aired a TMNT cartoon and took it off the air on November 2, 1996. Though it was more family-friendly than the comics, it was great. The 2003 show, well, it does stay true to the comics, but it doesn\\\'t really give us the fun we had with the old cartoon.

    Animation/Video Quality - 9 out of 10: Overall, this show looks quite nice. The style feels dark and mature like the comics. The characters look great, the environments look gritty, and the fight scenes also look nice. But, where are the pupils on the turtles? I know this isn\\\'t important, but come on. The 1987 show had it, the live-actions movies had it, even the new CG movie coming out is getting them. Come on, 4Kids. Get with the times.

    Audio - 7 out of 10: Episode music and sound effects sound nice, but the theme song is less exciting then the 1987 cartoon. That was the main reason why you got up so early in the morning, because most theme songs put you to sleep. Sure, the 4th season had a more catchy one, but they need serious changes. The voices, on the other hand, are mixed. Some, like Casey Jones and Splinter, fit them perfectly. Others, like the Turtles, sound OK or terrible.

    Entertainment - 7 out of 10: The dark themes, plot, and great action sequences in the show truly makes this the most violent Fox Saturday morning cartoon yet, which makes it true to the comics. Parents, don\'t worry, it\'s still approprite enough for small children to watch. The biggest complaint that the characters aren\'t as lovable (couldn\'t find a better word) as the 1987 show. True, some of the new traits (such as a more brotherly bond) are great, but they never take the time to let the viewers get to know the characters, you don\'t feel attached to them. If they are sad, you don\'t feel sad for them because you don\'t feel for them.

    Overall - 8 out of 10: The gritty feel, action, plot, and animation really make this true to the comic, but they really screwed it up with the theme song, voices, and character developments.
  • An excellent adaptation of the original comics! The onlything holding it back is 4kids.

    While I grew up watching the campy 80's TMNT, I always had wished they made one closer to the the darker comic book counterparts, Well it took em long enough!

    Despite being a 4kids show this is pretty good, It's not anime, the action is gritty, without going over the top, the characters are deeper, the voice acting is good, and the plots just the right blend of self-contained episodes, and continuing story arcs.

    This is one of the few cartoons that is on Saturday mornings that both me and my two sons can enjoy together, in an age where they take 80s classics, and destory them by turning them into some bastardised crap, it's refreshing to see someone treat a classic franchise with the respect it deserves.

    Now if they could only shake 4kids....
  • It's cool

    What can I say? It follows the comics which I haven't read so therefore people here don't like me. 4Kids has it and their voice actors are the best. I watched the old version when I was little, then got into Next Mutation (which the comic fans despise, which makes them even more rude to me). It's too bad cuz I really liked V. Anyway, I'm getting kind of sick of it. After defeating the Shredder, it's just anti-climactic after that. My favorite saga was the Daimyo's Son/Draco incident.
  • Dark, Gritty, But Wheres' The FUN?

    Funny how, as the editor, you're expecting me to praise this above the original...bottom line...I won't. I never will, and it'd surprise you why...or would'nt it?

    The reason is simple. Its' not fun.

    When the series began, I knew what we were pretty much getting, a darker, grittier Ninja Turtles, a world of more intesnity, a direction, much more accurate interpretations of the principle players, no more cameos from a deranged, yet goofy Casey Jones, and more freequernt apperances of a far more well rounded, sane vigilante with a straight goal and priorities beyond a Frank Castle approach. April O'Neil, no longer a dopey reporter for Channel Six, now once again a scietnest and technological tinkerer. Baxter black, and less of a suck-up, and Shredder...violent, cold, distanced, and who does'nt take orders from a brain...this time he literally resembles one.

    Should make for a much richer experiance than the original right? Not quite.

    The current series, as it has progrssed, I've found IS one of the better american series out there, and the best written next to Justice Leauge Unlimited...but the humour is dry, some of the mutlple story arcs have mediocre build and poor resolutions (Turtles In Space, Big Brawl, Dimensional Saga), despite the fact these all form part of a larger picture, it does not execute it in the fashion and manner that the 90s' X-Men and 90s' Spider-Man pulled off with thier side-trips during major story lines. It does not come off as a tight jigsaw to those NOT aqquainted with the comics, or hell, people who even read the comics, as a result, several arcs look out of place, and the quality of some of them truly drags down the experiance.

    The original is fun, light hearted, and an enjoyable well written series for the first three seasons, and then dips in areas, but overall maintains a charm and innocsense that noone will associate with this. Theres' nothing charming or fun about it, what it is is a gripping drama, but lets' face it...there can only be so many instances until that genre becomes passe. And we are vastly approaching a time where fun needs to brought into the balance. Teen Titans is already paving the way with this, even if its' efforts at comedy come under scrutiny.

    Make a face, drop your pants, theres' a reason the original TMNT still succeeds, and its' because it moved around its' constraints at the time with the most original characters and humour you had seen at that point.
  • Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. A very popular tv show............................................

    Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. very popular. Those four turtles have been everywhere, from comics to action figures, to tv and film, a lot of people love the turtles. Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles started in 2003 following the success of the origanal tv show. As people watched and watched this tv show, they realised how different the show was to the origanal. But I like it. There was more action than humor and though there wasn't heaps, the humor was still very funny. Three years passed and the show was still delivering laughs until the creators of the show ran out of ideas. They than decided to change the show's name to Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles: fast foward. The turtles went into the future and it was awful. So that why I put the mark of this show down to 8.3. But their is some good news, there changing it back to just tmnt. Horay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Overall the TMNT (2003) series is well drawn and has better voice actors than the original, some things are annoying.

    The fact that the show reverts to letterbox to emphasize a dramatic scene becomes old after a while, seeing as it reverts to it at least 5 times per episode. The show would be better off if it didn’t revert to letterbox quite so frequently. Also another thing that ticks me off about this series is that Shredder is not really a human, which was the best part of the story line. Shredder is Splinter’s master’s rival and not just an alien that posed as a human. Plus Splinter should be brown instead of gray, that’s just odd.
  • TMNT rocks man ,i` luv Watching TMNT(03)ver fun,has some good Action in it,and mabey comdey Aswell,luvd it !

    TMNT 03 is a good TV show and its very fun to watch,theres alot more than Action,theres like comedy and some coll stuff,its pretty good for Teens and and for kids under age of 8-7 .Its pretty cool,gets better every seseon.

    I love playing both Games,and watch the TV shows,and i gotta say i like playing And Watch tmnt,its great and will surely keep y`e occupide.

    tmnt is a good Tv show,though i dont know where to watch them so i watch some At "ME tube"Its great,i prefer TMNT to be watched i watched all the series for now and i hope it comes back,A-OK !
  • This review is not written by me, but by bryanoftoons/viewtifulboy. I'm posting for him.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been around for over a century, and there were some people who got worried about 4Kids owning it's license, but now, even from people who generally hate 4Kids Entertainment, people believe it's the best work they've ever done.

    Let's start with the writing. It's good. There are several seasons, story arcs, and even a few times they reference the 1980's series (Especially in that "Secret Origins arch. They referenced it 3 times!). This is actually darker than that old series, but still keep it to a TVY7 rating. My only real writing gripe is saying "shell" instead of hell. It's clever, but I just hear it too often for it to be that clever. Now it's just annoying. None of the turtles say anything out of character, no terrible puns, and nothing really cheesy. Plus almost every character has some kind of backstory that they reveal to you in time, which really brings out their character.

    The animimation is what I will call "very good". It's no spectacular, but it's way above average. Nothing is ever choppy, they're smooth and accurate, and they have correct speed (by that I mean fast blows really have an impact and slow blows are weak). Even in some of the chaotic fighting scenes the animation doesn't slow down. Good work there.

    The music is the kind of music you'd want to listen to while playing an extreme beat-em-up game, which is a good thing. 4Kids is really good with the music and theme songs, but the music IN the show could use more guitar, but that's just my tastes. The voice acting is as great as you'd expect. Though sometimes they go a little off character when they voice. Splinter's voice also sounds a little breathy, like he's exhaling air more than he's talking.

    Let's wrap this up with my opinions on the series' characters. I just love them. All of them are very unique with their own set of abilities. You've got Casey with his blunt objects, Shredder with his claws and technology (plus he's a badass), and my favorite, Baxter Stockman. Super genius. And with other unique villains and heroes it makes it look like they'll never run out of ideas.
  • Could be better but hey it's still good.

    While I do agree that it could be better, this is still a very good show. Now I personally don't think it's as good as the 80's version of the show but that's the one I grew up with, and we all know nothing is as good as when you're a kid. This incarnation of the series is supposed to take on a darker tone than the preivous, so the "fun loving" turtles will just have to be found in the old VHS tapes and the DVD's as they come out. You won't find them here. What you will find is a Ninja Turtles cartoon that is a little more closely tied to the original comics which is perfectly fine with me and will not ruin the old show or this new version for me.
  • Following the Mirage Studios original comics is the TMNT Millenium series.

    I was more into the original Turtles at the time. Y'know, the ones from the 80s that started the pizza craze? Well, after renting the film I begin to look into the new version a bit more and now I am hooked, line and sinker. It maybe darker then the kiddie version, but I give it props for great writing!
  • I can't complain.

    This is an alright show. I really could not say that it is anywhere as good as the original one but it has that turtle feeling. The personalities of the turtles are the same and their loving for pizza and other things but still. I guess I find the classic one to be better because it started it all and it was huge at the time. This newer ninja turtle show is like modern day cartoons so theres really nothing I can say about it. I hope they show reruns of the classic soon the DVDs are helping though. Heroes in a half shell where are you?
  • A new group of Ninja Turtles for today's audience, quit comparing it to something made for the 80's audience.

    I grew up watching the old ninja turtles cartoon, although it slowly faded from memory as the years went by. I saw various different incarnations from the movies to "The next mutation", but I must admit this is my favorite incarnation as of yet.

    The action and comedy are on par with one another, and provide decent entertainment to the audience. Occasionally, valid information on Bushido, samurai and japanese history is sneaked in, an added bonus. 2000-based humor seems to work oddly well with this concept, as displayed by Michaelangelo. The concept of aliens involved also makes the concept of the Shredder more interesting than before.

    Don't be biased if you're a fan of the old show, give it a shot.
  • Great Show

    This Show is Great. It has the perfect voices, great music , epic battle scenes and it's mostly great for its dark themes. I mean it is really dark. An episode in season 4 is know as "the banned episode" for being to gory and the VILLIAN kiddinapping his old lab assistance while having depressing dreams about his dead mother. In season 5 an episode was never completed, due to it being to dark and violent. My fav episode would be In season 3, where don gets zapped in to a future taken over by the Upton shredder. Splinter and casey are dead. During the final battle three of the turtles get brutally killed. Plus a this shows main shredder is a real badass and nut job. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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