Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 7 Episode 13

Wedding Bells and Bytes

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 28, 2009 on FOX

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  • not the true series finale but good ending

    this is the last episode but Turtles Forever is the series finale. but i did like it even though the three way shredder war would have been a good send of.But it was nice Casey and April tying the not. i would like to point out why Karai is at the wedding when she is seen in the Turtles Forever movie working for Shredder again.because this episode is before turtles forever.and is cyber shredder really gone ore is there gonna be another shredder we will problably visit upon this in a future turtle cartoon someday but until now. Its Ninja time
  • If this is the series finale? Good note to go out on.

    After taking out Shredder, the Turtles finally manage to track down all of Splinters missing data bits. And just in Time for April and Casey's wedding. It's a guest list for the ages as heroes (and former villains) from the past show up for the occasion. Guests include Angel, Leatherhead, the Guardians, the Utroms, Rat King, Ninja Tribunal, the other Accolites, Cousin Sid, April's Uncle August, Casey's Mom, Ysagi, Genisuke, Agent Bishop, Baxter Stockman, Cody Jones (via time window), Damio and son, and the Justice force. The foot crash the festivities and a free for all battle insues with the reconstituted cyber shredder at the forefront. The Shredder attached a rider to one of splinter's bits and rode him like a bronco back to the real world. But Donny used his tech genius (and serling's decompiler) to blast ol Shredhead back to the digital wastebin he came from.
  • April and Casey tieing the knot.

    Wedding episodes aren't always my favorate in TV shows, but this is another one of those that are actually good let alone fun.

    Not just is the main attraction on the fact both April and Casey are getting married finally but mainly the guest list in general. Which has consisted of the biggest cast of good guy characters in one episode that I've ever seen, Letherhead, Karie, Angel, Ultrons, Justice Force, you name em there there.

    The episode just kept getting better and better for me from cetain little moments like seeing Casey's mom whom didn't disapoint, she sort of had that hippie look but that was deceiving when we discover where Casey got his rough and tough attitude from. Certain cameo role moments I won't tell them to you you have to see them for yourselves but trust me their funny. But the big ones when things escilated what better way to celebrate than a free for all mellee battle, we saw everyone fight a huge army of foot ninjas (good thing Casey and April's guest list was a big one, let alone concisted of the right people). Everyone is pritty outnumbered but their all very good at what they do best which is why they all were kicking butt.

    Shreader (or Cyper Shreader now) is once again at his worst, and boy does he know how to press the wrong button with people. It was an intersting if not quite emotional moment when Shreader aims not at the Turtles but at the barn where everone is trapped inside, just when he brings the barn down we see Raphel go into rage mode and rush in to beat the crap out of Shreader unfortunately he loses.

    Though everyone is alright (no way they could go down from something like that) and fight some more down to the final confrontation with Shreader which was good if not as memorable. Splinter just also seems to be the one capable of beating Shreader the most, it's probably because his skill level is just higher.

    But of course it comes down to a sweet conclusion which just gives you a good feeling inside.
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