Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • This show is the best currently going on series.

    This show is brlliant. From the 1st episode i was hooked onto it even more than I was the original show. It is one of my top ten, and maybe 5, favorite shows. It is one of the deeper and better shows of this era. Seasons 1 through 4 were just fantastic and among the best things i have ever watched. Its great that season 5 is set to air in Spring 2008 and I'll make every effort to watch them all. Even with it slowly going downhill with these sometimes good sometimes bad fast forward episodes it wont ruin my memory of the earlier seasons. Even with tv toning it down for younger kids it is still great. If you started watching this show with fast forward and did not like it watch earlier episodes and you'll be glad you did.