Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 2 Episode 8

Secret Origins (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 31, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Secret Origins (3)
The Turtles and Splinter escape the Utrom's Virtual Reality device, but now they must escape TCRI before it is destroyed, and their only way out is hampered by one small obstacle: SHREDDER AND THE FOOT

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Mike Pollock

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  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • April: We can't sit around anymore. We need to know what's going on in there. The authorities won't talk to us, but they might talk to a TV news reporter. (April walks to Casey in a yellow suit.) How do I look?
      Casey: Er, great. If you were moving toxic waste.
      April: (Hits him) You're no help. (She grabs a camera and hand it to him) Can you at least be my cameraman?
      Casey: Do I have a choice?

    • Splinter: A wise man once said, "The more one learns, the less one knows". My sons and I have learned many things of late. Much of what we learned, we experience through a remarkable window to the past. A history of an alien race, known as the Utroms. In a virtual reality, we witnessed as the Utroms transported their most dangerous criminal back to their home world to stand trial, only to crash land here on Earth, several hundred years. And in that past, we encountered one who resembled Shredder. Perhaps an ancestor or merely a phantasm. But even a phantasm can be defeated. My sons and I escaped that dangerous illusion, only to return to... a reality that promised to be more deadly!

    • Honeycutt: (after seeing Stockman) Oh, dear. And I thought I was stuck with an unpleasant robot body.

    • Stockman: At last... it's time I finally had my revenge on you annoying mutations!
      Raphael: Stockman? (laughs) I almost didn't recongnize you. New haircut?
      (Stockman zaps them with his laser.)

    • Honeycutt: (using Shredder's voice) Stockman, step away from the controls!

    • Leonardo: We have to stop Stockman!
      Michelangelo: And here I am, all out of bug spray!

    • Michelangelo: Get it off! Or there's gonna be a tiny little Shredder alien busting out of Raph's chest! (Raphael hits him) Ow!

    • Leo: So, you guys think we've finally seen the last of The Shredder in there?
      April: The Shredder?! Don't tell me he was in there too!
      Turtles: Boy have we got a story to tell you!

    • Splinter: Shredder! There is no time; the building is about to implode... even you could not survive!
      Shredder: Then we shall all perish... together!

    • Raphael: He ain't so tough now! Let's just squish him!
      (Shredder latches onto his face.)
      Shredder: What did you say? I can't seem to hear you!

    • Donatello: The Shredder's...AN UTROM?
      Michaelangelo: Aack! It's the prisoner dude!

    • Leo: So April, what are you, a news reporter?
      April: Huh, in another lifetime maybe!

    • Krang: I hate walking on my tentacles!
      Utrom #2: Oh! Shut up, Krang!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Villains: Shredder, Hun, Stockman, Foot Elite, Foot Soldiers

    • Prologue Narrator: Splinter

    • The episode contains hilarious references to the original TMNT 1980s' cartoon series. Among them, Dimension X warlord Krang cameos as a Utrom, and April is dressed in her Channel 6 news reporter garb from the original.

    • Three pivotal points happen in this episode. Leatherhead's introduction is foreshadowed by his shadow, Shredder is actually an Utrom, and Yoshi was a Guardian.

    • The general seen in this and the last episode is a caricature of former NYC mayor David Dinkins, probably best known for the ridiculously oversized blue helmet he wore while riding atop a tank several years ago following some disaster or another on the east coast.


    • April O'Neil, News Reporter
      When April decides to disguise herself as a news reporter, she dresses very similarly to the April O'Neil of the 1987 TMNT cartoon series. In that series, April was a news reporter and for Channel 6 no less.

    • Alien

      Michelangelo: Get it off! Or there's gonna be a tiny Shredder alien busting out of Raph's chest! (Raphael hits him) Ow!

      This quote is based off of the facehuggers in the Alien series. After the egg had hatched, the facehugger would attach itself to a human or another creature and implant an alien embryo inside it. Once developed enough, the alien would burst out of the creature's chest.

    • Various: N/A
      Transmat as a short form for matter transfer was commonly used on the British TV series Doctor Who. Transmat was also a term used for the same principal in the comic book series, Gold Digger.

    • The Prisoner

      Michelangelo: (evil Utrom comes out of Shredder's exo-suit) It's the Prisoner dude!

      The Prisoner was a classic series starring Patric Mcgoohan in the late 60's, the contraversial series involved an agent of M.I.5 being imprioned in a village by a secret organisation, and kept there until he revealed why he resigned.

      The final episode "Fallout" dealt with the agent discovering the identity of his nemesis, Number One, only to discover he was...himself, something he had not expected, The Shredder is revealed also, in this epiosde, to be something other than what he has been shown to be to the viewer.