Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 7 Episode 1

Tempus Fugit

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 13, 2008 on FOX

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  • the turtles and Splinter are on their way back home, but Viral has other plans

    What a trimphant return for the turtles, it felt so good seeing new turtles. I like how Viral took over the time gate and snatched the turtles from going home right when it was right in front of them. Viral really wanted to make them suffer but I feel her attempts where a bit weak over-all. I liked seeing the turtles bounced around from time to time. And I think I'm going to like Serling being with the turtles, his interactions with them are pretty good and I don't find him as annoying. I laughed when Don got him up and running again and he said "I thought I was rid of your cretins" or something to that effect. And hey Mikey wasn't completely useless today! He was able to get viral to send them to a time period with the technology so they can battle Viral on her own terms. Good inciative Mikey! and Donatello was just kick shell in this episode, and I loved how he can just take anything dealoing with technology and make it work. My favorite part of the episode was when they where diposited on the street in New York in their own time during the battle of the foot ninjas. Thats when the episode felt like a return to it's orginal roots of pre-fast forward. The urban setting at night, the street and familiar tall buildings with out the glitzy-ness of furture artitech. This is the turtles I've missed! The fighting sequance at this point was the best of the episode too and it was cool seeing that guy with the red hair and beard show up! Can't wait to see more of what he's about because he looks awsome. I always assumed the scattering of Splinter's data was going to be lame but it was handled in a very good and even emotional way, with him noticing Viral about to shoot his sons and him sacrificing himself for them by putting himself in front of the beam. And the turtles reaction to him being "killed", Donatello taking it the hardest because he felt it was his fault. This is the sort of depth I've missed in the series and I hope it continues. The turtles are finnaly back home but they can't even enjoy it because their father was lost to them. I felt good seeing them in their old home though, even if Donatello is feeling anguished. Viral creeping out of Serling and into Donatello's computer system was cool with her searching the internet for a way to repair her self. But it was such sweet moment when she was "captured" by Shredder's data code and turned into the new Shredder. She as Shredder looked so bad ass!