Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 1 Episode 11

The Shredder Strikes (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 19, 2003 on FOX

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  • THe turtles finnaly take on the Shredder.

    It was an excellent episode. This is the best Shredder I have ever seen in the entire turtles universe. The episode itself is really good. The two big battles are quite enjoyable and get the adrenal running. One of the problems though, is the knowledge that the story of the shredder has been changed. In the original comic, he kills Yoshi because Yoshi had killed his brother, Oroku Nagi (Though this was because the Oroku Nagi attacked Yoshi's girl friend, Tang Shen). Another thing that is slightly lacking is Shredder’s defeat. Instead of seeing master splinter beat the stuffing out of him, we have the water tank. Leo's introduction to the mystery ninja is also well done though. The humor is also to be noted, the child in the bath room, the mock death scene, and Master splinters attempts to activate the T shell.
  • The turtles come face to face with the Shredder, get whupped by him and become separated from one another. Donatello find Michelangelo, who's ankle has been sprained by falling debris and Leo and Raph are on their own. Splinter must find his sons before

    A good episode all around. The turtles get separated when the building they are fighting on is burned to the ground and collapses. Donatello finds Michelangelo, who's ankle has been sprained when a chunk of the building lands on him. Donny gets him out and they begin looking for a place to fix Mikey up. Raph ends up in a dumpster and Leo must dodge the Foot in an alley, where an unexpected friend assissts him. Don and Mikey get away from the Foot and climb the fire escape to an open bathroom window. There, Donatello uses pantyhose to wrap Mikey's ankle and they are almost busted by a little boy. It is hilarious. Raph is grabbed from behind by Master Splinter and they go off to find the others. Leo is surrounded by Foot Ninja when this dude with a glowing sword drops in and busts them up for him. Don and Mikey are found by Raph and Splinter, only to be surrounded by Foot ninja, Donatello realizes that he didnt bring the remote for the Battle Shell, but Splnter has thought of everything. While Don and Raph fight, Master Splinter attempts to get the Battle Shell, but he gives up and hands the remote to Donatello. Splinter finishes off the Foot and the turtles and Splinter go to find Leo. Leo talks to the strange man who explains that he is a guardian and that he cannot tell him anything else except that rejecting the Shredder has made him valuable allies instead. They shake hands and the mystery man disappears as the Battle Shell's headlights flood the ally with light. With his sons all safe Splinter tells them that the Shredder will not stop until they take him down, so they wait for him. He comes and they battle him. The turtles do not fair well against him and he is about to slash them when Splinter jumps in and stuffs him with nothing but his walking stick!! Shredder ends up buried under a water tower...or so we think...DUN DUN DUN!!