Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 6 Episode 20

Turtle X-tinction

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 28, 2007 on FOX

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  • Well it's Cody 15th birthday! (On a dvd of FF it says he 14 so this be his 15th) The Guys want too give a great party with cake, muisc, and of course presents, but Cody is in for two unexpected gifts this birthday!

    This is one of the best episode ever! I've not been moved this much to tears since "Tales of Leo" or when they got all back together after Ultmaite Draco tried to 86 across time and space. Stearling as has always been just the stick in the mud butt of all the jokes and just fun too bash. Dariues has also been the louse after the illsuoin that is power and money. Both of these two indvualue have played a big role in Cody life now each hold his life in his hand. One wants too kill him the other wants too save him. Darious as Splinter said must really be evil too want kill a child. That was the bad gift from Darious putting a virse in Cody armor and planning on killing him. How anyone can just write of a life like it's nothing always astoninse me. Serling on the other hand really really cares for Cody and this goes way beyond any program. Serling loves Cody and shows that he willing to sacfice himself for the person he loves most. That is the best present Cody could as for that day his life given too him by a true friend. The baby vidoe was beyond cute! and now that Seriling part of the team it really time to take down the evil of 2105 and get the guys home! Still I just wish to god in heaven that the Turtles and Splinter could just say "I love you" just once too each other!
  • Sirling has really come a long way.

    There were several parts in this episode that made me cry. Sirling was determined to help Cody anyway he could that he went on a sucide mission in order to save him. When Sirling's system crashed after stopping Turtle-X it was all I could do to keep from crying.

    But the ending had to be the best part. Not only was Sirling back to his old self he replaced Turtle-X as Cody's battle armor. I can't wait to what goes on in the next episode. Ciao.
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