Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 3 Episode 21

Same As It Never Was (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • Now THIS is dark and gritty!

    Many TMNT fans were excited when we heard the reboot of TMNT was gonna resemble the original comics in being dark and gritty. When the show first aired in 2003, fans of the original series hated this for being dark and adult but true fans of the comics were ecstatic over this new incarnation.

    THIS single episode is the culmination of everything the show was trying to achieve. Not only was it the most dark and dramatic episode in Animated programming at that time, but it also shined a new light for the character of Donatello as he gained character development to learn to appreciate his family more!

    True classic.
  • The best TMNT episode.

    I liked the New TMNT cartoon since it started its airing but it was never something above average for me. I liked it , but it didn't amaze me. Until this episode. Donatello is send into alternate reality which is ruled by Shreeder and Turtles are disbanded. The city is all ruined. That makes this episode kinda dark and making TMNT mroe s-f show than it ever was. The only bad thing about it was the duration... It only lasted for one episode. I wish they'hve made it into a longer story arc and show more flashbacks how that everything happened and Donatello trying to find a way to get back to his reality and how that happened that he's here. Alternate realities and time travel are things that give many possibilites and and it's poor that they made only one episode like that. But well, it was one hell of episode. Just epic.
  • What an awesome episode, one of the best in the series, if not the best. A darker version of the turtles

    I couldnt believe it when i saw this episode. I couldnt believe that there was actually a darker version of the turtles to be seen apart from the comics. Such an awesome episode, from Don's cybernetic enchancements that he created to the story of Leo and Raph to Mikey's arm being chopped off and his goofiness gone. Even April, Hun and Stockman were different. The only thing i would have wanted differently would have been the inlcusion of Splinter as an actual character rather than a memory but a great episode nonetheless. Really exciting to watch and very imaginative. A must watch
  • It\'s diffrent...

    This episode was in my option a little depressing, but it was really interesting and I liked it all the same. Humar wasn\\\\\\\'t a major thing in it, actully it didn\\\\\\\'t really appear at all. Then again, it would be hard to be humourous when the world is controlled by an evil utrom and it is a sad when the turtles die.
  • My second favorite episode with action.

    This episode has many death. That is what makes this episode the best. Except for Exodus Part 2. This episode has many interesting events. Bad guys join good guys, aliens get enslaved, resistance are formed, two brothers fight and hate each other, someone you know loses an arm, someone you love died, a horrible future; everything is so exciting. I love to watch it over and over because of the many deaths and action. The only thing that confused me the first time I watched it is that how did Donny fade away like Raph and Mikey? How did they?
  • I always cry at the end!

    This was a great episode. At the end, when the sun rises, I always get teary eyed, I admit it. I've seen this episode many times and I still cry!

    This episode starts when the Ultimate Draco reappears and sends all of the TMNT off to different dimensions/time. Don is sent to the future where he learns that Master Splinter is dead, he abandoned the others and they all split up.

    Michelangelo is the first one he runs into. Soon after, he meets April, Baxter/Hun, Leo and Raph. Things are much different here, as the Shredder controls everything! After the four reconcile, they decide there's only one thing to do: Face the Shredder.

    I'm not going to go into details, you really need to see the episode if you haven't already. Basically, Leo, Raph and Mikey all end up dead, as does Karai, Baxter/Hun and the shredder. Don disappears at the end and April reminds him that there's always hope.

    Excuse me....-cries-
  • Good episode, but has a few flaws...

    Same as it Never Was, veiwed as one of TMNT's best(some say the best). While I do condiser it one of the best, it is slightly overrated.

    Some flaws in the epsidoe:

    The deaths(while emotional)wern't done much justice what with the no blood and stuff(I'm still wondering how Karai's sword managed to slash Leo through the shell). Also, the episode felt a little rushed at the begining.

    But it was dark(which I like), and the animation and voice acting were top notch. If this wasn't part of the Time and Space arc, this would have worked better as a 2 parter.
  • donnie gets sent to an altenate world where the shredder rules and his brothers have suffered

    definately a favorite because i love the future versions of mike, leo and raph. also loved it when april blew karai away. sad that the 3 brothers died but at least shredder was destroyed. i loved the fight between leo nad raph and also leo and karai. i also thought how touching it was that even though raph and loe had fought all those years in the end they died side by side
  • my fav episode

    well in this episode don is 30 years in the future were splinter and casey are dead, mikey lost and arm, raph and leo are fighting, april is head of a resistons team and did i tell you the shredder rules the world? this episode is soo cool and sad. don gets all his brothers together and fights the shredder. the end resolt raph, mikey and leo die..o and hun, baxter stockman and the shredder. so in the end april and don are the only ones alive *cry* . don then gets tacken out of that univers to later be reunited with his brothers in a later episode.
  • Donatello winds up 30 years in the future thanks to Ultimate Drakko. He meets up with his brothers and April, but they are all older now and Splinter is dead. Shredder rules the world. To get home he must pull his brothers together...for one last fight.

    This was my favorite episode of the series so far. It had me on the edge of my seat crying my head off. Poor Donny! He goes ahead in time 30 years to find Shredder rules the world, April is leading the rebellion, Casey and Splinter are dead, Mikey had one arm, Leo and Raph are fighting (plus Leo is like blind and Raph is missing an eye) He doesnt know how he got there or how to get home to his family, but Donatello knows that stopping the Shredder is something he has to do. He manages to get all his brothers together, which was beautiful, especially how Raph reacted to seeing Donatello! That was awesome! And the look on Donny's face, priceless. Worst of all, the turtles all die except Donny who defeats the Shredder using the Turtle Tunneler. Afterwards, he just looked so lost because his brothers were gone. Then something pulls him away...DUN DUN DUN! An all around fantastic episode!!
  • This is one of my favorite episodes.

    This episode is so awesome because of the events that happen. Baxter Stockman and the Hun betray Shredder. Karai kills Leo and Raph. April kills Karai. Mike gets killed by Karai Bots. And Don defeats the Shredder. Plus Splinter had died trying to protect the turtles. But there is one thing that bothers me. They say that Don left long ago. But where. I hope they say. But I doubt they will. If you haven't seen this wan you have to get the DVD. Or you better hope they show it as a re-run. P.S. I need to know where Don went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!