Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

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  • Great Show

    This Show is Great. It has the perfect voices, great music , epic battle scenes and it's mostly great for its dark themes. I mean it is really dark. An episode in season 4 is know as "the banned episode" for being to gory and the VILLIAN kiddinapping his old lab assistance while having depressing dreams about his dead mother. In season 5 an episode was never completed, due to it being to dark and violent. My fav episode would be In season 3, where don gets zapped in to a future taken over by the Upton shredder. Splinter and casey are dead. During the final battle three of the turtles get brutally killed. Plus a this shows main shredder is a real badass and nut job. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • I am so jealous of the kids who grew up with this version

    I grew up with the "original" series. I watched it for about four seasons until it got so predictable and stupid that I got bored with it. Then a few years later, I picked up the comic book and I was PEEVED!! They sold me a wimp cartooney version. Everything was ruined. Then this version came out and holy cow. It's the version I've been waiting for. Why the hell couldn't this series have been made into a live action movie and NOT have MIchael Bay make it? I love the franchise, but seriously I only like the original material and stuff that at least plays homage to the original. I saw someone here complaining about how the turtles forever episode mocked the first series? Good. It deserved no better, and by the way, the comic book turtles referred to the turtles in this series as "sell outs" so there was plenty of ribbing to go around. I would give this series an 11 out of 10 if I could.

    I don't know what nick is doing, but this is the classic one
  • Secretly wished it was more violent

    Various ep (03-09)
  • Turtle Power!

    Great cartoon. Sticks to the comic for the most part and has an edge to it for a kids show. They use a ton of fun pop references including music and movie references. Makes for a great watch, the movie finally is also great. It is actually one of the funniest movies I saw as the poke fun of each Turtle generation that came to be till that point. So order up a pizza and slap on your ninja masks cause this show will make you yell COWABUNGA!
  • Amazing

  • Closer to the comics.

    Now let me just say, I love everything that's TMNT. Honestly, but I'm also one of those that's a sucker to something that's closer to the original story and that's what this series is. I had seen every episode of this series dozens of times before I finally got my hands on a copy of the original comics. I was relieved to find that the producers of this series kept it pretty close to what Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman actually wrote and drew all those years ago. It warmed my hard, and just made me fangasm all over my desk.

    Now what really makes me sad when I see all these bad reviews for '03 series because "It's just not as good as the original". Well, I'm sorry to inform, but it's very close to the actual original story line. Yes the 80's series is a classic, and it's very funny and pleasing to watch when you just need a good laugh or some nostalgia moments. The animation isn't too bad and the characters are very loveable, but if you put it side to side with the '03 I would have to say '03 is superior. The characters each have their own personality, the animations is clean, crisp and accurate, and the screenplay and voice actors really pull everything together right where it's supposed to be, and the first few seasons follow the comics very closely. Yes every show has it's faults and this one's no exception. There are many times phrases are use too often, or they colored things wrong, or the voice acting isn't quite up to par, but those are just normal downfalls to any animated or even live action series'.

    Over all, if you are a true fan of the TMNT franchise and haven't read the original comics or seen this series yet, give it a shot. Forget about your nostalgia of the 80's series and just watch this series that will show you just what you're missing. Yes they add things and change things around, but this is as close as you could get before you actually have to read the comics.

  • One of the best shows around!

    I've been a TMNT fan before this came and after seeing this I became an even bigger TMNT fan.It also makes me want to read the comics.The animation is good, the voices fit each character exspically Mikey's (my fav), Raph's, Splinter's and April's.The plot is really good too and alot of times you'll be wondering in your mind what will happen next and if the turtles can make it out ok.This show also has a bit of its own originality such as their origin of The Shredder.The music is pretty good too.Fans of TMNT won't be disapointed in this show. ^-^
  • Adfventurous!

    I love turtles! These are the best kick butt funny ninjas you'll find on tv for your kids and young boys to follow! But they have tails! Casey is cool (despite a little intimidating with his hockey mask), Master Splinter is the best guide ever. A real classic! Graphics are great, the missions are great, and everything is packed with fun and suspense!
  • Both TV versions are good but different. This one is edgier and closer to the comic.

    This TMNT television show is excellent and much closer to the original comic than the older cartoon. I loved the earlier TMNT too but it was directed for younger audiences and kinda wacky and dorky at times. This one is darker, more realistic, and has a stronger connection to the original version of TMNT. The characterizations are almost all spot on, the voice acting is great and the adventures are...well...more adventurous. Episodes like SAINW are edgy and even thrilling and the relationships between the brothers is heartwarming and far more believable than the earlier show (they were more like friends or fighting partners than brothers). The only big problems I have with this show are April and her outfit...seriously who wears a tight belly shirt while working in a laboratory...or working any professional job for that matter?! The other problem is Fast Forward...seriously...things went downhill in the future arc and never came back uphill. I didn't like the art change or the weird bad guys etc that followed in BTTS. Overall, this was a great show with interesting characters, plot lines and decent action/drama etc. Plus I LOVE Donny so any Donny centric episode was magical to me.
  • Out of all of the cartoons of the 00's, I didn't think this was the best, that goes to Spectacular Spider-Man, but I do think that its a vastly underrated series.

    Fans of the original cartoon have mixed opinions at best about this series, which I think is stupid. These are trolls and purists who don't acknowledge the true creators or source material. This was one of my favorite shows of the 00's. I never see that many people praise it, I never see it being brought up at IGN and people like Stuttering Craig bash it, I consider this cartoon to be underrated. There's plenty to dislike, but there was more to dislike about the classic cartoon. I also think this show has more to like: great animation, good action, well developed characters, impressive villains, fantastic story telling. And yeah, the last two seasons are mixed at best, but I've seen worst writing at times.

    If you haven't watched it yet, check it out for and decide for yourself.
  • This review is not written by me, but by bryanoftoons/viewtifulboy. I'm posting for him.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been around for over a century, and there were some people who got worried about 4Kids owning it's license, but now, even from people who generally hate 4Kids Entertainment, people believe it's the best work they've ever done.

    Let's start with the writing. It's good. There are several seasons, story arcs, and even a few times they reference the 1980's series (Especially in that "Secret Origins arch. They referenced it 3 times!). This is actually darker than that old series, but still keep it to a TVY7 rating. My only real writing gripe is saying "shell" instead of hell. It's clever, but I just hear it too often for it to be that clever. Now it's just annoying. None of the turtles say anything out of character, no terrible puns, and nothing really cheesy. Plus almost every character has some kind of backstory that they reveal to you in time, which really brings out their character.

    The animimation is what I will call "very good". It's no spectacular, but it's way above average. Nothing is ever choppy, they're smooth and accurate, and they have correct speed (by that I mean fast blows really have an impact and slow blows are weak). Even in some of the chaotic fighting scenes the animation doesn't slow down. Good work there.

    The music is the kind of music you'd want to listen to while playing an extreme beat-em-up game, which is a good thing. 4Kids is really good with the music and theme songs, but the music IN the show could use more guitar, but that's just my tastes. The voice acting is as great as you'd expect. Though sometimes they go a little off character when they voice. Splinter's voice also sounds a little breathy, like he's exhaling air more than he's talking.

    Let's wrap this up with my opinions on the series' characters. I just love them. All of them are very unique with their own set of abilities. You've got Casey with his blunt objects, Shredder with his claws and technology (plus he's a badass), and my favorite, Baxter Stockman. Super genius. And with other unique villains and heroes it makes it look like they'll never run out of ideas.
  • Probably one of the best remakes ever done! The Turtles rule in this show, proving that even in the 21st century, they're still one of the coolest teams that was ever created.

    Although the 80's version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the best cartoons ever produced. It was funny, and we had lots and lots of cool characters that interacted with both the Turtles and with the audience (the gags and jokes were hillarious). But in this new version, we get to see an alternative story of the Turtles and the way their arch-enemy, the Shredder is involved in it. The fact that we get to see new versions of most characters, like April and Casey, and the way they interact with the main storyline, gives us the feeling that these characters were originally designed for a series like this one, and not the original one, back in 1987. The voice cast is quite good, and we get a good bunch of laughs when hearing the characters interact with each others. The storyline is way darker than the original one, and most of the characters have new personalities and looks, which contributes positively to the success of the show. From the first episode, to April and Casey's wedding, this series has surprised me in all ways. Too bad it ended too soon, but at least, they went out with a really great bang, by giving us the ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. In a scale one to ten, I give it an 11.
  • This tmnt show is as good as the old one

    I must say this tmnt cartoon was done rather well.the fisrt season was good. the only thing i did not like how they made Shredder into an utrom. i really wanted to see Bebop and Rocksteady in this cartoon as well.otherwise this show had a lot of good action.i did find the whole story of the shredder confusing first hes an utrom then hes a demon and now hes a cyber life form.the back to the sewers was what got me liking this but i wish they would have continued even after nickelodean buoght the rights to the turtles. this show gets a solid 9.5 and remember its ninja time.
  • TMNT is a phenomena that was started in 80's before I just born and I believe it will continue its advancement for generations to come. Possibly with a new story, much advanced technology and much more growing-old-fans like me.

    I am a crazy fan of TMNT tv series. I have seen all the episodes of 2003 and almost every episode were really really awesome. Are there any possibilities of season 8? I would really really really really really really really to the power infinity love that. If there was any chance of revive the the TMNT 2003 series in near future please let us know.It was a good ending but it would preferable to show Cassey & April's after marriage life and the turtles life too. However its up to mirage guys to decide where I'm just a fan living thousands of miles away. TMNT is a phenomena that was started in 80's before I just born and I believe it will continue its advancement for generations to come. Possibly with a new story, much advanced technology and much more growing-old-fans like me.
  • The pet rat of a deceased martial arts master discovers four baby turtles covered in ooze. This ooze mutates all of them. The rat, Splinter, raises them and teaches martial arts, and they grow up to be... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

    I love this show! Much better than the original series if you ask me. It's a lot darker and grittier; whereas the old one was rather childish. Each turtle has a unique personallity that you can identify with and grow attached to. The supporting characters like Splinter, April, and Casey are great, too. After all, Casey didn't have a big role in the old series. I admit the plot of some of the episodes are absurd and random; however, most of the episodes are absolute masterpieces that I rarely see in animated shows. There is so much humor on this show (usually provided by Michaelangelo) and yet their is also a lot of depth and intensity. The Ninja Turtles are awesome!
  • This is a spinoff of the original teenage mutant ninja turtles with the same characters, Donatello, Rafaellle Michelangelo and Leonardo with the father and teacher master splinter

    The show is exactly as the title implies, a band of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles living in new york city go around fighting crime, specifically against the major protagonist, the evil Shredder who leads the foot, or a band of evil ninjas. The main characters are Leonardo, the leader, Donatello, the brains, Michelangelo, the clown and goofball, and Raffaele the bad tempered fighter. Their father is a martial arts teacher who was mutated from the same chemicals that the others were, he is turned into Splinter a rat. This show is a new spin off of the classic 1980s version of the show with the same characters. This show does differe slightly though
  • Junk Science

    Usually I enjoy a good episode of Ninja Turtles and a few things rarely get up me upset, but this green powered episode leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There is an underlying preachiness about the evils of nuclear energy, which in fact is one of the cleanest/most efficient ways to produce power. They suggest that nuclear plants should be torn down, and in fact the more that are build the better the safety records. I know it's just a cartoon, but they are brain-washing a generation of kids to think that nuclear power is bad - that's unsafe.
  • A great show with a lot of ninja action!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! four regular turtles were hit by radio-active waste and turned into four big talking turtles that were trained to be ninjas! They also have an instructor who is a talking rat who also got hit by the dangerous sludge. It is fortunate though, as they need to protect their city from evil and domination, and the main leader behind this is the Shredder. The four great and cool turtles train hard every day with their wise instructor for extreme combat, so they can be better ninjas! And very good ninjas for very good self-defense. Their are othe villains though that the turtles come across, and must find ways to defeat them, their city can be dangerous! I remember back when CN had Miguzi that they would show tis with some other shows every day from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., and when it first started first cam Totally Spies, then Code Lyoko, then this show TMNT, and then Teen Titans last. Seeing those four shows, there was a ton of action to see! So i saw some episods of this show, and i like it, it is fair with entertainment and not that boring to me.
  • TMNT rocks man ,i` luv Watching TMNT(03)ver fun,has some good Action in it,and mabey comdey Aswell,luvd it !

    TMNT 03 is a good TV show and its very fun to watch,theres alot more than Action,theres like comedy and some coll stuff,its pretty good for Teens and and for kids under age of 8-7 .Its pretty cool,gets better every seseon.

    I love playing both Games,and watch the TV shows,and i gotta say i like playing And Watch tmnt,its great and will surely keep y`e occupide.

    tmnt is a good Tv show,though i dont know where to watch them so i watch some At "ME tube"Its great,i prefer TMNT to be watched i watched all the series for now and i hope it comes back,A-OK !
  • 4 turtle brothers become exposed to " ooze" and become humnalike and then are taught ninjitsu by a rat which was also exposed to some " ooze ".

    Ever since i was young, i was always a tmnt fan. When they came out with a new version in 2003 i had high expectations. i really liked the first few seasons of the show because of its animation style and its darker approach to the childish storylines of the '80s cartoon. However, i did not like how they are too engulfed with this futuristic stuff where they fight with lasers and guns. theres hardly any " ninja" in the turtles anymore. i would like to see them back in our time doing wat ninja turtles do, ninja turtle stuff!!
  • This is most fantastic tv show I have ever seen.

    Hey there, axel223 is back from escaping from the realm of torment. Anyways, here's the newest review I've seen from 4kidsTV. They're back, they live in the sewers, they got halfshells, they know ninjitsu, and they're a whole different species. That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles and they're beating the bad guys right off the streets of New York City. You seen season five that they move below and abandoned castle. They are the coolest turtles I hace ever seen. And on top of all that, I miss their team catchprase "Cowabunga". I always like that catchprase. I'm giving this tv show a 9.2 out of 10. Until then, Later.
  • A great show...

    TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is a very good show plus it's appropriate for children of all ages. TMNT Fast Forward is awesome. I love the new weapons, better than the old weapons. Leonardo- Leonardo I would say is the strongest of the four ninja turtles. But, sometimes he can be a little show off. Raphael- Raphael has some anger issues. But, I would say he is the 2nd strongest of the four. Donatello- Donatello is the smartest of the four. He always comes through for the turtles in technology-related situations. Michaelangelo- Michaelangelo is the weakest of the group, in my opinion. But, he's my favorite character. He likes to have some fun and spread some light on sad situations. But, he doesn't train that much because of his video games.
    Master Splinter- Master Splinter is very strong for a rat. He knows how to protect and care for his sons. Plus, he loves soap operas.
  • Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. A very popular tv show............................................

    Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. very popular. Those four turtles have been everywhere, from comics to action figures, to tv and film, a lot of people love the turtles. Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles started in 2003 following the success of the origanal tv show. As people watched and watched this tv show, they realised how different the show was to the origanal. But I like it. There was more action than humor and though there wasn't heaps, the humor was still very funny. Three years passed and the show was still delivering laughs until the creators of the show ran out of ideas. They than decided to change the show's name to Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles: fast foward. The turtles went into the future and it was awful. So that why I put the mark of this show down to 8.3. But their is some good news, there changing it back to just tmnt. Horay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well, for a kids show about talking giant turtles, its pretty freakin' good!

    I've been a fan of the turtles since I was young, and I have to say even now being 17, I still like the show. This has to be the best show they've had. It follows close to the comics and has awesome story lines. The only bad thing is making the show become "Fast Forward" for its fifth season and cutting out the original fifth season. That is the only reason I stopped watching. The first four seasons were great. Even for a kids show with sometimes corny jokes, its a really good show that I enjoyed watching it a few years ago.
  • they could'nt come up with something original

    Tmnt 2003 is a new cartoon aimed at today's kids, althought they try to make it somewhat interesting and original, this is impossible. Its like remaking the simpsons, no one should do it, same goes for tmnt.
    This version of the tmnt is lame, money grubbing rubbish. The obviously remade it to make money and its just not got the same feel or anywhere near the same popularity as the classic series. The animation itself is annoying and the theme songs are pretentiously pathetic, the supporting characters are not likable in this version whatsoever. Never have my eyes seen something so irritating.
  • Great but not as great as the original

    When i was a kid i wanted to be a tmnt.I would look forward to every new episode that would get shown on tv.Me and my pals when we where little even started our own ninja gang,that tryed to fight crime.When i heard that the cartoon was getting re-made,to be honest i was a little pist off.As when things usually get re-made there crap and nothing like the original.But i have to say the cartoon is awesome,not as good as the original but well worth watching.The story line is basically the same as the original,but the cartoon is a little darker.As they have tryed to base it more on the comic books,rather than the original series.Shreder returns to cause havoc once again for the turtles,only this time he's looking alot more meaner and his foot soldiers look alot more better at fighting and in appearence.I gave this series 9.5/10 only because it's not as good as the original.
    thanks moneyman1982
  • This show is the best currently going on series.

    This show is brlliant. From the 1st episode i was hooked onto it even more than I was the original show. It is one of my top ten, and maybe 5, favorite shows. It is one of the deeper and better shows of this era. Seasons 1 through 4 were just fantastic and among the best things i have ever watched. Its great that season 5 is set to air in Spring 2008 and I'll make every effort to watch them all. Even with it slowly going downhill with these sometimes good sometimes bad fast forward episodes it wont ruin my memory of the earlier seasons. Even with tv toning it down for younger kids it is still great. If you started watching this show with fast forward and did not like it watch earlier episodes and you'll be glad you did.
  • much,much better than TMNT from 1987

    one of the best anime or what ever that is I ever watched.What could I say more than that is absolutely fabulous.Much serious than the earlier version,more action,better villain an good guys,better drawing and animation i every way is better to me than TMNT from 1987.Who disagrees let me know why
  • A much closer plot to the old comics than the old 1987 version was but even now the TMNT give us what I can say is one of my all time favorite shows.

    In my mind, superior to the 1987 show in many ways, Much closer to it's comic book heritage with it's own unique style.
    Plenty of new stories, much more action than the original but more than anything the show goes into more depth, longer and more entertaining stories, a slighty darker cartoon than what your first impression may be.
    The First season was Great, a new (and better) look great plot and we end the season on a cliffhanger with the turtles being transported through space but before all that we see great battles with the Shredder, Casey jones gets the role that he should have got in the 1987 cartoon and then we have several new bad guys like "Garbage man" and "The Purple Dragons" "Hun" and several more I meen c'mon what else do you need.

    Season two we go even further with the turtles landing on a ditant planet and end up in the middle of a Galactic war trying to save "Prof. Honeycutt", not to mention we learn that Shredder is actually an Utrom and then to end the season with The battle nexus was a stroke of genius.

    Season three showed that even after two seasons a cartoon can keep getting better, we meet Agent Bishop who try's disecting the turtles but is stopped just in time and overall becomes one of the main bad guys in the show, we also see Shredder in what would be one of his last atempts at total control over the galaxy as he is stopped once again by the TMNT.
    Whilst not my personal favorite season it still manages to keep the good times coming.

    I can't really comment on season 4 and Season 5 (Ninja Tribunal) as I have not seen all that many episoeds of them.

    Season 6 (Fast Forward) the TMNT are transported through time to the year 2105 and meet Cody Jones a decendent of Casey and April, the show took a definate turn here in my opinion whilst still enjoyable it had lost it's edge even with alot new enimies it still felt unneeded and I believe I am not the only one who will be sorry to see it go.
    It is much closer to the 1987 cartoon than any other series whils it is more funny than the last five seasons it had lost it's gripping plots and darkness which is what made TMNT 2003 so much fun to watch.

    All in all I just don't know what the producers are going to do, personally I think they should just retrace there steps and make the cartoon what it was from the first couple of seasons but even though with the recent mess up that is Fast Forward I am going to give TMNT 2003 9/10.

    Turbo 1.20