Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 3 Episode 14

The Darkness Within

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • Definitely the scariest TMNT episode I've ever watched so far!Just when I thought I've seen most from Western cartoons,here comes this.I'm in my 20s but I felt my hair rose watching four giant turtles battling the undead and some creepy tentacled-monster.

    The "Leo awakening from a bad dream thrice" scene could sound cliche but it shocked me everytime. I just wished that instead of Angel "dying", Mikey "being murdered" is more devasting. Mikey is the "baby" of the group. Seeing him bloody dead, should make Donnie go berserk 100% angrier than a normal Raph. But, heck, this is a kid's show. Too brutal. Other than that, very well-written. I specially like Angel hugging Mikey at the start. And let's not forget Raph's soft sife. Bravo for Ben Townsend! I do hope this really is not his last work for the Turtles.
  • In this exciting installment, the turtles help Angel find her lost brother in a mansion, haunted by a monster who feeds off of people’s fear.

    Even though this aired in January, I still consider this TMNT un-official Halloween episode. You have everything from a haunted mansion filled with living skeletons to a basement with a big, pink monster! I got the same thrill out of this episode as I did on the Haunted mansion ride. In Mikey own words: “Creepy!” Even with the completed plot the writers made sure that the viewers were able to follow it. This was also one of the greatest episodes that help us understand why Leonardo is the leader. Out of the four, Leo is the wisest. He was the first to figure out that what was happing wasn’t real. It was also Leo’s own strong mind control that helped him defeat the monster. It was awesome to discover the turtles fears. We learned more about their character. Leo- His fear was that one way or another he was going to lose his beloved master. This fear became even more apparent at the end of the season. Donny- he couldn’t save Angel. I think Angel represented all his family and friends. Because he was the first turtle to lose The Battle for the Nexus tournament, Donny is probably starting to doubt his own Ninja skills. Raph-although he does lose his temper often, deep inside he worries that his own anger could destroy him. Mikey – He was scared that Leo would go over to “the dark side” so to speak. Ironically, that could have had happened in season four. Although I would have loved to see Leo rescued all of his bros, at least we saw him rescue Mikey. It kind of reminded me of other episodes (such as “Grudge Match”) when Leo pays special attention to little brother Mikey when he gets into trouble. This episode shows how greed and fear can really affect people. So in short, it was totally awesome!