Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - Season 2

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Turtles in Space (1): The Fugitoid
    The Turtles are taken across space to the Planet D'Hoonnib, and right into the middle of a Police action. They befriend Professor Honeycutt, alias The Fugitoid, who is being pursued by the military forces of rouge General Blanque, who is after Honeycutt's teleportation device, prehaps the only way The Turtles will reach Earth again...moreless
  • Turtles in Space (2): The Trouble with Triceratons
    Still trapped on D'Hoonnib, the Turtles and The Fugitoid visit a seedy night club in an effort to find transportation off of the Planet for a price, but General Blanque intercepts them, and, in the battle that follows, The Fugitoid is captured by the war-mongoring Triceratons.
  • Turtles in Space (3): The Big House
    Captured by the Triceratons, the Turtles are used to persuade the Fugitoid to work on his teleportation device. Trapped in a Jail Cell, the Turtles meet many alien species, including a giant creature called Rynokk, who is beaten by Raphael in a cafeteria brawl.

    When Raph is thrown into Solitary, the remaining Turtles escape from their own cell to free him, but this only leads to their capture again by the Triceraton guardmoreless
  • Turtles in Space (4): The Arena
    The Turtles are brought to the Tri-Sports Arena, where they have been selected to battle as Gladiators for the Triceraton crowds, and the only way to gain victory is by showing no mercy
  • Turtles in Space (5): Triceraton Wars
    The Triceratons do battle with the D'Hoonibian race, whilst the Turtles and the Fugitoid, having captured the Triceraton Prime Leader, prepare to return home using the Fugitoid's teleporter, only one problem though: he's never tested it
  • Secret Origins (1)
    Secret Origins (1)
    Episode 6
    The Turtles arrive inside TCRI, and as they meet up with old friends, they find themselves facing old ghosts as well as their origins are revealed to them at last.
  • Secret Origins (2)
    Secret Origins (2)
    Episode 7
    The Turtles and Splinter use Virtual Reality technology to learn of the Utrom's presence and purpose on Earth, but an old enemy beleived dead returns to make the journey VERY real
  • Secret Origins (3)
    Secret Origins (3)
    Episode 8
    The Turtles and Splinter escape the Utrom's Virtual Reality device, but now they must escape TCRI before it is destroyed, and their only way out is hampered by one small obstacle: SHREDDER AND THE FOOT
  • The Ultimate Ninja
    The Ultimate Ninja
    Episode 9
    The Ultimate Ninja, a warrior from across the galaxies, has come to take the head of Shredder, only to find Leonardo had already done the deed, so now The Ultimate Ninja challenges Leonardo to a battle to the death
  • Reflections
    Episode 10
    The Turtles have had several deadly battles lately, and now they decide to take a break at Casey's grandmother's farm house. While they are there, they remember all of their struggles and discuss their origins.
  • 2/21/04
    When Nano returns to take revenge on the Turtles, the four must stop his rampage, but their efforts soon increase in difficulty when Nano springs his "Father" from prison
  • What a Croc
    Episode 12
    Donatello is exploring options of using the sewer canals for transportation when Michelangelo confronts a mutant alligator. When the Turtles ridicule Mikey for seeing things, he eventually convinces the Turtles that the mutant alligator actually exists. They also find out who he is and what he's using their old lair for.moreless
  • 3/6/04
    The Turtles return to the underground city they discovered in the three-part "Notes From The Underground", but they find the city is now abandoned, it's crystal moon power source missing, and it's human population reduced to monsters, can an unstable serum created by Donatello restore the humans to normal?
  • City at War (1)
    City at War (1)
    Episode 14
    The collapse of Shredder's crime empire means the city is open for the most vicious gangs to sieze control for themselves, New York is plunged into chaos and anarchy, and only the Turtles can maintain order... can they?
  • City at War (2)
    City at War (2)
    Episode 15
    The Turtles face The Foot, the Purple Dragons, the Mob, and an old enemy as they fight to keep the city safe, but will they be able to hold them off for long?
  • City at War (3)
    City at War (3)
    Episode 16
    With the Foot, the Purple Dragons, and the Mob becoming more than the Turtles can handle, the TMNT reluctantly call on the help of Shredder's old General: Karai
  • Junklantis
    Episode 17
    Whilst testing out their new Shell Sub, the Turtles are forced to sink or swim when they discover their old enemy Garbageman is sinking ships to create his own underwater city
  • The Golden Puck
    Episode 18
    Casey Jones joins the sport of Super Slam Hockey, and takes it to the streets when a legendary 17th century Golden Puck is taken by crooks, can the Turtles hold Casey in line long enough to find the Puck, or will the hardcore rules of Super Slam Hockey get to them first?moreless
  • Rogue in the House (1)
    Shredder deploys an army of Foot Mechs and a Cyborg duplicate of Splinter against the Turtles
  • Rogue in the House (2)
    Shredder's army of Foot Mechs confront the Turtles, who must also deal with a cyborg Splinter designed to locate and destroy them, but even if they defeat this army, can they stop Shredder?

    And how does a Triceraton warrior called Zog fit into how the TMNT might defeat their enemy?
  • April's Artifact
    Episode 21
    April finds an artifact that her uncle brought to her several years ago. She accidently activates it somehow, and the Turtles and her are zapped to another dimension inhabited by mutant insects. April and Donatello have to figure out how they were brought to this world and how April's uncle escaped. However, the Turtles could be lunch meat by the time that happens.moreless
  • 5/8/04
    Michangelo's quest to colect a rare comic take the TMNT and Casey Jones back to Northampton, Massachusetts, where they uncover a plot by a madman to kidnap the members of a retired super-hero team called The Justice Force
  • The Big Brawl (1)
    The Big Brawl (1)
    Episode 23
    Every three years, Splinter leaves his students to go to parts unknown. Curious, the four Turtles decide to follow him this time.The Turtles follow Splinter into the Battle Nexus, a tournament where warriors fight to the brink of death to achieve eternal glory. The Turtles become interested in this tournament, but dark forces are at work...moreless
  • The Big Brawl (2)
    The Big Brawl (2)
    Episode 24
    As the Battle Nexus progresses, the Turtles learn more about Splinter's relations to the tournament as well as the history of the Nexus. A conspiracy seems be under way by the Ultimate Ninja, and Leo meets Usagi Yojimbo, who he faces in the tournament.
  • The Big Brawl (3)
    The Big Brawl (3)
    Episode 25
    As the Battle Nexus continues, only Michelangelo and Raphael are left, as Leonardo becomes poisoned. Donatello attends to him with Usagi, but the Ultimate Ninja and Drako continue to conspire to get their revenge on the Turtles and Splinter.
  • The Big Brawl (4)
    The Big Brawl (4)
    Episode 26
    As the final stages of the Battle Nexus reach their highest intensity yet, Don and Usagi are becoming outnumbered by the Ulimate Ninja's assassins. Raph and Traximus help Splinter escape to expose Drako's plot, but Drako's possession of the Daimyo's war staff causes havoc to be wreaked across the Nexus.
  • The Mutation of a Scene: New Girl in Town
    Get a behind the scenes look at one of the action packed scenes from the 13th episode. Watch as we cut together the storyboard animatic, primary animation and the final scene to show you the process of how this show is animated.