Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 1 Episode 1

Things Change

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 08, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

At the start of the episode, the turtles are in a training session with their master, Splinter. The turtles are learning how to remain in the shadows. The only person how suceeds the lesson is Leonardo. Whilst training in the lair, the TMNT are ambushed by a hoarde of mousers, the resulting conflict destroys the lair, and the Turtles are seperated from their mentor, Splinter. Donatello calls Splinter on his "shell-phone". Splinter has trouble answering the phone. Once Splinter realizes that he has answered the phone, he tells the turtles to meet him at the old drainage junction in south point.

The turtles then say goodbye to their old, destroyed house and set off. The turtles soon find that their path has been destroyed and are forced to go up to the surface. Raphael soon finds the turtles a new manhole to get back to the sewers. Before he can reach it, a truck parks on it. The owners of the truck go inside a building. The other turtles stay in the shadows but Raphael, determined to get to his master, starts to push the truck. The owners of the truck are coming back outside so Raphael decides to hide in the back of it. We soon find out that the owners of the truck are crooks. They then put the money in the back of the truck (without seeing Raphael). The lock the back of the truck with a pincode. The crooks drive off. The other turtles have no choice but to follow.

Meanwhile, Splinter arrives at the drainage junction to find that the turtles have not arrived yet. He is soon attacked by robots. The turtles keep on following the truck on the rooftop. It eventually stops. The crooks exit but one guards the truck. They easily knock him out. Donatello starts to try and free Raphael. Splinter defeats the robots but not before they make a hole in the gound under Splinter. Splinter falls down it. Raphael gets released but not before the crooks exit the building. They fight the turtles and easily get defeated. Ninjas come down from the rooftops to fight the turtles also.

Knowing that the turtles are losing, Donatello steals the crooks' truck. The Turtles escape in the truck. Michelangelo wants to keep the money, but Leonardo doesn't want the money. Instead, the turtles give the money to the police. The turtles go to the drainage junction and meets up with Splinter. He has found a house for the turtles. It is located in the hole that he fell through. Meanwhile, we meet the man who is the leader of the crooks...