Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • Great but not as great as the original

    When i was a kid i wanted to be a tmnt.I would look forward to every new episode that would get shown on tv.Me and my pals when we where little even started our own ninja gang,that tryed to fight crime.When i heard that the cartoon was getting re-made,to be honest i was a little pist off.As when things usually get re-made there crap and nothing like the original.But i have to say the cartoon is awesome,not as good as the original but well worth watching.The story line is basically the same as the original,but the cartoon is a little darker.As they have tryed to base it more on the comic books,rather than the original series.Shreder returns to cause havoc once again for the turtles,only this time he's looking alot more meaner and his foot soldiers look alot more better at fighting and in appearence.I gave this series 9.5/10 only because it's not as good as the original.
    thanks moneyman1982