Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

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  • Season 3 Episode 25: Exodus (1)

  • Hun screamed "Krang!" as he fell into the pit below the space shuttle. This was a cleverly plotted callback to Krang of the original series: a alien brain warlord of Dimension X.

  • When Shredder tells Hun to handle the turtles, his hands are gray. Later when he escapes down the escalator and is talking to Chaplin, his hands are colored like his skin.

  • When Mikey and Raph are hanging form the ceiling spying on the Foot Ninjas, you can see one of Agent Bishop's soilders walking around with the ninjas.

  • Season 3 Episode 24: Bishop's Gambit

  • When Bishop is escaping his destroyed lab, look closely as he climbs up the ladder. Where there should be "blood," there is a silvery fluid on his coat instead. Obviously, Bishop isn't human, or at least partially.

  • When Bishop shows Splinter the image of President Grant from 1870, signing the Earth Protection Force into being, the other man in the picture looks suspiciously like Bishop, sans glasses.

  • Season 3 Episode 23: The Real World (2) (5)

  • After the Daimyo's son and Draco split it cuts to an above shot where you see that Draco has already turned to stone even though the next scene is where it happens.

  • When Master Splinter saves his three sons with the war staff, Donatello's bo staff is missing.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: The Real World (1) (4)

  • In the shot where Lord Noriyuki holds Leo's katana up to Lord Hebi's neck, his ears are white, not black like they normally are during the rest of the episode.

  • When Leo and Usagi steal the Neko ninja uniforms to sneak into the fortress, doesn't it seem odd that none of the Nekos notice that neither of them look particularly like cats? Maybe Usagi could pass, given he's about the same size and he's furry, but wouldn't they figure out that a green, three fingered ninja that's a clearly much taller than the others seems a bit out of place?

  • Once again, Usagi's sleeves are tied and gathered, and the mon on his kimono is missing. Tomoe's mon, however, is shown very clearly.

  • The Neko ninja are fairly slim, yet Leonardo fits into one of their costumes (snuggly, if that)

  • When Usagi looks to the river and decides they need to jump, his sleeves are rolled all the way down, but there's still a ribbon crossing under his arms to keep them gathered back. In the next scene, his sleeves are gathered again.

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Same As It Never Was (3)

  • Stockman's jar (which contains his brain) is now attached to Hun's body.

  • From the size and shape of his coat, it looks as if Leo still has his shell; but with the coat on, we can't tell if his shell has been damaged or weakened. It is also possible that during the years, Karai has developed a sword that could slice through their shells.

  • Why did Karai remain totally unmarked, despite being shot directly with a futuristic rocket launcher?

  • Raph's good eye keeps movie. It starts off on the right, switches to the left during the first half of the final battle, then reverts back.

  • Karai's sword may be of special alien metal, or ordinary Earth steel rolled 700 times to increase its strength, to make it hard enough to penetrate a Turtle shell. However, re: Stockman and Hun--we learn the resistance fighters saved them five years before the events we see here, and three decades have blipped by...which means Baxter remained in the Shredder's employ for a quarter of a century. I got the impression Shredder would have crushed him years ago after all his repeated failures and betrayals. Although, this being an alternate dystopian reality, perhaps events before Donny dropped out of the time stream went differently as well. Or Shredder, in his infinite cruelty, decided death was too good for Baxter and dreamed this torture up instead.

  • Shredder is seen as his Utrom body residing in the Shredder based helment of his exoskeleton. When he speaks, though, the Shredder body voice comes from his moving mouth. Didn't the Utrom prisoner, aka Shredder, from Secret Origins have a different voice, though?

  • Baxter's eye is animated several times shown as being able to move around through the fluid inside its jar. It is only attached to his brain by the optic nerve. Without muscle and no other visible means attached, how can it move?

  • Season 3 Episode 20: Across The Universe (2)

  • Klunk, Mikey's cat, is supposed to have a white patch on his nose, but during his appearance, it isn't there.

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