Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - Season 3

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Same As It Never Was (3)
    Ultimate Drako sends Donatello to the future without him-- a totalitarian regime where Shredder rules the earth. Donatello's brothers are weak and tired from the war, and not all of their friends have survived this long. Donatello must bring together his brothers to face the Shredder one last time to avenge all of those who have fell to his evil.moreless
  • Exodus (2)
    Exodus (2)
    Episode 26
    The time is now, trapped aboard Shredders' starship, the Turtles prepare to engage in a duel to determine the very destiny of the universe, the final battle with The Shredder...has begun.
  • Exodus (1)
    Exodus (1)
    Episode 25
    Shredder has completed his heinous plan to travel to the bowels of the galaxy to wreak havoc. The Turtles intercept him at his gala at Foot HQ, but Bishop and the E.P.F. counterattack to turn everything into anarchy. In the confusion, Shredder tries to get to his shuttle made from Triceraton technology, but Bishop and the Turtles aren't going to give him a farewell just yet.moreless
  • Hun on the Run
    Episode 18
    Karai is on a mission to steal a chip from Agent Bishop but ends up getting captured. Bishop tells Shredder that he'll let Karai live if he forks over the technology he's been collecting from the recent alien invasion. Shredder sends Hun to rescue Karai as a last chance to redeem himself for his recent failures. Hun sets out on his mission while Stockman wants to make sure that neither Hun nor Karai return alive and tricks the turtles into this fight. Now the turtles have to work together with Hun and Karai to defeat Bishop.moreless
  • Bishop's Gambit
    Episode 24
    Agent Bishop's scheme to create the ultimate mutant weapon is only a HAIR away from completion...rat hair, that is, can the Turtles stop him before harm comes to their rodent sensei?
  • Worlds Collide (2)
    Worlds Collide (2)
    Episode 5
    Since the coalition of the Federation and American troops have abducted the Turtles, Splinter must find a way to break into the base. He assembles... April and Casey? The three of them travel into this secret base. Meanwhile, the Turtles and Prof. Honeycutt find out who Bishop made a dark deal with...moreless
  • New Blood
    New Blood
    Episode 13
    Forces loyal to The Shredder commence a salvage operation of the Triceraton technology, leading the Turtles into an encounter with new and improved Foot mechs.
  • Worlds Collide (3)
    Worlds Collide (3)
    Episode 6
    Bishop is under pressure as Splinter arrives, and he faces a mini-army with the Turtles leading the fray. Bishop doesn't sweat, and still has the situation in control. However, Blanque and Zanramon are continuing the war right outside in downtown Manhattan. Honeycutt has a plan to stop the chaos, but it's risky.moreless
  • The Real World (2) (5)
    A return to the Battle Nexus alongside Miyamoto Usagi leads Leonardo to a fateful confrontation with the benevolant Daimyo, but when he tries to cast Leonardo into prison, all hope to recover the remaining Turtles seems lost...
  • Mission of Gravity
    Episode 15
    Shredder plans to add the Triceraton AntiGravity Generator to his collection of alien technology. Chaplin and Karai, Shredder's new favorites, will be heading the mission. They are to travel to Beijing through the Triceraton force field, claim the generator, and leave the falling city to its doom. Karai asks the Turtles for help to save millions of innocent people in Beijing. The Turtles go to Beijing to help, but there are several obstacles they face.moreless
  • Hunted
    Episode 8
    Since he was placed under Agent Bishop's experiments, Leatherhead now has uncontrollable fits of rage and destruction. After he almost hurts Michelangelo, Leatherhead says that he can't stay in the lair anymore. However, a nefarious hunter is in the sewers, and if Leatherhead doesn't watch his back, he'll be captured.
  • Reality Check (1)
    Reality Check (1)
    Episode 19
    After the Ultimate Ninja/Drako abomination sends the Turtles into different dimensions with Lord Simultaneous's Time Scepter, Michelangelo finds himself in an alternate world where the TMNT are superheroes, and Splinter has become a supervillain. Michelangelo must help his superhero doppelgangers defeat the villainous Splinter.
  • Space Invaders (3)
    Space Invaders (3)
    Episode 3
    The Turtles rendezvous with some old allies to help them topple the Triceraton Regime. While the Turtles, Monza Ram, and his assistance try to rescue Donatello, the Prime Leader tortures him. The Turtles must get to Donatello in time, but time is running out for the human race as well.
  • Space Invaders (1)
    Space Invaders (1)
    Episode 1
    Pursuing the Fugitoid to Earth, The Triceratons, unaware that Professor Honeycutt is not even on the Planet, attempt to extract information on the scientest's location from any human they find through a mind-destroying brain-scan, can the Turtles save their freinds from a terrifying lobotomy?
  • Touch and Go
    Touch and Go
    Episode 7
    After the Tricero-Federation War, New York has begun reconstruction, financed by the Shredder. As Splinter and Michelangelo what exactly is going on behind the scenes here, two strange warriors intercept them.
  • The Real World (1) (4)
    Leonardo, separated from his brothers, finds himself in a realm, that, in different circumstances, he could see as home.
  • The Darkness Within
    Episode 14
    An ancient entity crashed onto Earth centuries ago, and it thrived from the greed and pride from Europeans who colonized North America. C.F Ovfelhart, a modern-day business tycoon, has had Angel's brother trapped inside his mansion, where this entity reigns. The Turtles must save him, but this creature has the power to create deadly phantasms that can trap them.moreless
  • Nobody's Fool
    Nobody's Fool
    Episode 10
    The Turtles discover a caped figure who tends to be taking out street punks. This Batman-esque hero, claiming his name as Nobody, decides to work with the Turtles to stop crime in the area. However, Shredder is still trying to undermine the reconstruction of New York.
  • H.A.T.E
    Episode 9
    The Turtles and Casey once again return to the old farm to get away from all of the chaos and destruction of the Big Apple. However, nothing is peaceful when April and Casey's mother do not get along. Also, several locals who survived the Triceraton invasion have hijacked nuclear weapons and intend to "solve" the problem. Hopefully Don and Raph can stop these maniacs from their own destruction.moreless
  • Space Invaders (2)
    Space Invaders (2)
    Episode 2
    The Turtles succeed in rescuing several humans from the Triceraton's grasp, but Donatello is captured. The Turtles must find a way to get to the Triceraton base to rescue Donny, but several obstacles block their goal. Can Earth survive before the Turtles drive the Triceratons away?
  • The Entity Below
    Episode 16
    There are currently several natural disasters occurring, most of them centered around New York. Donatello also says that there have been energy readings coming from the underground city. When they investigate, the Crystal Moon has been re-energized, and the citizens of the sunken city of Atlantis have been reanimated and continue their efforts to conquer the surface world.moreless
  • The Lesson
    The Lesson
    Episode 11
    April wants to perfect her ninjitsu skills and asks for the Turtles' help. However, the Turtles share a tale with her about teaching other people ninjitsu when they were little. From this experience that they tell April, they vowed not to teach others how to be ninjas.
  • Worlds Collide (1)
    Worlds Collide (1)
    Episode 4
    The Turtles return from thier adventures on the Triceraton homeworld...and find nothing but the city in complete ruin, also, someone ready and waiting for them when they arrive, unfourtunatly, this person is also wanted by the invading Triceratons...
  • Time Travails
    Episode 17
    When time travel sorceress in training Renet accidentally sends the Turtles and herself into the past...our heroes meet more than just a powerful sorcerer, they also find old enemies, in a way, that hope to make a major impact in the future...and their present.
  • The Christmas Aliens
    In an adventure set during the festive season, Michaelangelo runs foul of a group of criminals hoping to attain a profit off of "Orphan Alien Dolls"
  • Across The Universe (2)
    With his brothers scattered across time and space, therfore "Off-Season" so to speak, Raphael must adapt to his environment in order to survive...what kind of dangers come with being a Planet Racer? And will Raph's "Life Cycle" run out before he can find out?