Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 7 Episode 1

Tempus Fugit

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 13, 2008 on FOX

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  • The Turtles are back, at last. Do they still pack a punch? Of course they do.

    TMNT Back to the Sewer, this isn't a series premiere. I know 4Kids advertise it as a new series, but I still consider it season 7. Just because there's so much continuity, in fact people who haven't seen any episodes previously might have some trouble following this episode. This episode is actually a season finale and a season premiere at the same time. It ends the Fast Forward season and starts the BTTS season. This is evident, they even use the Fast Forward intro at the beginning, and the BTTS intro at the very end. A nice touch that marks the transition between he two. Over to the episode itself, it was packed. The Turtles have to face dinosaurs, knights, Viral and 3 Shredders. Yeah, 3 Shredders. That's the Utrom Shredder, the Demon Shredder from season 5 and the newest addition, Cyber Shredder. My guess is that the time they land in with the 3 Shredders and the Cyber Foot, is just a preview of things to come. By that I mean it's stuff that probably will happen down the road, maybe a season finale. The "death" of Splinter was a bit rushed, but hopefully next episode will devote a little time to this. The big question for many is: "Will this be as dark as seasons 1-5?" No, I don't think it will be. But it's definitely gonna be darker than Fast Forward, which isn't a hard thing to accomplish by any means. I like Fast Forward as well BTW, but not as much as the other seasons. Viral's demise at the end was a bit intense. It seems like a good mix between Seasons 1-5 and the Fast Forward season. Now, can we have the "Dark Turtles" appear? Please. The animation, I think it's a step up from Fast Forward, but not too different from that season. A lot of people seem to have problems getting used to the eyes. Not me, I love the new desigs. April sill looks hot, if you're wondering. You didn't? Well, I guess that's just me then. The Turtles are back, and they're still awesome. I think this season will be just as great as 1-5.
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