Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - Season 4

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Cousin Sid
    Cousin Sid
    Episode 1
    Recovering from thier decisive encounter with The Shredder, the Turtles return to Earth and reunite with April and Casey, who is also reunited with a family member with far too many problems of his own in tow...
  • The People's Choice
    When the Turtles are out at Casey's farm, they decide to camp out in the wilderness for some relaxation and reflection time. However, when two alien princesses crash land on Earth, the Turtles are caught in a struggle. One of the princesses was elected as the rightful ruler, but the other one wants that position, and her opponent's life...moreless
  • A Wing And A Prayer
    Asending to new heights, the Turtles aid the winged warrior named Raptarr against the renegade Mephos to save the floating city of the Avians.
  • Sons Of The Silent Age
    The Turtles face a species of the deep, and when April gets too close to the action, she grasps a truth behind the current of environmental consequence.
  • Dragons' Brew
    Dragons' Brew
    Episode 5
    Hun and the Purple Dragons stage a daring robbery, Leo and Casey team up to stop them, but what greater dangers lie with the Dragons' quarry?
  • I, Monster
    Episode 6
    The TMNT face a near unfamiliar familiar in the abandoned brick works in the boroughs, a figure who "breeds" strange and cryptic behaviour, a figure who has swapped unnatural order for another, a figure known as The Rat King...
  • Grudge Match
    Grudge Match
    Episode 7
    A return to the Battle Nexus, a time to fight, is Mikey bound for glory once more?
  • All Hallows Thieves
    On Halloween night, a mustachioed man visits April, expressing interest in a rather unusual item: a hideous six-armed idol. But the statue is no ordinary junkshop knickknack; it can be used to invoke a horde of imps that proceed to clean out the city and bring its spoils to their master, a criminal who calls himself The King of Thieves.moreless
  • Bad Day
    Bad Day
    Episode 9
    The Turtles learn first hand what it means to have a "Bad Shell Day" as calamity after calamity befalls them, when thier deadliest enemies launch a devastating attack, this time the Turtles may not be able to save everybody
  • Aliens Among Us
    Aliens Among Us
    Episode 10
    Right when the President of the United States arrives in New York City, an invasion of what seems to be aliens attacks at the most inconvenient time. However, the Turtles investigate about these "aliens" and find out that this looks like Bishop's handiwork. Although this seems like something the opposite of what Bishop would normally due, the Turtles must also find out what his motivation is to wreck the confidentiality of the E.P.F.moreless
  • Dragon's Rising
    Dragon's Rising
    Episode 11
    Hun is living up to his promise from previous episodes. The Purple Dragons have evolved from a basic street gang to a smuggling syndicate that works throughout New York. Leonardo goes with Casey to put an end to Hun's plans to bring the Purple Dragons to glory. However, Casey and the recently angry Leo will have to control their own fury if they want to bring justice-- and not just veangeance-- out of this.moreless
  • Still Nobody
    Still Nobody
    Episode 12
    The Turtles help Nobody protect an old man when he witnesses Jengo, leader of the Turks, harming a Turks member. Can the Turtles and Nobody stop the Turks?
  • Samurai Tourist
    Samurai Tourist
    Episode 13
    Usagi and Gen come to New York for a visit with the Turtles. Gen gets a little carried away by the bright lights and big city and goes wandering off on his own. And if the modern world wasn’t dangerous enough, an assassin from Usagi’s world has followed Usagi and Gen here. His target: Leonardo.moreless
  • The Ancient One
    The Ancient One
    Episode 14
    It is time for Leonardo to move on. Splinter sends Leo to a new sensei… or rather, a very old sensei. The journey is long and perilous. Can Leonardo look into himself and find the right answers to his questions? Can he even find the right questions?

  • Scion of the Shredder
    While Leonardo is in Japan studying with the Ancient One, Karai as the new Shredder makes her attack.
  • Prodigal Son
    Prodigal Son
    Episode 16
    Leonardo returns from Japan to find the lair in ruins and his family nowhere to be seen. He begins to pursue them, and finds out that the Foot is back to full strength, with Karai as their leader. Since the Foot did not find Leonardo in the lair and kill him (like they think they did with the others), he has to search in stealth.moreless
  • Outbreak
    Episode 17
    Bishop has too deal with the consequenses of his actions when people and animals all over New York starts mutating into horrible beasts after his "alien" invasion.
  • The Trouble With Augie
    For several years April's uncle Augustus (aka Augie) has been missing. One day she gets a message from him via the mysterious artifact last seen in season 2 "April's Artifact", and April and Donatello has to go too another dimension and save him
  • Insane in the Membrane
    When Stockman decides to clone himslf, a new body everything goes wrong. The body's rapid decomposition causes its mind to deteriorate, and he goes after April in revenge to the destruction of his mousers.
  • A Tale of Master Yoshi
    All settled in their new lair, but with no electricity Leonardo tells his brothers and Splinter a tale about love and betrayal...and a pet rat.
  • Return of Savanti (1)
    The evil Savanti Romero is back for revenge on the Turtles after being humiliated by them. He sends on a trip through time where no humans have been before
  • Return of Savanti (2)
    The Turtles' only option to escape the Cretaceous is to retrieve the Time Scepter from Savanti, but it will not be easy, as he has mastered how to use it. His first plan is to destroy Renet, absorb her powers, then have enough assurance to easily kill the Turtles.
  • Adventures in Turtle-Sitting
    With the outbreak-mutant situation the Turtles feel they have to deal with and Donatello sick his brothers leave him with Casey and April for care. But Donatello is not sick but in the last stages of a second mutation.
  • Good Genes (1)
    Good Genes (1)
    Episode 24
    With Donatello sick the Turtles are desperate. So desperate that they decide to try and sneak into Bishops facility, where they realize they have to make a deal with the devil if they want to cure Donatello
  • Good Genes (2)
    Good Genes (2)
    Episode 25
    To cure Donatello the Turtles made a deal with the devil aka Bishop. Now they have to retrive a pendant that is supposed to help Bishop in his research. The thing is that the pendant is in the heart of the Foot-building, and Karai won't just hand it over
  • The Ninja Tribunal
    The Ninja Tribunal
    Episode 26
    After the Turtles were able to cure Donatello's mutation, a group of ninjas confronts the Turtles to tell them about a battle between good and evil that will decide the fate of the world.