Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 4 Episode 14

The Ancient One

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • After half a season of angst-ridden guilt and angry brooding, Leonardo finally finds himself. A good if somewhat done-to-death episode, with some very annoying stereotypes.

    This episode starts a turning point for the season, as things being to pick up speed. We've had a couple of stand-alone episodes that were basically treading water to establish the new status quo, and now we're ready to move forward. Leo's progression here comes at a good time, as the constant angst was starting to get a little irritating and overdone. It's interesting character development, but it was basically the same one-note "I couldn't save my family" schtick for a few episodes too many. Maybe if they had showed a gradual deterioration in Leonardo, the scene of him fighting and hurting Splinter would be more justified. Regardless, there's some gorgeous lighting in the scene where Leonardo and Splinter talk, and the scene is in general very well directed. On to the Japan stuff. It's all well and good, but most of it is pretty cliche. The pupil learns his lessons through several obstacles blocking his way to the Ancient One, and his traveling companion is more than they appear. We've seen this before, and in fact an episode of Teen Titans (aired around the time this one did) covers much the same plot. Not to say the proceedings aren't fun, because they are. But at the end of the day, this episode isn't very original. Originality isn't one of the show's strengths. Actually, I'd score this episode a bit higher were it not for the very stereotypical voice of the Ancient One. Whoever thought it was okay in this day and age to cast a character like some old Charlie Chan movie needs to get up to speed. Considering 4Kids' treatment of their anime properties, maybe I shouldn't expect much else. I'm not one for fart jokes, and didn't care for this particular aspect of the character.

    So there's a few flaws and annoyances, but overall this is a good start to the second half of the season.

    Why? Why does Leo have to leave? It's not fair! True, Donatello is my fav turtle, but Leo is part of the team and he is needed! Who's gonna keep everything together now?
    Still, this episode was quite good, although they should have had a goodbye scene because we don't know what the other guys think. True, we saw them evesdropping on Leo and Master Splinter's conversation, but we didn't see them react! Why Leo, why!
    I thought that the Ancient One was funny, although it was so obvious that it was him. Maybe I've just seem too many of these scenarios :). I don't know why Leo didn't pick up on it earlier.
  • funny ep

    I did not think Leo would go that far as to hit Splinter\\\\\\\'s head. Leo proved to be out of control. The ep was funyn with the ancient one farting and calling leo stupid and saying too muich talking. just when leo and ancient one were climbing the rock, ancient one farted. he farted to attract the demons. the last monster leo fought was a stone version of himself, showing that he is the bad one.

    They even showed scenes of the turtles near the power generator in exodus when they yelled shredder is coming back. leo then realized that he did the best he could. He seems to have gotten to reality.
  • LEEEEOOOOOO's BACK!!!!!! YES!!! The turtle in blue is back to his former not-scarily-creepy-uber-angsty-self! YES!!!

    This episode racks up among my favorites. After months of brooding and causing his family extreme grief Leo finally goes to far. He actually slices Master Splinter! Gah!
    Everyone in the Lair's had enough. So Master Splinter sends Leo to a new sensei off in Japan.
    Leo's line "But I don't want a new sensei, I'm happy here." was so cute. He sounded like a turtle tot again, you just had to forgive him for hurting Master Splinter after that.
    So anyways, Leo goes off to Japan and gets his butt kicked by two yeti-like monsters who taunt and tease Leo, but actually make some sense, they send him on his way and eventually Leo comes across an fat, little, round, old man, Who happens to release alot of gas!, and agrees to take Leo to the one called 'The Ancient One'. I found this new character extremely hilarious and quite amusing to watch, although he is not named till the end of the episode.
    Thankfully, by the end Leo gets some sense knocked into his brain. He realizes he did the best he could, that there wasn't anymore he could have done and it's ok to admit defeat sometimes...
    I gotta tell ya, I'm so happy to have Leo back to himself! Not still sour from the encounter with Shredder and not changed in a brooding dark way because of the markings life's left on him emotionally. In fact I'm so happy, please excuse me while I go back, re-watch the episode and then dance around in joy!!!!!!!!!
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