Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - Season 6

Saturday 10:00 AM on FOX Premiered Feb 08, 2003 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Zixxth Sense
    Zixxth Sense
    Episode 26
    Torbin Zixx was selling disintegrator weapons to aliens, and cheated a mutant lobster, known as Big Red, out of merchandise. Zixx promised him an experimental matter transmitter but doesn't have it. Meanwhile, a meteor made of dark matter is on a collision course to Earth. Zixx needs help to stop it by getting the transmitter from Boss Zuko. Can the turtles get the transmitter from Zuko and stop the meteor?moreless
  • The Day of Awakening
    Sh'Okanabo is finally ready for his last attack. The only obstacles between him and the Day of Awakening are the Turtles... aided by none other than Bishop.
  • The Cosmic Completist
    A galactic collector who collects rare beings wants the Inuwashi Gunjin in his collection. With nowhere else to go, the Gunjin ask the Turtles for help.
  • DNA is Thicker Than Water
    The Black Turtles are tired of losing and being abused by Darius Dun, so Black Leo makes up a plan to infiltrate the Turtles by risking his own life to save Cody.
  • Head of State
    Head of State
    Episode 22
    An old enemy from the past returns, and he wants Bishop destroyed. Only the Turtles can help Bishop. However, when Bishop is kidnapped, the Turtles learn that before Bishop became the Global President and cleaned up his act, he did some "dirty work" for the Earth Protection Force-- poaching and gene splicing aliens. It turns out that in 2055, there was a lab accident that had catastophic results...moreless
  • Race For Glory!
    Race For Glory!
    Episode 21
    The Turtles are entering a race as Team O'Neil. Donatello modified the Hovershell to become a top notch racing machine. Also, Triple Threat is destroying everyone's cars in the race. While they are racing, the Turtles meet an ally, Falcon. Can the Turtles survive the road rage?
  • Turtle X-tinction
    Turtle X-tinction
    Episode 20
    Turtle-X is on a rampage and it's not Cody's fault! Someone is controlling Turtle-X with a remote from the outside, but who's controlling Turtle-X and why?
  • Fall of Darius Dun
    Fall of Darius Dun
    Episode 19
    Dear old Uncle Darius and his evil pets have returned, along with Darius's battlesuit that Jammerhead used in "Invasion of the Body Snatcher". Cody tries fighting Darius with his Turtle-X battle armor, but fails since Darius's armor is stronger than Turtle-X. Can Cody turn the tables on his uncle, or is this the end of both him and the turtles? We simply don't know, but after this episode, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward will never be the same again.moreless
  • Milk Run
    Milk Run
    Episode 18
    When Torbin Zixx breaks into O'Neil Tech, the Turtles have to chase him through the city and end up on an interstellar trip. But what are his intentions?
  • Enter the Jammerhead
    Jammerhead escapes from jail, and with the help of some new technology he has gotten his hands on, is determined to confront the Turtles. At the same time, Starlee's alien family visits Starlee on earth.
  • Timing Is Everything
    Sh'Okanabo unleashes a time storm on New York, putting the Turtles in the middle of chaos, with old and new foes also involved.
  • Graduation Day: Class of 2105
    Splinter announces that the Turtles will graduate to the next ninja rank, Chuunin, for using the 3 pillars of life, being invisible, indestructable and showing insight, except Michelangelo, who skipped the exam to play video games. But Splinter gives him a last chance to graduate, if he only manages to pass a test for a chuunin rank.moreless
  • The Gaminator
    The Gaminator
    Episode 14
    In a effort to prove to Sh'Okanabo that she might still be usefull too him Viral sets a trap that digitizes and sucks the Turtles into a prototype game system, the Gaminator
  • The Journal
    The Journal
    Episode 13
    While in Cody's trophy-room the Turtles find an old journal written by April and Casey. Feeling homesick they decide to read some of its content...big mistake.
  • Bad Blood
    Bad Blood
    Episode 12
    Darius Dun and Sh'Okanabo decides to join forces to get rid of the Turtles, and Sh'Okanabo's new creations poses a huge threat for the Turtles, a threat that hits a little too close to home.
  • The Freaks Come Out at Night...
    After a walk around the city Mikey starts acting strange and the rest of the gang investigate what is wrong, what they find out is worse than they ever could have imagined.
  • Invasion of the Bodyjacker
    Jammerhead and the Street Phantoms uses a device called Bodyjacker to take over Darius Dun's body to steal O'Neil Tech's secrets
  • Fly Me to the Moon
    Fly Me to the Moon
    Episode 9
    In an effort to fix the time-window Cody and The Turtles go to the moon to retrieve a special alloy, but are interrupted by The Inuwashi Gunjin who wants them dead
  • Clash of the Turtle Titans
    Michaelangelo gets angry when he finds out someone has stolen his secret superhero-identity Turtle Titan, and he wants it back. Meanwhile, Triple-Threat escapes and attacks a comic book store
  • Night of Sh'Okanabo!
    After Mikey finds out Cody has never seen a horror-movie he decides to take him and his brothers to a horror-festival, only to come face to face with a new threat
  • Bishop to Knight
    Bishop to Knight
    Episode 6
    The Turtles are shocked to find out one of their old foes from the past is still alive and well in the year 2105. Bishop has become a top agent in Earth's government, and even though he isn't after the Turtles, they don't trust him. But Bishop offers the Turtles an ultimatum if they wish to stop crime. He gives them a tip of a gangster, Torbin Zixx, that is smuggling stolen goods to the moon.moreless
  • Playtime's Over
    Playtime's Over
    Episode 5
    When a sequel to one of Michelangelo's games are released he is overjoyed, but trouble soon follow
  • Headlock Prime
    Headlock Prime
    Episode 4
    Leo and Raph decide to go to and see a wrestling match, but when a banned contestant crashes the tournament Raphael decide to stop the wrestler before he goes to far
  • Home Invasion
    Home Invasion
    Episode 3
    When a computer virus attacks the building, and their new virutal reality dojo the Turtles have to find a way to stop it before it can fulfill it's evil plans while trapped in a hologram
  • Obsolete
    Episode 2
    The Turtles want to go home, but they need to replace a part they can only get from O'Neil Tech. But when Cody's uncle Darius, who is also Cody's caretaker, wants to stop Cody from getting there his plan turns on him and the Turtles have to save the day.
  • Future Shellshock!
    Future Shellshock!
    Episode 1
    With the help of Cody Jones, the future great-grandson of Casey Jones and April O'Neil, our heroes are tansported 99 years into the future, where they will do battle with all new enemies.