Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 6 Episode 13

The Journal

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • The ending ultimately makes it clear that we've just spent half an hour watching an episode with little consequence, but the myriad cameos and familiar faces are too good to pass up.

    (NOTE: This review contains spoilers)

    When the Turtles are caught sneaking a peek at Cody's journal, they're explicitly forbidden from doing so because knowledge of their future might have damaging effects on the timeline. So what do the Turtles do? Why, sneak a peek of course!

    There's a certain sense of mild frustration upon finishing the episode, because it's all fake. It's all concocted by Splinter to teach his sons a lesson, so none of the stories really matter. This episode is basically fan service to anyone missing the familiar characters and situations from the first five seasons. But if you watch this episode again knowing the outcome, it's a fun ride.

    We get to see April, Casey, Karai, the Justice Force and a few surprises, mostly because 4Kids skipped over the Ninja Tribunal season and aired this first. The stories are fluffy but fun - there's actually a pretty decent build-up with the stories starting pretty believable and moving to utterly ridiculous (as Splinter well admits).

    Bottom line, if you're looking for anything substantial you won't find it here, but otherwise it's a fun look back on the early years.
  • The turtles decide to know more about their future by reading Casey’s and April's journal. Unfortunately, by doing that, they open Pandora’s Box.

    Lesson number one boys and girls: If you are given the chance to know your future, DON’T!!! Splinter taught his sons the painful (and yet funny way) of what can happen by knowing the future. This is probably one of my most favorite episodes this season. When I saw the guys tumble into the old lair, I felt like hugging them along with Casey and April. Finally! They were out of the stupid future and back home!!! Of course, I think we all had a feeling that the journal was. Yet, I think the writers gave us a little bit of a foresight of what might be in the store for the guys when they finally come back to the present. The first story was my favorite: Mikey. Poor Mikey, trying so hard to be something he isn’t. While he did save Silver Sentry, he ended up turning the whole Justice Force into little babies!! I have to admit, I loved seeing the little guys!! They were so cute, fighting in April’s apartment, and seeing them again as toddlers at April’s wedding. It was sweet of April to raise the little buggers. I just hope she enlisted Mikey as the full time nanny!!! The Justice Force has never been a favorite of mine. Personally I think the city should have just one hero group: the turtles. However, I wonder if something drastic does eventually happen to the Justice Force. Also, did anyone notice that Nobody was now a part of the Justice Force? Leo’s story was good too. I loved seeing Karai again. Even though she was evil in season four, I always hoped that she would come back to the good side and get together with Leo. While it appeared that Karai was on the right side once again, she and Leo didn’t actually get along that great. In fact, Leo was acting the same way he did in season four: dark and miss-trusting. Leo was so convinced that Karai would betray the council, that he ended up getting himself kicked out of the Ninja Tribunal himself. Brutal. Apparently, Leo still has some trust issues with Karai. Not to mention he is probably still hurt by her portrayal. If he ever gets back to the present, I’m sure we will see that play out some more. Don’s story was the saddest, although ironically, it seems that his future was the only one not affected by reading the journal. Donny always has it rough compare to his brothers. For example, in season three, he had the worst alternate universe experience in “Same as it never was.” Then in season four he gets turn into a monster and now in season five he believes that he will end up as a disembodied brain trapped in a Serling bot! Speaking of our dear friend Serling, who here thinks that maybe Don help create the prototype for Serling? And last but not at all least, we have Raph. Good old Raph who is just trying to have fun, and ends up causing probably the most damage out of the four of them. After finally destroying Hun (hey, what happened to that scare on Hun's face?) Casey and Raph get a free one-way ticket to a deserted island. While they are stuck in paradise, April marries another, sells the company, and global warming hits the roof! At this point, it was extremely obvious that the journal was a fake. My one complaint is we didn’t get a little peek as to WHEN our heroes will return home. I figured we won’t, I was just hoping.