Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 1 Episode 1

Things Change

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 08, 2003 on FOX

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  • The turtles are attacked by robots and Purple Dragons gang

    LMAO they should have retitled this episode "things don't change". Same turtles,except they look other and we have modestly better budget at our disposal than the original.

    The turtles are attacked by robots than we recognized from the old series as being Krang's robots. Splinter apparently dies in a caving (which would have posed new possibilities) , but later is unexplicably found alive later\ on (saw that coming). The Turtles are attacked by a couple of punks called the Purples Dragons. Then they get a bit of a challenge from Foot Clan who we will recognize from the old series as belgoning to Shredder.

    Ho-hum opener. Really they didn't change anything, so the title is very misleading. An ok opener but nothing special.
  • good

    this episode is really good because its the first episode of the first series and you get introduced to all the turtles again and how they kick butt. i think that it is really good and sort of funny and teenage mutant ninja turtles is my favorate show and my favorate character is Michaelangelo because he is funny and orange is my favorate colour. my second favorate character is Raphael because he is always looking for a fight and never backs down from afight either. and Leonardo and Donatello are like the same and splinter is like the master .
  • The begining of an excellent series.

    The first episode, and I was already hooked. Of course, this wasn't the first episode I saw... but that's beside the point. My point is, I think this was an excellent way to introduce the series. The personalities of the different characters were laid out, and you can see the startings of a few future conflicts. The tip of the proverbial iceburg, so to speak. The early episodes to any show are usually great, because they are trying to make a good effect on viewers. Well all I can say is, mission accomplished! Excellent start, and really funny (which I think is important in a show)
  • The turtles and Master Splinter are attacked by a horde of robots while training in their old lair. The turtles are seperated from their master and must go topside to get to him. There they encounter the purple dragons and foot ninja. Its a shell of a f

    This episode was a very good opener for the series. It doesn't tell us their origin yet but it does let us see their very distinct personalities. Leonardo is the eldest and the team leader,Donatello is the techie of the family, Raphael is a hothead who tends to get in over his head, and Michelangelo is of course the wise cracking youngest brother. They do fight (especially Leo and Raph) but when it comes to the fight, they work together. The episode also reveals how the turtles got their new digs and the origin of the Battle Shell.
  • Finally after so many years in not seeing these turltes on the small screen, they're back and better than ever. Whether you were a fan or not, this was one of the best shows out there. It would

    For anyone who really likes animated shows, this

    was one of the best because of it's colorful

    bright animation with good storylines. The

    turltes looked bigger, there new characters

    were new and exciting. The shredder looker

    scarier than ever. The music was quite good.

    The fight scence looked fantastic. The reinvention

    of some familiar characters were done right.

    The show kind of remind me of the old one, but

    it was more modern. I hope these turtles never

    go away from the small screen. Since they have

    been brought back in the animated world, I would

    think a new movie would be good. I look forward

    to seeing the whole show on DVD someday.
  • Well, duh it\\\'s character development! It\\\'s the 1st episode of the series!

    This is where they introduce you to the turtles and their Sensei, Master Splinter. Leonardo, Raphael, Michealangelo, and Donatello (the four turtles) get seperated from their seragate father when their home in the sewers gets destroyed. Although this isn\\\'t my favorite episode it\\\'s important to watch. You\\\'ll see the struggle for the leadership role between Raph and Leo, how the turtles find their new home(the Lair) and get to know their personalities. There\\\'s plenty of jokes and fights along the way to keep you busy and having fun. there\\\'s also some quirky little things that Hard core turles fans will enjoy. (Hint: look at the police men, They are drawn to look like the turles creators, Eastman and Laird).
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